Checks & Balances

Hi babes! I hope you’re having a great week so far! Work has been super busy for me, but I’ve been having lots of fun styling (and shopping)! As a visual merchandiser, it’s my duty to interact with the merchandise, so it’s impossible not to snag a few pieces. Don’t worry, my entire paycheck isn’t a shopping budget (the dream, right?!) and I tend to hit up the sale—which leads to this fun checker print accessory set I scored for a major deal. And I know it’s officially spring and we all want to bust out the sundresses, but this is the best time to shop those last minute winter sales! Let’s face it, the calendar says it’s spring but unfortunately it will still feel more like winter for while here in PA. However, cold doesn’t have to mean drab, so grab your fun colors and funky prints because I’m redefining a chicer system of checks and balances!

There’s a lot of not-so-fun things about winter, like the chilly temps and cloudy days, so I am always on the hunt for ways to incorporate color in my wardrobe as a way to boost my mood and my ‘fit! If you’ve heard of the dopamine dressing trend, this perfectly embodies it! Essentially, it means dressing in whatever makes you happy, and it often includes bright colors and unique prints—I mean how can that not make you smile?! Of course, this calls for my pink faux fur coat, a very fabulous, Elle Woods inspired piece, paired with my checker scarf and hat. The check print is a little less girly and a little more streetwear, creating that balance (see what I did there?). The ripped jeans give the look some edge and the Uggs just feel so cozy and so right! And can we just talk about the return of the Ugg? I know my middle school ones aren’t the “trendy” style I’ve been seeing but I am still glad I didn’t listen to my mom and throw them out. Comb those closets and look for those Uggs you asked for for Xmas back in 2012!

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for an accessory, which explains why I quite literally have a sunglasses wall in my apartment! I’ll have to save that for the new apartment tour, but in the meantime, check out these fun pink sunglasses I can’t get enough of. It’s funny to me that I often buy black essentials like sunglasses, bags, and coats, but I tend to wear my colored pieces just as much, if not more. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a good neutral, but there is something about this shade that tickles me pink!

Ok it’s time to address the elephant in the room—No, I did not get a yellow jeep and I’m a poser. This is my brother’s and he most definitely won’t let me drive, but I did sneak a few pictures by it! If I had a jeep, we all know it would be Barbie pink…but right now, the only pink jeep in my price range would be the battery op one lol. I mean I have a pink Chanel that’s more my speed anyway! I will say I had lots of fun shooting these one a whim; In true Maggie fashion, I really didn’t know what to pack for the cabin, and I actually loved my “just in case” outfit just as much as the ones I put more effort into. Overall, it was another fun trip with my family where I spent most of my time enjoying being with loved ones, eating lots of food, and taking lots of pictures. And I promise I will wrap up the winter fashion, but for now, comb those closets for textured jackets and eye-catching accessories for an outfit fit for a cabin or even just a staycation! And here’s to hoping it’s warmer the next time I go on a trip! Happy Closet Combing!

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