Lost My Marbles

Hi, friends! Happy Summer! I am so happy it is officially my favorite season! The colors get brighter, my hair gets lighter, and (hopefully) my skin gets tanner. Even though I miss the good ol’ days of summer with no school, no job, and no responsibilities, I am still determined to make this a summer to remember, one cute outfit at a time! I must say, this is my first summer in the city, and there is something so magical about taking a walk downtown for a fancy drink in the summer sun, sitting on the roof deck on a warm night, or wearing my little club dresses out without freezing—in other words, I’ve been keeping fun a priority. But, I didn’t forget about you guys! In the midst of finishing up my certification, starting a new summer job, and navigating all my commitments, some may say I’ve lost my marbles. The good news? They made their way to this dress! I love this marble print dress that gives me a futuristic feel that pairs well with fun sunnies and funky boots. Keep on reading for all the many marble details!

If I had a dollar for every hour I spent agonizing over pictures, I would have an entire collection of Chanel bags by now! I had a hard time deciding, so I threw in a few extra shots. The colors do look slightly different depending on the lighting in the various pics, but trust me when I say these cool tones are too cool. I absolutely love a blue/purple/mint color palette! The hues are fresh and vibrant, making them so perfect for summer. When combined with the swirl design, they create an interesting, almost zen type print that I could stare at forever. This is a fitted, body con dress that hugs the body, but girl, it hugs all the right places! Sometimes these styles make me insecure, but the ruching on the sides, combined with the detailed print distract from any areas you’re not so thrilled about. And I know we are wondering why I am wearing long sleeves in June, but this material is so thin and breathable that it is bearable even on those hotter days. Now, get to combing those closets for bright colors and busy prints!

Can we have a moment of silence for these boots!? I mean they are the definition of funky in all the best ways possible! Booties are a no brainer for me, but I feel like I’ve been stepping up my game with these babies (quite literally because they add lots of height)! I’m moving up in the world with these shoes that I have been wearing nonstop since the Spring. The very chunky heel creates a fun geometric shape that is attention grabbing, and dare I say architectural, while the platform is a nod, once again, to the good ol’ days. These boots combine a mod 60s look with a 70s platform and a unique, modern looking heel for an eye-catching display. Best part? They pair well with everything. If you still are by-the-books when it comes to old fashion rules, no need to worry, you can bust out those white booties since it is after Memorial Day!
I was definitely getting my squats in during this shoot! Actually, Luke and I were both getting our exercise, but it was definitely a fun time! I’ve been trying to get more creative with my photography, which sometimes means I get myself into weird situations—a.k.a. crouching behind someone’s shed while Luke lays in the alley to get the shot haha! Anything for the perfect picture, right?! I always wonder what bystanders think, but I am having fun, so I really don’t care! Being yourself brings about lots of blessings, and I am always trying to channel that energy! That’s the plan for summer, for sure! Do you have any fun plans coming up this summer? Let me know in the comments below. And if you’re feeling like you’re losing your marbles, it’s ok because we all are! Just be sure to incorporate them in your wardrobe with magical marble print and beautiful booties. If life has you feeling too busy, then shop the links below! Til next time, babes! Happy Closet Combing!
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