Leafing November Behind


Hey lovelies! Happy 100th blogpost! It’s hard to believe I’ve written 100 posts about all things fashion on theclosetcomber.com! It feels like it was just yesterday when the blog was born—I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! I am forever thankful for having The Closet Comber as my alter ego for the past 3 1/2 years, and I can’t wait to see what my site/career will look like 100 posts from now! Speaking of being thankful, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving as a great end to your November! My Thanksgiving was “small,” but still chaotic considering I have a rather big immediate family. It was fun spending time with everyone and carrying on our holiday traditions (and taking a much needed break from school, but now it’s back to reality for finals). I can’t complain, though, because I had a pretty great birth month and will look back at “Magvember” 2020 with fond memories. I was definitely busy with school, but I had fun catching up with friends and family, eating lots of treats, doing LOTS of shopping, and celebrating every time I got the chance. I do hate to see the end of Magvember, but before I say farewell, I have one last fall look to ensure I go out with a bang! I wore a long striped cardigan with a cami underneath, wide leg cropped jeans, booties, and an adorable ice cream bag (let’s face it, ice cream is delicious any month of the year)! So, before you say goodbye to fall, throw on all you can find for an autumn ensemble that will have you “leafing” November behind…in style, of course! 

Cardigans take the cake as one of the coziest pieces for wrapping up on a crisp day. I’m sure you’re not surprised I have tons of sweaters, and there is no shortage of cardigans in my closet! I love this striped one because the colors are bold with shades of rust, chocolate, and tan, but also soft with baby pink and ivory hues. I like to refer to it as my Neapolitan sweater because the colors remind me of the famous vanilla/chocolate/strawberry ice cream. The fun colors and large, bold stripes had this cardigan calling my name because I love anything comfy with a unique twist. Adding an extra layer of coziness, the oversized fit makes this the perfect piece to throw on over any look, whether it’s a simple pair of jeans like mine, or a cute suede skirt. Usually I prefer a shorter, cropped sweater, but I admit that the longer, duster-like feel of this sweater gives me all the snuggly, boho vibes. November always has me ready to party, and as the cold keeps creeping in, you know you can catch me in my cardi! 

Jeans and a tee is a classic combo that is always a go-to for days when you just don’t know what to wear. It’s a no-brainer that is guaranteed to look put together! When I am in a rush, in a “I have nothing to wear” funk, am too cold to wear a skirt/dress, or am just in the mood for denim, jeans are my savior! Because jeans and a top it is such an easy and effortless pairing, it isn’t hard to fall into a slump of outfits that look the same. To avoid having the same look on repeat, I like to find fun denim with flair! I love these cropped wide leg jeans because they are such a 70’s feel with so much personality. The wide leg adds drama, but you don’t have to worry about losing your shape in these jeans because they are fitted through the waist and hips to accentuate those curves. The coordinating denim belt is such a cute detail that gives this pair of crops some character! Lastly, the length is lovely and great for booties! One of my life’s dilemmas is when I wear boots/booties with long jeans and have to decide whether I want to cuff my pants, tuck them into my boots, or just change shoes. I love jeans that make showing off your shoes a priority! 

When it comes to clothes, there is nothing wrong with being basic! Every wardrobe needs basics as the basis for building outfits! Camis are amazing basics that are ideal for layering or wearing on their own. Of course, I even try to find camis that are different from the rest, so I was excited to find this little cropped number. I am always wearing high-waisted pants/skirts and hate the bulkiness of tucking in long camis, as well as hate the restrictions of body suits. The cropped cami is the solution to all my problems and the best basic for being anything but basic! 

Doesn’t get any sweeter than a cone cross-body! I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but I am a sucker for ice cream. I guess it’s true that we all scream for ice cream, and I definitely screamed when I spotted this bag! I couldn’t resist pairing it with my “Neapolitan cardigan” because it was just the touch the look needed! Just as sprinkles pair perfectly with a parfait, this cone complements the cardi! I know we think of ice cream as a summer treat, but I figured since I eat ice cream all year long, then surely I can carry it too! Be right back…I’m grabbing a spoon and some Ben & Jerry’s! 

As I drowsily type the end of this post, soaking up the last seconds of November, I can’t help but think about how great a birth month I had. Though, I spent half the month recovering from being sick, I still enjoyed all the reasons I have to celebrate living another year of life (including composing the 100th Closet Comber post)! Aside from spending time with my family, one of my favorite moments this month was going to Tiffany’s with my mom and picking out jewelry. I won’t go into too much detail because it is a Christmas gift, but I will spill the tea soon! What was your favorite memory from the past month? Let me know in the comments below! I admit that I am looking forward to December because who doesn’t love Christmastime? I swear I have Christmas spirit all year ’round! But before you get into Christmas mode, comb those closets for comfy cardis, cute crops, casual camis and ice cream cone cross-bodies for an ensemble that embraces all things fall! If you partied too hard all Magvember and need a break, then shop my links below. I feel good “leafing” behind a fun-filled month and look forward to many more memories and blogposts! Happy 100th post and, of course, Happy Closet Combing! 

Links to same/similar pieces: 

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Jeans: https://rstyle.me/+8Z3E92OX5mrlNhAppeKgPQ

Cami: https://rstyle.me/+shdCM4FxYmXfHjmfAUZ8AQ

Purse: https://rstyle.me/+VeUh72ik115FQ32PxaB-WA

Shoes: https://rstyle.me/+x85GnqiX_dSl_VTe4z6gaw

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