Garden Party


Hey babes! Do we have some catching up to do! At this point, that should just be my slogan because I always find myself taking long breaks from posting, but definitely not because I am sick of ‘The Comber. Trust me when I say I would rather be blogging, but we all know how life unfolds all at once. For a quick-ish recap, I am currently writing this blog while staring at skyscrapers out my window. Btw, I know what you’re thinking, and no it’s not New York (yet!), but I did move to Pittsburgh. Literally over the course of one week over the summer, I finally made the decision to pursue my graphic design certification, scheduled classes, found an apartment, and finished out my job for the summer. Then, over this past week, I went to the beach, came home, and moved early in the morning next day. I don’t think there is enough tea in the world to keep me energized at this point! A fun outfit, however, is sometimes all the recharge I need! Talk about a pink power up with this puff sleeve top and faux leather skirt paired with a pink boot and purse for the ultimate monochromatic look. The flowers were also very on theme, and while it is definitely a summer vibe, the calendar and weather is still saying summer to me. So before you grab your fall ‘fits, don’t be tardy to the Garden Party! 

I’m particularly partial to all the pink and puff sleeves, especially when they are as elegant as this top! I’ve seen plenty of puffs, but the sheer organza is definitely my favorite! It’s so feminine, yet the fabric actually holds its structure quite well to maintain the avant garde look of a statement sleeve. It contrasts with the opaque bodice, while also softening and balancing the overall look with the bold boots and skirt. This top catches the eye, but is still a great “basic” in that it can be paired with jeans for something casual, or a skirt for a fun night out. Honestly, you can’t not have fun in a shirt like this (which I why I also own it in black)! 
Nothing goes better together than pink and pleather! Originally, I was going to style this with a denim skirt that is equally cute, but then I figured life is too short not to wear pink head to toe! Though this skirt is pink, it obviously is still creating contrast with the much deeper, magenta hue. The perfect complement to the puff, this skirt is bright, bold, and so Barbie! The pleather texture is fun and youthful, while the rich color steals the show. Plus, who doesn’t love a fun belt to define the waist?! It’s the definition of pretty and purposeful. “Waist” no time combing those closets for belted mini skirts that put those stems on display! 

My boots were made for walking and definitely get people talking! Well, actually, I wouldn’t want to walk too far in 4 inch heels, but the block style makes stepping out bearable and oh-so-chic! I don’t like to play favorites, but I adore these boots because…duh, they’re pink! I own countless brown and black shoes, but I love this pop of color in the midst of my neutrals. I had my eye on these babies for months before preorder and was so happy to snag them. Thank goodness I have a decent amount of patience because they were worth the wait! If you think your outfit is “boring” or in need of a refresh, then a colorful shoe will do! Comb those closets for funky footwear to spice up your wardrobe! 
Lastly, I can’t be caught without a purse—honestly, I take my purse everywhere and am surprised I don’t take it to bed (haha)! This bag holds just the essentials, but in a way, it’s good to force me to cut down on my junk inventory. Anyone else find themselves carrying unnecessary stuff with them? A small purse is also ideal for traveling, making this little pink purse perfect for you gals on the go! It is a strange (in the best way) rubber material that makes it super easy to clean, so wine and dine as much as you want around this purse! I bought it in hopes the color would match the boots, and while they aren’t exactly the same, they still pair perfectly for a posh pink look! 
I’m sad to see summer go because it is my favorite season! Actually, we took another September beach trip that was just as heavenly as in July, and it has me chasing an endless summer! It was rather low-key and relaxing, though reality definitely hit hard once my toes were out of the sand and back on real land! School and moving has been stressful to say the least, but I am happy to get this post up before summer officially ends. How are you choosing to spend the final days of the season? While I wish I was back on the beach, I plan on soaking up the last of summer in more colorful clothes to help rid me of my woes—preferably sitting by the fire with a White Claw too. The end of the season surely doesn’t mean the end of fun ‘fits, so continue to comb those closets for pink puff sleeves, punchy pleather skirts, bada** booties, and of course, a coordinating accessory! The best part? Pink is always in season (especially because it is the official color of The Closet Comber)! If you’re too busy soaking up that last of that summer sun, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 
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