Pretty in Plaid


Hi there, lovelies! In leafing November behind, I said goodbye to my birth month and hello to the holidays! It’s been a while since I posted because not only is it the most wonderful time of the year, but also one of the busiest! It all worked out, though, because I made it through finals week with all A’s and managed to create some chic Christmas content! Christmas season is so magical for many reasons, but dressing in holiday styles is one of the best parts. I know this year isn’t filled with the usual festive activities we cherish, but big holiday bashes don’t define the season. Like anything in life, Christmastime is what you make it, and this year, I’ve taken the time to soak in all the little things that give me that feeling of holiday happiness, including wearing cute Christmas outfits. Sure, I won’t be around as many people like in years past, but just like traditions of decorating the house or baking cookies, festive fashion is still on my Christmas list! I recently bought this little plaid dress that’s perfect for Xmas, layering it over a black long-sleeve top and stepping out in some over-the-knee black boots. Of course, I added pops of red and even a little Parisian twist to ensure a holiday look that can’t be missed! Reconsider the Christmas Pjs, because Christmas morning may be all about comfy, but you can “sleigh” the rest of the day in this cute outfit! And I already know how you think, despite the fact that it is usually pink, get ready to feel pretty in plaid!

Plaid print always feels like it has a Christmas hint because it is so classic and cozy. This dress is especially Santa-approved because of the red and green colors—there is no better time to wear it! Even though plaid was part of my everyday wardrobe growing up in Catholic school, I still manage to love it (though I style it a little different than my uniform days)! It is so timeless and versatile, so it never goes out of style! We often see plaid in the form of Christmas pajamas or tablecloths, or even my dreaded uniform, but it is getting a chic upgrade this season! No more thinking of plaid as a matronly pattern or as pretentiously prep school, but rather fun, festive, and youthful! A dress like mine has all of those characteristics and more in store. I clearly love the print and color, and the A-line silhouette is flattering on all figures with its feminine touch. To ensure my shape doesn’t get lost, I belted it with a thin black belt that coordinates with the colors and further defines my waist. An ensemble this sweet will be sure to score you a spot on the nice list! 
Because my dress is sleeveless, I layered a fitted, black long-sleeve shirt underneath. The slim fit shirt isn’t bulky, but it does add warmth and more dimension to the look. Get colorful with red or green layers or throw on a cropped cardigan to keep cozy…unless you’re celebrating in the sun! 

Red is such a power color that is a bold complement to counteract some of the sweetness of this outfit, because we all need a little bit of boss in us! Between the red lip and this daring coat, I can’t help but feel like I can do anything but fade into the background. I was meant to be seen, and I quite honestly was seen by most of Punxsutawney while shooting these pics during rush hour in the middle of town! You may recognize this dress coat from a few Christmases ago when my brother bought it for me while we were vintage shopping (I always forget my wallet!). Since then, I find myself reaching for it when I’m feeling bold in the cold! I fell in love with the gorgeous color and the sophisticated contrasting black details when  I saw this piece. The quality is amazing as it has stood the test of time, remaining as vibrant and fashionable as ever, years later! It will forever be the perfect Christmas coat because, as chic as black coats are, let’s face it, red is never dead! 

Snow is oddly the best and worst part about winter! It’s so pretty, but it’s not as cute when you have to leave the house. Stepping out can be challenging when snow boots just don’t go with your outfit! Practical shoes are obviously the best option, but I think if you’re wearing closed-toe shoes in the winter, that’s practical enough! Over-the-knee boots are ideal for the season because they put the fun in functional! They are great as they can take the place of tights because they cover a good portion of your leg and look really sexy. In other words, they heat things up even when the temperature is down! I often opt for a block heel for comfort reasons, but also because they are easier to walk in in questionable conditions! If you’re not over the moon about over-the-knee boots, you can wear a red stiletto, velvet bootie, or add a little edge with some Doc Martens! 
I’m a sucker for a good hat, so you know I’m all about the beret! I got my beret for Christmas two years ago, and I still can’t get enough of it. Because it is commonly associated with Parisian style, it instantly adds a touch of taste to any outfit, but pairs especially well with classic pieces. Punxsy is the only town that begins with a “P”— where I will be this Christmas! So, I may not be able to escape to a little Parisian holiday, but for now I’ll wear my beret and Chanel perfume until I get there! 

Covid can’t crush my Christmas spirits as I am planning to keep as many traditions as possible to create another December to remember! This week, I will be baking cookies until 3 a.m., listening to Christmas music, and of course, getting festive and fancy. I can almost taste one of my fresh chocolate chip cookies, hot out of the oven, and I can hardly wait to eat! Actually, I am usually so tired of baking that I can hardly wait to go to bed! My family does a good job with the eating part, but we will be sure to save some for Santa! What are your favorite holiday traditions? Let me know in the comments below! Closet Combing has become a more recent tradition of mine, and I was so thrilled to shoot pics in front of the gorgeous windows of such an historic hometown landmark, the Pantall Hotel. It’s such a beautiful building and these large windows with elegant trees makes me feel as if I am part of an old Christmas movie! All the charm and character of my little town makes being home for the holidays all the more special! If you too want to tap into that Christmas cheer, be sure to comb those closets for pretty plaids, eye-catching coats, and beautiful berets to make for the happiest of holidays! If you’re too caught up in Christmas chaos, then shop my links below (or put them on you’re xmas list)! I know you will be glad to feel pretty in plaid! Have a wonderful Christmas! Happy Holidays from The Closet Comber! And Happy Closet Combing! 
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