Leather Weather

Hey loves! Hopefully you are all settling into the new year! I am not one to create resolutions, but I think goals are a great way to stay focused! One of my main goals for 2021 is to be present (if you couldn’t tell from all my “live in the moment” spiels). As college graduation quickly approaches, I find myself getting overwhelmed with a range of emotions. I have been feeling sad in leaving behind my friends and college living, anxious about my future career and life, excited about the opportunities ahead, and stressed about the overall inevitable changes to come. Managing my anxiety has been challenging all my life and especially now, but I am *slowly* learning how to keep calm and inhale all the positive energy. The best way to cope with the stresses of life is to keep my passions top priority. Fashion is the driving force behind my college career and the reason I started my blog, so continuing to work hard and keep fashion, family, and friends (among my favorite F words lol) at the center of my life will help me to keep my sanity! So, I chose to style pretty pieces that will have me feeling posh and productive as can be! After all, you can’t have a fresh start without a fun, fresh ‘fit! I’m wearing a basic black top, paired with not-so-basic pieces like this asymmetrical (faux) leather skirt, snake print boots, and lots of luxe gold for a metallic touch! This outfit is perfect for the season, but in my opinion, rain or shine, it’s always leather weather! 

I’ve had a love for leather for as long as I can remember! It’s such a gorgeous textile with its smooth texture and eye-catching sheen. Vegan leather was the perfect choice of fabric for this skirt as it adds movement and dimension to a common wardrobe item. My closet is full of black skirts, but I had to have this one because it’s not just any black skirt off the rack, but an elevated garment that is surely a girl’s best friend! It checks all the boxes because it is chic, flattering, expensive looking, and so versatile! Aside from the vegan leather, there are other details that demand attention, like the asymmetrical hem! It’s an interesting and creative way to hem a skirt, allowing it to feel modern, rather than matronly. Not only is the hem asymmetrical, but the stitching is too as the seams are diagonal, creating a patchwork effect. The fit of this piece carves out a flattering fit and flair silhouette that is tighter at the top while flowing out at the bottom. Lastly, a hidden zipper is the final little feature that is small, though an important secret to the smooth, sleek look of this stunning skirt! 
Because I had leather, gold, and snake print going on this outfit, I chose to keep my top simple and minimalistic. Sometimes, I do believe less is more when there are lots of textures and prints going on. A basic black top is the perfect compliment and something we all have lying around! I opted for a fitted shirt to define my figure, though a black sweater or bodysuit would also do the trick! 
If I leave the house with no accessories, it’s like I didn’t even get dressed because I definitely feel naked without them! I most always wear at least two sets of earrings, 3 rings, and a necklace—and that’s on a casual day! Though I am obsessed with all the shiny things, I admit that I am usually a golden girl when it comes to metals (maybe because it matches my golden locks?)! And just as I love layering clothes, the same goes for jewelry! Dainty layered necklaces are so pretty and add some interest to this plain top. Of course, I also have on a bracelet and earrings that coordinate, but my hair is stealing the show! This belt is the main taking point, however, because it is so fun, yet sophisticated. This skirt is such a statement on its own, but with a gold belt, it is enhanced in all the right ways! I love this belt because it can easily adjust with the chain closure, and it can dress up any outfit from your jeans to your dresses! 

Slithering into the new year in these sassy snake print boots! I got three pairs of fabulous boots for Christmas, and you’re staring at a pair right now! I’ve been wanting knee-high snake boots for the longest time because they really add drama and flair to all kinds of fashion. And this is quite literally the perfect boot for a multitude of reasons. Obviously the print is bold, but it’s also in natural, neutral tones of black, beige, grey, and ivory that can be styled with tons of different outfits. Block heels are my savior, especially after a day in stilettos, so these boots are certainly made for walking! And lastly, they slip on! They have stretch that makes them easy to take on and off, eliminating the hassle of stuck zippers (a true nightmare when in a rush to get dressed)! There isn’t much more to say about these boots besides the fact that you need these in your closet! Be prepared to see more of these pretty python shoes in many ensembles to come! 

I’m so happy that I finally got to share this look with you all! I’ve had this skirt for almost an entire year before cutting the tags off! Unfortunately, I bought this skirt literally before the world shut down in March. I bought it on a Friday and the nationwide lockdown was issued that following Monday! Wearing this skirt wasn’t my biggest concern at the time, but I remember thinking about how much I took dressing up for granted, even if my day only consisted of going to class or work. As things gradually shift towards some kind of normalcy, I am looking forward to less leggings and more leather (unless of course they are leather leggings)! No one can ever be sure what the new year brings or even what lies ahead during a new day, but I am living this year getting dressed up for every little occasion, wearing all my “forgotten” outfits of 2020, and taking back what it means to live. Sure most of us were stuck in a rut when life as we knew it got turned upside down, and we might still be starting out in a bit of slump. However, just because we are still learning and adjusting to a different way of life, doesn’t mean we have to stop living! What is one thing you want to embrace this year? Let me know in the comments below! Whether it’s at the grocery store or at a restaurant, you can bet I’ll be putting my best fashion foot forward to enjoy every moment of this year and of the rest of my college days! Just keep calm and comb those closets for lovely leather, gleaming gold and stylish snake print! No need to check the forecast because ’tis the season for leather weather! If you’re too busy manifesting your 2021 mantra, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 
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Boots: https://rstyle.me/+yAbC0j2uny3zTnDKNhdg1g

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