Sea-ing Stars

Hi babes! I’m back from Vacay! While I wish I was on vacation this whole time from my last blogpost until now, that wasn’t quite the case. I’ve just been taking this long to get caught up! Our annual beach trip is, sadly, only 3 days, and though it was short, it was very sweet (both figuratively and literally—I ate way too many sugary treats)! But, it was just enough time to catch some rays, hit the waves, get a tan, and of course, wear my swimsuits! And with an *extensive* closet comes an extensive swimsuit collection. In other words, I couldn’t wear all my suits, but if I ever go on a month-long getaway, I have enough suits to wear a different one every day! For the blog, I picked a fun, trendy swimmie that is total beach babe material. This 3-piece suit is has a bold print, vibrant color, and is all I want to live in as we soak up these final weeks of summer. Whether you’re hitting the beach, the pool, or just your backyard, you won’t be needing a telescope to be sea-ing stars! 
You’re probably not shocked to find me in a high-waisted bikini—I’ll admit this is my 3rd annual beach blogpost that features this style! However, a bikini like this is nothing but boring and my continuous buying simply just means they stand the test of time. I have skimpier suits and I have one pieces, but I have found this to be the perfect balance of sexy and flattering. High waisted bottoms give you a little more coverage in the front, though you can opt to show some skin in the back like me, as “cheeky” styles have that flirty cut. Aside from the coverage, these bottoms are ideal for days in the ocean because, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been pantsed one too many times by a rough wave, so security is everything! The top is a little less about security and a little more about showing off with an underwire that gives you all lift. It’s cut contrasts with the fuller coverage bottoms to create the cutest combo! The style isn’t the only star of the show, so can we talk about the color?! Though most of my possessions seem to be pink, blue has always been my favorite color! This shade is gorgeous and combined with the star print…all I have to say is, “Is there a bikini Walk of Fame?!” The best part is that anyone with any body can feel like a star in this suit! 
This year’s new addition is the sarong! It’s the missing piece I never knew I needed, and now I don’t think I can live without! The 3rd piece of the 3-piece suit can be a matching accessory like a bucket hat or tote, or even just a cute wrap or skirt. Instagram and all the fashion articles convinced me I needed this, and I will be the first to say that I succumbed to the sarong! It’s just so adorable to throw on over your suit for added style. It’s such a simple sheer wrap, but it takes the look up a notch and adds another element of interest, taking your suit from the beach to the streets! I threw mine on to run to the donut shop (lol), but they are certainly the accessory for any beach town adventure! One thing is for sure; I won’t be saying so long to my sarong any time soon! 

Writing the beach blog always has me longing for more sun and sand! Though I never want vacation to end, our short little family trip was absolutely blissful! We had the perfect weather, the ocean felt amazing, the outfits/suits were so festive, the food was yummy, and the best part, I didn’t get stung by jellyfish this year! Last year, I was a jelly magnet and got stung 3 times in 3 days! Now, the only thing jelly is me of anyone still heading to the beach. But, I am trying to convince my fam of a little off-season getaway in September. Have you been to the beach in the off-season? Let me know in the comments below! I think we all can agree that the beach is never a bad idea, right?! The only downfall is unpacking because I always bring too many wardrobe changes. For someone who wears multiple outfits a day, I still think I manage to pack fairly light (lol)! At least swimsuits don’t take up too much space! Pool day or tropical getaway, comb those closets (or should I say beach bags?) for star-studded suits “shore” to make headlines! If you’re too busy basking in the summer sun, then shop my links. Happy Closet Combing! 

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