Free Spirit


Hi babes! Hope you’re holding up in this heatwave! If I’m not by the pool, you can definitely catch me by a fan these days! I’m honestly sweating looking at my outfit for this post, but the best part about summer is that you style clothes to fit the temperature. Long sleeves with shorts, jeans with a cropped cami, and dresses and skirts too…there’s no limit to what you can do this season (unlike winter when there is one temperature and one style: freezing and bundled up)! I am FINALLY caught up on my spring content and am transitioning into full-blown summer mode after this, though neutral pieces like these are perfect all year! So no need to think I’m “cheugy”because this ensemble is right on trend, making me never wanting summer to end! This fresh ‘fit consists of a white button-front top, wide leg denim trousers, and some vintage leather accents to top it off. Neutrals never looked so good! Keep reading for style tips on how to capture this effortless vibe, because if you wanna dress like a free spirit, this is where to hear it! 

I’ve always been told I was a patient person, but it gets put to the test when I have to wait to share (or wear) my new clothes! I’ve been hanging on to this Free People top since November and am so happy to reveal her to you! Of course, I wore this top before this shoot (in fact, it is my go-to for dates), but the moment for its Closet Comber fame is now! Obsessed is an understatement when it comes to this pretty little top! I love it so much for multiple reasons—1) the price! I paid under $10 for this top on sale at Macy’s which is an EPIC find for Free People, 2) the color! White isn’t my best color, but it literally goes with anything and never disappoints, 3) the style! It accentuates all the ~right~ places, achieving a sexy, yet sweet silhouette 4) the details! This isn’t your “basic” white top, it’s your “every adorable detail crammed into one” top (way more of a mouthful, but so true)! The quilted stitching, button front, and subtle floral print practically make this piece a work of art. I’ll stop with the numbering because there are too many things to count. Though this shirt isn’t plain nor simple, it’s plain and simple; you need this in your life! 

R.I.P to my skinny jeans because I honestly can’t remember the last time I donned tight denim. If they consist of funky flares, though, then I’m definitely there! Denim flares feel like a blast from the past (in the best way possible) because wide legs were all the rage back in the day. Now, they are still in style because of their flattering shape, plus, they have a “flare” for the dramatic! The high-waisted pant is fitted through the hips to create definition, though the leg flows out from the body for a slimming effect. My favorite part is the belt that adds an extra layer of interest, as well as the patch pockets that are a nod to more retro denim trends. These denim trousers are actually super hot right now—when I was looking up pairs to link, I saw Vogue recently published an article about them. Call it lucky or call me a great fashion forecaster, but I bought these months before the article (lol)! Comb those closets for denim that dares to go there with all its “flare!” 

Speaking of vintage, this bag is the true definition of a classic piece! I spotted it at a cute vintage shop (how many times can I say “vintage” in this post?) and knew it was for me. After doing some research, I believe it’s from the 70’s, which makes perfect sense given the aesthetics of it. The tooled leather is such gorgeous detailing, while the style is great for on-the-go gals who like to carry lots! Warm brown hues like in this bag and shoes balance out the look and add warmth to the crisper, cooler white and blue tones. My sandals tie it all together, pulling brown from the bag, while matching the overall feel of a 70’s babe in modern day! 

The more I type, the more I feel my eyelids getting heavy! If I’m being honest, most of my blogs are published during sleeping hours because that seems to be the only time I have time! So if you see a typo, just know the caffeine is running low! Despite being drowsy at night, I find it’s the time of day when I am most productive and most creative. I am a proud night owl who will always choose 11p.m. over 11 a.m! Are you guys night owls too, or early birds? Let me know in the comments below! Before I get to catching my Z’s, I want to remind you to comb those closets for whimsical white tops, timeless trousers, and artful accessories to embody that free spirit energy. But, if you’re feeling low on energy, then shop my links below! Have a great weekend and Happy Closet Combing! 
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