Snow Bunny's Business


Hey there, loves! It’s hard to believe that March is here, and spring is just around the corner! Spring hasn’t sprung just yet, though, and Pennsylvania is doing a good job at reminding us! It is still a little too cold to put winter fashion to rest, so I am keeping cozy until the weather is rosy. It takes a while for things to defrost around here, including me! I am embracing warm winter clothes while still incorporating hints of spring for a look that is perfect for all you snow bunnies and spring chickens who are itching for color. I will admit that I do spend more time hitting up the mall than I do the slopes, but I have lots of cute outfits if I ever head to Aspen. This look of a cropped crewneck, paired with a matching skirt and styled with white booties and a bag has winter elements like faux fur and thick fabric, but also alludes to spring with the fresh pink color and teeny skirt! I fell in love with this look because it’s fun and flirty for any time you want to stay warm, but also show a little skin. Of course, if the temps aren’t toasty, you will need to throw on tights to complete the look, but white tights add another element to this ensemble. Whether you’re planning on skiing, shopping, or just snapping some cute pics, it’s snow bunny’s business what you do in this ‘fit!  

I am a firm believer that crop tops can be worn during all seasons and on every body! Crop tops are a favorite of mine because they pair well with all my high-waisted bottoms—jeans, skirts, and even sweats on those casual days. They’re none of the bulk with all of the cuteness and not to mention, they give you a reason to flaunt just the right amount of midriff. My abs are currently hiding in these pictures (lol), but I still love wearing this top because it is unique and versatile. The crewneck material is seriously so warm, making up for the lack of coverage. Also, Bubblegum pink certainly doesn’t burst my bubble because it is such a pretty color that I wear time and time again. What sets this piece apart from the rest are the statement sleeves that are covered in faux fur, giving it lots of texture. The fur takes this basic up a notch making it far from boring, but the simple silhouette is also super wearable! I like to style it with the matching skirt as a set, though you can also wear it with jeans or leggings for a more dressed-down vibe! 

I often go by my motto, the shorter the skirt, the longer the legs! This skirt is not for the faint of heart, as it certainly lives up to the definition of “mini” with the hem skimming the upper thigh. There’s no need to fear the length, however, because it’s nothing a pair of compression shorts can’t fix! If you happen to sit or bend the wrong way, the shorts underneath will keep you modest and on the move. I am not a fan of compromise when it comes to my clothes, so you know I will continue to live on the edge in my little skirts. Just like the shirt, this skirt is made of a thicker, sweatshirt fabric that will keep at least the top of your legs warm. The elastic waist and soft material make this so comfy that it basically feels like wearing a crewneck as bottoms! Perhaps the cutest detail are the pom poms attached to the drawstrings of this skirt that give it a wintry feel that is so adorable! To top it off (or should I say bottom?), I love the fact that this skirt is part of a set because it makes getting dressed so easy! But, you can also wear it with a sweater or long-sleeve top as a cute separate. Snow many possibilities! 

Faux fur gives me all the winter feels, making this bag the perfect fit for this outfit! I love this little white crossbody purse because it is chic with a quirky twist! Fur bags have been all the rage this season, but this one in particular has a little character because of the ears! Yes, it has two little ears that resemble a cat, but the bag has no “face,” just the ears and furry front. I love how it’s a subtle detail, though it gives the purse some personality! White, as we know, goes with everything and is a timeless neutral, so this a go-to bag for all the fall/winter looks for years to come. Big enough to fit the essentials—phone, lipstick, keys—it’s a purse that won’t weigh you down, but rather one you always want to pick up! 
White booties, just like crop tops, are something you can wear no matter the season. I threw the “no white after labor day” rule out the window years ago and never looked back! These booties can be categorized as one of my most worn pairs of shoes for obvious reasons…they go with everything! Again, it’s no secret that neutrals are the building blocks of a wardrobe, and speaking of blocks, you know how I am a sucker for a block heel! Say goodbye to blisters in these booties! I could go on and on about booties forever, but I’ll keep this short like my skirt! 

All smiles even though the snow insists on staying a while! I complain about the cold and digging out my car from under the snow pile, but at the end of the day, I actually really like the winter season because there is something so calming and peaceful about it. I know I would be sad if I lived some place where winters didn’t exist—I have too many coats and sweaters for that! As far as being a snow bunny, I definitely dress the part but was not made for skiing. I am more of a sipping cocoa in the lodge kind of gal! I did have the opportunity to go skiing with my friends when we were 14, and while I enjoyed the experience (and the GORGEOUS scenery), I prefer sled riding for my outdoor winter activity. Do you guys like skiing? Let me know in the comments below! I would definitely give it another try, but will probably never graduate from the bunny slopes! Luckily, I am way better at swimming and pretty soon bikini season will be upon us…who knows, maybe I will find my abs! For now, I will stick to being a snow bunny, but hopefully the snow will be gone by the time we see the Easter bunny! Comb those closets for all the cozy crops, crossbodies with character, and all the wintry whites. If you’re too busy enjoying the last flakes of the season, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 
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