Marabou Maggie

Hey babes! I feel like I blinked and the seasons changed—I swear I was just sitting by the pool, and now I am sitting by the heater! I can’t complain, though, because fall is the short, yet glorious time when you can lightly layer, but still have skin exposed without freezing. You can bet that I’ll be squeezing in all the skirts, dresses, and dare I say shorts (the, in-season, faux leather kind) before the snowflakes start to fall. This look is a little on the summer side, but fashion is always seasons ahead…so, really, I am right on time! All jokes aside these sweet and sassy pieces can be mixed and matched in all the seasons for a fun and playful look. Pink and polka dots are always a must, but they are taken up a notch with a textured twist of faux marabou feather cuffs. So move over Malibu Barbie and make way for Marabou Maggie! 

It’s impossible to put on a polka dot and not smile—it’s such a fun and happy print. Polka dots have been around for I don’t know how long, but at least almost 23 years since I’ve been around (obviously way longer than that lol). So, while one could argue that the print is dated and boring, I would have to disagree. This dress has a more modern polka dot with marks that have a more painterly edge, rather than a rigid perfect circle. This simple detail gives the polka dot a 2021 refresh, but I am a sucker for all the dots, vintage or modern! I love this style of dress because, even though it is fitted, it has a ruffle and flounce hemline that distracts from the midsection. So, it is tight enough to show off your figure, yet it still conceals for those who feel uncomfortable in fitted clothes. Comb those closets for dots for all your trots! 

There’s no denying that sweater weather is upon us, but nothing is more boring than wearing the same old sweaters all winter. It’s easy to get stuck in a style rut when you are focused on keeping cozy, but a little marabou might just do the trick! This faux feather is girly and glam and gives me all the Legally Blonde vibes. The feather cuff is just enough to take it up a notch without feeling too much like a costume. I think Elle Woods would agree that a pink cardigan like this is essential in any wardrobe! It has a flirty, cropped style that hits nicely at the waist to define shape. I don’t like to play favorites, but this is definitely one of my most loved pieces! 

I may have spoke too soon when I said I don’t play favorites because my Chanel is hands down my favorite bag. But, c’mon, can you blame me?…It’s CHANEL! Honestly, I can’t even remember if I revealed my bag to you all, so in case you weren’t formally introduced, this is my fashion holy grail of a bag. The day I got my dream bag didn’t play out how I had envisioned it in my head at all. But, it was spontaneous, emotional, and definitely can be summed up as one of the best days of my life! I told my parents that I dreamed of the day I got my Chanel more than my wedding day. Think my future husband would let me carry this down the aisle? Actually, he can just slip the ring in another Chanel and that will do (someone is going to have to drop the subtle hint)! Anyway, I always had thought I would’ve bought black, but I fell for this little pink one, which really isn’t a surprise. The diamond shape is different, yet the quilting pattern and material is still classic Chanel. I am going to stop myself because I could talk about this bag all day, but just know you will be seeing lots of her! 

The last picture is the face I make when Luke tells me I should have enough. I don’ think there is such a thing as too many pictures, and I pay for extra storage to prove it! Ever since moving to Pittsburgh, I’ve definitely been missing my photographer, but have been forced to get creative with getting my own images. In fact, I must say I am pretty impressed with my self timer skills…now if only my cooking skills would improve a little! Since it’s been a while since we caught up, comment below one skill you’ve been learning or working on perfecting. And if you aren’t, thats ok…say Hi anyway! As for closet combing, check those wardrobes for painterly polka dots, feather cuff cardis, and a matching pink purse. All you need is a key to the dream house and you embody all the Barbie/Elle/Maggie vibes. Happy Closet Combing! 
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