Fall Suits Me

Hey babes! I bet you didn’t expect to hear from me so soon! I usually don’t crank out content this quickly, but I wanted to squeeze in one last fall photo shoot before it’s December and officially Christmas mode (though, if I am being honest, I have been in Xmas mode since Nov. 1)! I will keep it short and sweet like this short suit set I paired with over-the-knee boots and a hat. I’m saying farewell and closing out the season in style as I fondly look back at autumn and the start of boot season, cuddle season, and of course Magvember (my birth month)…what can I say?…Fall just suits me! 

A little suit set, or any set, is as easy as grabbing a granola bar in the morning! It takes no time, no thought, and is guaranteed cuteness. The great part about these separates is exactly that—they’re separates. So, even if the temps are too cold for shorts, you can throw this blazer over a chic pair of trousers for a more bundled look. Or, similarly, if it’s a warm fall day (which I think are sadly over in PA), then you can wear the shorts with a fitted blouse or crop top. Because the suit set is oversized and a boxy, more masculine silhouette, I chose to wear a lacy bralette underneath to soften the look. A bralette is my go-to because it is more similar to a top than a literal bra, but is still flirty and sexy (and fyi, way comfier than a bra, ladies). Wearing one in this manner still allows you to show some skin while remaining subtle and sophisticated. After all, when your undergarments are this cute, you have to show them off!
These boots have been a fall staple of mine for at least 6 years, which is kind of mind blowing! I owe it to my cousin, Amy, who was wearing them one Thanksgiving, and I just had to know where she got them. I thought, “Forget passing the mashed potatoes, just pass me the info on where to get the boots!” Of course, anything suede and over-the-knee captures my attention, so I immediately bought them the next day on Black Friday…and the rest is history! They were extremely inexpensive, so I must say that I am very impressed with how they held up. These boots keep my legs warm and looking long—what more could I ask?! Plus, the taupe color is the perfect neutral to match all the fall/winter fits! 
Perhaps one of my favorite accessories is a hat. They add color and interest to any look and are always a reliable friend on a bad hair day. Not to be cynical, but I’ve learned that the only things you can rely on in life would be yourself and a fabulous hat! 

Well, that’s a wrap on this post and Magvember! I must say that it has been an interesting birth month, to say the least. Year 23 has already been off to a fun, challenging, creative, emotional, exciting, and exhausting start with much going on in all aspects of my life from business collabs, to school, to family, to friends, and to the complicated people/situations you don’t exactly sure know how to label or if they should be labeled at all. I was never one for getting older, but I am so grateful to be here to experience life and all that it is because what I listed above simplifies what it means to live and be human. I don’t know what this new year or new season will bring, but I can just pray that it’s filled with health, happiness, growth, and more life. I also can’t predict the future, though I do know I will continue to comb my closet and share looks with you all, my favorite people (insert crying face and heart emojis)!! Now, comb those closets for savvy separates, banging boots, a good hat, and all the lacy little layers. Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 
Suit set: https://rstyle.me/+bX-9RIlXHO5f3-Va0WI0gQ
Bralette: https://rstyle.me/+8VVkR8pGAj_hli5Ww-CgTw
Hat: https://rstyle.me/+WyV4dzVNfn07K8UUfChDPA
Boots: https://rstyle.me/+2cFbjn0klOawPjNumhl2rA

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