Suit Yourself

Hi babes! You haven’t heard from me in a while (since last year lol), so Happy 2022! The year has been off to a busy start for me, but I am looking forward to what lies ahead. So far, I’ve been working on a new goal to focus my energy on creative projects outside the digital realm of graphic design and content creating, and it’s been both relaxing and rewarding seeing my visions come to life. Of course, most of my projects are fashion-related so you’ll be getting the inside scoop. I do want to put my graphic design skills to the test and give a little makeover, too! You know what’s just as fun as setting new goals, though? Getting new clothes! It all started with a vintage Fendi scarf and snowballed from there. But, yes, let me repeat it…A VINTAGE FENDI SCARF. All of my favorite words! I spotted it at a local vintage store, so obviously I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I went back and bought it! I paired it with this stunning brown suit that also has a mini story to accompany it, but more on that later. Lastly, we have cognac vinyl boots that need no introduction. Keep reading about this look that gives me all the independent woman energy because after all, in 2022, you gotta Suit Yourself! 

There’s something about a suit that commands attention in all the best ways possible. Featuring strong silhouettes, I can see why we often refer to these chic sets as “power suits” because it is an empowering feeling to put one on. The suit is representative of women being heard and wearing the pants, quite literally. What I love about this suit is that it’s not a cookie-cutter corporate America office vibe, but rather a chicer, more elevated style. A fitted blazer should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe because it’s polished and cinches in all the right places for a flattering ensemble, just like this one. However, this gold chain detailing gives it a touch of glam that got me hooked! We also need to talk about the pants because I haven’t owned a pair of gauchos since 3rd grade, to be exact (they matched my Cheetah Girls shirt and were very stylish at the time)! Anyway, I never knew how much I needed this style in my adult life until I tried these on! The wide-leg cropped fit gives these flowing pants a more relaxed, laid-back look that contrasts with the structured jacket, creating an interesting visual. As if they couldn’t get any better (or comfier) they’re also feature ruching that you can never go wrong with! Oh, and the mini story is that I found both of these pieces in my size in the Last Act Macy’s rack, making this suit under $30. Talk about a steal! Now, you just have to Comb those closets—or the sale section— to steal my style! 


Since my closet always seems to be at max. capacity, I’ve been trying to focus more on acquiring fewer, more unique, quality pieces, and luckily, this Fendi scarf falls into that category. Another goal/dream is to have a piece from each of my favorite fashion houses—but because I basically am obsessed with them all, it may take a lifetime! I’m okay with that, though, because I love the feeling of anticipation and the thrill of the find! I like to consider it lifelong collecting! Anyway, I am absolutely in LOVE with my new scarf. If you’re ever in Brookville, PA, you must check out the cutest (pinkest) store—Pink Flamingos Vintage! I love vintage stores, but finding such a cute designer gem can be rare at times. I love how the scarf reads, FENDI, literally all over it, so there is no denying what brand it is. I will admit, I am guilty of logo-loving, so I knew this was made for me. In addition, the chocolate and tan colors are such great neutrals that go with everything! I actually have a TikTok to post (follow me @theclosetcomber) with more ways to style this scarf, so check it out! Because it is a square shape, you can fold it like me to wear it as a necktie, or you can tie it in your hair to make your ‘do a little more luxe, or I’ve also tied it on the handle of one of my vintage purses to add personality. Talk about a great investment! 

I must give credit where credit is due for these pictures. While I have been adjusting to being my own photographer with my tripod, my dad offered to help me out after we visited the coffee shop together. My dad and I have little traditions like going to the local coffee shops whenever I’m home, and this was a fun addition to our afternoon! I don’t think he did a bad job, but I also like to think I am a good model haha! What are some of your favorite traditions with your parents or loved ones? Share in the comments! I’m hoping to wear this coffee-colored suit to many more coffee shops…and subsequently not order coffee because I am a matcha/tea lover! I know it can be an unpopular opinion, but where are all my tea people at?! No matter your drink of choice, you sip and be chic too! Just comb those closets for sleek suits, chic scarfs, and a bold boot to caffeinate and conquer! Happy Closet Combing! 

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