Cabin chic

Hi babes! I hope you’re keeping cozy because winter has been in full swing around here. No one ever said that dressing for the cold can’t be cute, though! Actually, I don’t really recommend going outside for 3 different photoshoots in 9 degree weather. And I know what you’re thinking—”Maggie, why didn’t you just pick a warmer day?” —but I had to seize the opportunity during our family cabin trip. That’s right, The Closet Comber went country…and basically just took pictures the whole time (as expected, right?!). One of the looks I’ve blogged about and the other one is just me in the hot tub, which still cute but not much to talk about. If you want to see more, you can always check out my instagram, @theclosetcomber for the additional cabin content! Anyway the remaining outfit is neutral with pops of pastel that gives me hope for spring! I wore this fabulous faux fur coat and paired it with some jeans, a little layering top, a fun pom pom hat, and the coziest blanket scarf to bundle it all up! Even if the weather forecast is looking bleak, you can always count on me to (cabin) chic!  

Ok so the cold and I don’t always see eye-to-eye, but coats and I have a way better relationship! I guess the silver lining of the cold is that you can wear cute coats with a lining! Coats are such a fun way to spice up an outfit because layering gives a look depth and dimension. Call me the coat queen, though I particularly love faux fur coats because they feel very luxe and fabulous, elevating any outfit. The texture adds interest and makes a simple tee and jeans look, well, way less simple. A neutral coat like this is obviously a staple because *my famous words,* it goes with everything in your wardrobe. I mean you could throw this on over some leggings and look trendy at the grocery store, or throw it on over a silk dress for a little more glamour. For me, it was throwing it on so I didn’t get frost bite! All I can say is that once you go faux, you’ll never want to let go! 

It doesn’t get any more classic than a jeans and tee combo! I wanted to keep things casual because let’s be real—even though I am willing to trudge through the snow in a skirt, sometimes it is just not practical. But, like the friend you can always call, jeans and a tee will never let you down! The thing I love about jeans is that there are soooo many fun styles and washes of denim to fit people’s aesthetics. I have drawers of denim but I don’t think there is ever enough! To keep things casual at the cabin, I reached for a comfy mom jean that has a loose fit and some distressed knees for an edgier vibe, and paired it with a baby blue  fitted tank (less bulk for layering). All you have to do is tuck in a t-shirt and you have an outfit on your hands! Comb those closets for your favorite timeless combo that will have your back the rest of the winter season! No winter blues, just pretty hues!  

You can’t call yourself a cabin girl without some cute accessories! I have been seeing blanket scarves making a comeback all over social media and I couldn’t be happier. The name is so on-point because it literally feels like wearing a fleece blanket around your neck. Now, if only there was a bed and pillow to go with it (then I would never take it off)! The muted pastels are soft and feminine, but still make a bold, modern statement with the color block design. Personally, I love that scarves like this look good now matter how you wrap them or throw them on, so now need to spend hours googling videos on how to tie fancy knots and what not! 
Lastly, a beanie is a winter right of passage. They’re practical, cute, and the ultimate bad hair day bff. They also help to hide my winter roots, so I have nothing but love for beanies! The pom pom ones are quirky and give me all the snow bunny vibes, and I can assure you this remained on my head the entire trip! All there is to say is get yourself a beanie, baby! 

Just like my scarf, I’m going to wrap this post up! I know we are all ready for spring, but as a Punxsutawney girl, Phil and I know how winter lingers! Winter is certainly not my favorite season, but activities like the cabin trip give me a greater appreciation for the cold months. The best part of the trip (besides the hot tub and pics), was spending time with my family and enjoying the little things like watching the sun glisten on the snow! Let me know what you like about winter in the comments below! As the season ends and a new one begins, keep these wardrobe essentials at the front of your closet to transition into spring. Be sure to comb those closets for fab faux furs, distressed denim, and some cozy accessories to cure any cabin fever! Have a great weekend and Happy Closet Combing! 
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