A Comber Comeback—Cabin Edition

Hi, friends! Wow, it has been what feels like an eternity. I really can’t begin to explain all the changes that have taken place in my life. Honestly, when I updated my site last August, I was really looking forward to this fresh start. But, unfortunately, life hit me with some tough obstacles that left me feeling tired, stressed, and quite frankly, uninspired. I wanted this to be my focus, but I wasn’t in the right headspace to truly have the motivation to commit time to theclosetcomber.com like I used to. Every day I haven’t worked on this, however, felt like something was missing from my life. In a world that is so inconsistent, I missed the consistent love and passion I have for sharing my fashion with others. So, after quite the hiatus, I am happy to share this ‘Comber Comeback!

Now, the real reason we are all here—the fashion, duh! This winter I stepped up my style with all the layers and, of course, accessories. My family’s trip to the cabin consisted of many outfit changes and photo shoots for me! No surprise there! I love this look because it feels so wintry, but also fun and fresh. The faux leather moto jacket has a modern update with the ivory color and fur trim, which pairs back to my Uggs (thank goodness I kept from my middle school days), and this fabulous headband that have the similar soft texture. I couldn’t beat the winter blues so I incorporated a hue for a pop of color! This sweater skirt has all of the texture combined with a cozy element. It contrasts beautifully with the creamy winter whites and pulls the blue from the sky and snow. City to country, to cabin, it’s an outfit for all the environments!

I have to give a special shout out to this iconic faux fur headband. I’ve been seeing a resurgence of these statement headbands that are the epitome of winter style—something about them feels so luxe! They’re warm, chic, and can elevate any outfit. I really love how it brings the drama, but is also practical. I will say I only took this off to sleep and I have absolutely no regrets!

I want to end this post on a positive note. For various life’s trials and tribulations, I put my passion on a long pause—but the key word is “pause.” The difference between quitting and pausing is drastic, which is why I refuse not to give up on what I love. It’s understandable and, in fact, perfectly ok to reset and reevaluate life. However, I don’t want my life to be so consumed with the day-to-day of a full time job and navigating independence and adulthood that I simply stop creating and succumb to the same old routine. When you stop what you love because you feel as if you simply don’t have time, then what are you living for? I admit I am still trying to find that balance and it can be a regular struggle, but my best advice is to always keep going, even if it feels like a chore because it’s much more satisfying to live for you, instead of living to collect a paycheck.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been humbled, but I’ve also been filled with a new sense of self and creativity. I am not unique—We all have our battles, but it’s how we recover. With that, welcome back to theclosetcomber.com, and Happy Closet Combing.

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