Welcome to The Closet Comber Headquarters!


Hey lovelies! Notice something different about theclosetcomber.com? It’s the season of change because I am finally giving my blog the makeover she deserves and, not to mention, I just started my first full time job (today is only day 3 and I am hanging on)!  Some things are definitely still in the works, but have no fear because we won’t be shut down for renovations—Fashion never sleeps and neither does The Closet Comber (literally, unfortunately)! But wait, there’s more! The website isn’t the only thing getting revamped, my actual closet got a little TLC too. Yes, after 22 years I FINALLY have the walk-in closet I have been dreaming about since I could walk! Dubbed “The Chic Chateau 2.0” this fun little space is now home to The Closet Comber Headquarters and I have big plans for myself, my blog, and my future, so buckle up, babes, because I am just getting started! 

In true Maggie fashion, I couldn’t get my dream closet without kicking things off in a cute way! Now I can cross ribbon cutting off the bucket list too. It was a small ceremony (lol), but my brother had giant scissors, so a moment like this is considered destiny! With a happy heart and scissors the size of my head in hand, I cut the sparkliest/pinkest ribbon around to make it official! 

As much as I would love to go into every detail from the wire to the trim, I (1) don’t want to type for days because a girl has to work in the morning and (2) I want to keep you coming back for more…but we will talk about that later. For now, I will give you the rundown of how it all came about! Long story short, I kept acquiring more clothes that I had room for when I lived in two places, but when I came back home to live, all my things had to come together under one roof (I am still unpacking)! Despite donating 3 huge boxes of clothes, I had no trouble filling the racks and cubes! In fact, I could use a little more room, but I won’t get too greedy. I am actually so thankful because my parents turned a little section of our house into a mini “apartment. ” There is a door in my space that separates from the main house, as well as a chic hallway that leads to my closet room, with my bedroom also being on the left. Essentially I have two full rooms plus a hallway, which isn’t too shabby! The only things missing are a kitchen and bathroom, but who needs that when you have a closet!? The main wall of the closet features two cube organizers filled with denim, sweaters, and cute little decor, as well as a long bar I use as a rack. On top, we have a spectacular shoe shelf stacked with the most fabulous footwear around. There are a few more fun surprises, but I think it would be way easier to just show you, rather than describe it. Soon, I am planning on starting a YouTube channel, and I’ll be sure to give you the full tour! Don’t you love when there is more?! 

Though I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth around, I am a firm believer that you can’t unveil your new closet without the proper dosage of sugar (and maybe even a White Claw..or 2)! I kept it colorful with the cutest cake that I branded in custom “Closet Comber” lettering with a decorating tube. Btw, as if it wasn’t pretty enough on the outside, the inside of the cake was colored pink and turquoise! Another treat that was almost too cute to eat were these edible nail polishes that my mom helped me make. These precious pink polishes are made using marshmallows rolled in a pink food coloring solution (red dye mixed with milk) and sprinkled with pink sugar. Then, just use a toothpick with a tootsie roll, and there you go! I “accessorized” with pink plates, napkins, and utensils for a darling decorative display to top of the perfect day! Some of my closest girlfriends came over to the party to celebrate the grand opening of The Closet Comber Headquarters—if you couldn’t tell it was pink themed, so wearing pink was not required, but encouraged. All that was left to do is crack open a ‘Claw or La Croix and enjoy!
I hope you loved this little peek into my closet! It’s safe to say that it is now my favorite room in the house! It’s funny because I am so close with my parents and I think this is their subtle way of making me want to stay! No matter where life takes me though, Punxsutawney will forever be the birthplace of the blog and me, of course! I have to give a shoutout to both my parents for making my dreams come true…I might be a little biased, but I think it’s the cutest closet ever! Plus, I helped design it, so I really enjoyed the entire process of my vision coming to life, from the paint, to the floor, and obviously the decor! The only not so fun part was bringing home all my clothes in overloaded garment bags and cleaning out all my old things. I was also very particular about curating the racks so they were organized based on style and aesthetically pleasing color palettes. Basically, I spared no detail, making it very time consuming! I can’t wait to take a more visual/in-depth approach with the upcoming closet tour! I’ll keep you guys posted as I continue to learn the ins and outs of videography, but for now, you can see how my closet combing comes together! I know we didn’t talk much about outfits themselves, but you can still comb those closets like I did to find pieces to donate to local charities and people in need! Here’s to big plans and looking and feeling fabulous! Happy Closet Combing! 


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