The Bright Side of the Moon

Hi babes! Hopefully, you’re all staying warm, though this electric outfit of mine will definitely spark some heat! For all of you who experience winters, how are you holding up in all the crazy cold temperatures and piles of snow? I must say that I am sick and tired of cleaning off my car multiple times a day! As much as I want time to slow down, I also wouldn’t hate the idea of walking outside without freezing! To add some color to the cold and some drama to the dreary, I am back with my neons this week. This isn’t my typical look, as it is a little more edgy, but I like to keep things interesting in life and in my fashion, of course! This outfit is actually inspired by my dad…yes, you read that correctly! My dad is extremely talented and great at a lot of things (seriously, there is nothing he can’t make and/or fix), though I wouldn’t consider him a style icon. His cut-up sweatshirts may not make the cut, but I fell in love with this fun Pink Floyd shirt of his! I never thought I would be combing my dad’s closet, but never say never, right?! The saturated, loud colors were screaming my name, so I styled this bright band tee with an equally vibrant coat, some vegan leather shorts, fishnet tights, and some boots that are out of this world. Step aside drab winter hues because I am bringing some color to the Bright Side of the Moon…so need to “Wish You Were Here,” just keep reading! 

“Hey You!” look at my Pink Floyd shirt! I am clearly having too much fun incorporating song titles in this blogpost. I will admit that I was always a little annoyed when people would wear band tees and never listen to the band. So, I made it my mission to flood my speakers with ‘Floyd so I could be fully educated—think of it as a fun research study! While it took me a little to warm up to it, I have come to appreciate the unique sound and lyrics of the band. I wouldn’t say I’m a groupie just yet, but I would consider me a fan now. I am definitely a fan of the artistry because the cover art of the album, The Dark Side of the Moon, is simple, yet impactful. This shirt interprets the album art and combines it with the psychedelic nature of the band to create a really fun tee. The bright neon colors and bold lettering are eye-catching contrasts to the black background color. Unlike a lot of band tees that tend to have that faded, worn-in look, this one is unapologetically loud in the best way possible. I’m not a huge tee kind of gal, but I was with my dad when he bought this, and knew I just had to borrow (fun fact: it’s still in my closet, but don’t tell him)! It has a more oversized fit that works with the casual vibe of this look, plus it’s comfier to move around in. So, this is your sign to go and comb your dad’s closet because you never know what you might find! 
I wanted the shirt to resemble a t-shirt dress, though it wasn’t quite long enough. So, I threw on some vegan leather shorts because the shirt was definitely not the length I needed. Depending on your height and the shirt size, you could get away with calling a t-shirt a dress. However, if not, it’s super simple to throw on a pair of bike shorts, denim shorts, or leather shorts to keep you covered! 

This colorful coat is a real crowd pleaser! You may remember it from last winter, but I wanted to style it differently for a fresh taste of its versatility. And I know you’re probably wondering how this “highlighter” coat could be versatile, but trust me, it is! It adds a pop of color to any winter outfit, and in this case, it perfectly complements all the neon going on! It isn’t too thick, though it is also fairly warm and certainly suitable for snowy days. The color is young and fresh, contrasting with the more classic, structured silhouette to create a winter piece that is functional, yet far from boring. I wore this coat last February in NYC and received so many kind compliments from strangers—tourists and New Yorkers alike! Plus, my friends could always spot me in a crowd and there was no fear of getting hit by a taxi because I knew they could see me! If you’re looking for outerwear that is bold and also serves as a form of PPE, then look no further! 

There is something very “rockstar” about fishnet tights that pairs well with the theme of this ‘fit. It’s a little hard to tell from the pictures, though I can assure you these are fishnets, just on a smaller scale. You can always purchase larger, more obvious fishnets if that’s more your style. They don’t necessarily provide tons of warmth, but they do make a fashion statement! If you still want the effects of fishnets but want to keep a little more cozy, layer a pair of distressed denim over top and let the fishnet pattern shine through. There’s nothing fishy about these tights, so you’ll be sure to reel them in with the leggy look! 
My “moon” boots are OGs here on the blog as I’ve also styled them in multiple ways over the years! I will forever appreciate a lug-sole boot that actually has tread to walk through snow. These days, I seem to be stepping in plenty of snow/slush/ice/salt and I could use more shoes like these. Channeling my inner futuristic, space girl, these boots are an accurate look at what I would wear on the moon. I’ve not yet been invited to any extraterrestrial events, but I know what shoes I am going to wear when the occasion arises! For now, I’ll just have to stick to strutting here on earth, but I’ll keep waiting for that RSVP…
Speaking of spacey, check out these sunglasses that too give off all the intergalactic vibes. I love these square, reflective purple sunnies because I thought they were unique and edgy. There aren’t tons of outfits these BCBG sunnies go with, but they create all the mystery and drama when styled with the right ensemble!  

This entire shoot I was “Comfortably Numb,” or maybe more like uncomfortably numb from the cold weather. I think the wind chill was 10 degrees, and wind and cold don’t go with my outfit! I have my sunglasses on in most of the pictures because my eyes were watering the whole time—It’s days like these I am jealous of all the L.A. and Miami bloggers! Luckily for my photographer, this was a very quick session, which made him happy! I am way less picky with the pictures when its cold, but I still wanted to capture all the Pink Floyd-inspired fashion. After listening to some of the hits, I must say that “Hey You” is my favorite and now has a permanent spot on my playlist. It still doesn’t all make sense to me, but I now know what my dad is referring to when he *attempts* to sing some of those lyrics! Do you have a favorite Pink Floyd song? Let me know in the comments below! Remember to comb those closets for bold band tees, colorful coats, funky fishnets, and spacey sunnies and shoes for an outfit that is sure to take you to the bright side of the moon! If you’re too busy jamming, then shop my links below! Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing! 
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