Flower Power

Hey loves! You probably didn’t think I would be back so soon! Despite my schedule being fuller than ever, I am still committed to ‘The Comber! As I always say, “So many outfits, so little time!” Speaking of, I am happy to report that I survived my first week of my real job—is it bad I can already envision some new pieces in my possession before I even get paid (haha)? I ironically bought a little sign for my desk that reads Work Hard So You Can Shop Harder, and I’ve never read something that more accurately fit my lifestyle! Working (and shopping) take up a big chunk of my time, but I am still squeezing in every second I have to enjoy the things I love about summer, which include feasting my eyes on all the fabulous flowers of the season! And what better outfit to wear than a bold floral print paired with even louder shoes and accessories?! I love how colorful, fun ensembles like this lift my spirits and, in turn, make me more productive! The flower power definitely has me putting my “petal” to the metal this week—keep scrolling to find out how!  

I know you may feel that florals have been done to death, but the reason floral print fashions frequent the shelves is because they are just too darn cute! I admit that some florals can lean a little more towards looking like your grandma’s couch than a chic garment, but that’s why you have me to filter through them! I love this dress because it has a very mod vibe—the short length, bold pattern, and bright colors. I think it was the colors that immediately captured my attention with the striking contrasts of cooler blue tones against the warmer reds and pinks (plus, those are some of my favorite colors)! A flattering fit for every body, it cinches in all the right places to define the waist, while also cinching at the wrists to create a voluminous, statement sleeve. A flirty, floral dress can balance femininity and fierceness, so I encourage you to comb those closets for frocks that have you feeling fabulous! 

You can’t talk about powerful fashion and leave out the color red! Red grabs everyone’s attention for all the right reasons, just like a chic bucket bag. You’ve all met by beloved Bendel bag that has blessed me by carrying my junk for the last 2 years. When I don’t know what purse to grab, I can bet that my Bendel will be the purse of choice! I love the bucket style that’s not only reminiscent of the 70’s but can also hold anything and everything. I swear, every time I reach into this purse, I find a lipstick I forgot about, an extra dollar, and even my inhaler sometimes. When I don’t know where something is…this purse is the first place I look! Moral of the story is you can carry your whole life in a bucket bag (even when it’s messy like mine), but all people see is the ravishing red color. Comb those closets for purses that conceal your crap and have you looking put together…because let’s face it, life can sometimes be messy like the inside of my purse, and that’s ok! 

Some people stray from floral prints because they don’t necessarily want an overly feminine aesthetic. However, a bada** pair of booties (keeping it PG-13, but you can fill in the blanks lol) is just what the doctor ordered to balance out a sweet style. These red sock booties are to die for with their vibrant color and daring details. The stiletto heel is super sleek and sexy and there are even studs around the sole to add that extra touch. Believe it or not, these shoes are actually quite comfortable, given the style, and will have you strutting your stuff all summer in the red hot hue! Hot girl summer? No problem. 

Life has been hectic, but I am a firm believer that perspective is all you need to feel happy and fulfilled. It can be a struggle balancing passion with priorities, but I know that hard work really does pay off once you find the right balance…just like a floral dress and bold boots. This week, I want to focus on being productive, but not losing sight of my self (something I want to manifest, forever, actually). What’s one thing you want to accomplish this week? Let me know in the comments below! If I don’t get to bed soon, though, my flower power will be running on low! So comb those closets for flirty floral, bold bags, and boss booties to conquer the world! If you’re too busy goal-getting, then shop my links below! Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing! 
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