Cabin Fever


Hi loves! So, even though my apartment currently looks like a winter wonderland, I am still getting my fall fashion fix before I get into holiday mode. I may not be a fan of pumpkin spice, but I am here for everything nice, a.k.a. colorful leaves, hats, suede, and plaid print…to name a few! Basically, I incorporated all I love about fall in this ensemble and headed to my Uncle’s cabin on my Grandpa’s farm in rural PA. Who say’s a little adventure in the woods can’t be chic? I embodied “glamping” in this Cara Santana Collection trench, a suede skirt and boots, and brown sweater, topping it off with some vintage Gucci and a hat! In other words, this is the perfect outfit for sipping cider and gazing at the foliage! I love all the rich colors and textures of the season that mimic all the beauty nature has to offer. Though I have always felt like I am a city girl stuck in the country, I have to admit that this scenery is absolutely beautiful. Quarantine definitely gave us all cabin fever, but when it comes to this little woodland getaway, I can’t help but want to stay! Keep scrolling for styling tips that are so hot, you don’t need to take your temperature to know you caught a case of chic cabin fever! 

When I received this trench that actress Cara Santana so graciously gifted me from her collection, I immediately knew I would be wearing it all fall long! It is the perfect combination of a trench coat and a duster, creating a silhouette that is flattering for every body (the goal of her inclusive clothing line)! Wear it open for a fresh, effortless vibe, or tie it up to accentuate the waist for a pretty, polished look. The She Loves the Attention Plaid Trench demands all eyes on you, no matter what you pair with it! It’s such a great piece for the season because it’s lightweight for those warmer days, while also ideal for layering during those chilly nights. My favorite feature is the plaid print that is so classic and simple, though it takes this look up a notch. The print makes a statement but is still neutral and easy to style with any of your wardrobe staples. It doesn’t get more timeless or versatile than a trench coat, and The Cara Santana Collection coat adds a fun twist that calls for attention and can’t be missed! 

By now you know I am a fan of fancy, which is why I chose to keep things sleek and chic underneath! I wanted to style different variations of brown for an outfit that is cohesive, but far from boring. The key is to stick within the same color family but use different tints or shades of the same hue. In other words, I knew I wanted brown to be the basis of this ensemble, so I gathered garments that have brown undertones in colors like tan, chestnut, sand, and almond. I know it sounds like a lot, so an easy approach is to keep things neutral.

I consider suede the official fabric of fall with its soft, luxe texture, so a suede skirt and boots was a no-brainer! I love this sandy suede skirt because it’s a great length to show a little leg and is a color that goes with so many kinds of clothes! Skirts and over-the-knee boots are a dynamic duo for Fall/Winter seasons because you get all the leggy effects of wearing a skirt, while the boots keep you warm and toasty! Don’t let the 4 inch heel intimidate you, though, because the block heel style means these boots were made for walking (but not for hiking, so you might want to stay close to the cabin)! Not only does the heel add height, but the nude color scheme elongates the legs, making you look even taller…hello supermodel stems! 
It is officially sweater weather in Pennsylvania (and has been for a few months now), and it doesn’t get much comfier than a pull-over. I love this simple brown sweater because it is ideal for layering under jackets and coats. Since it is made of thinner material, it doesn’t add bulk or make you too hot, but it’s just right for keeping you cozy! Most of us PA natives live in sweaters for 7 months out of the year, so if you too live where the cold likes to stay a while, then you should have no trouble combing that closets for something similar! Of course, you could always opt for a thicker turtleneck if you anticipate extra frigid temperatures or wear a long sleeve crop top to show a little more skin. 

You can’t channel your inner woodland gal persona without a cute hat! I bought this hat over the summer solely to match this outfit, but I’ve worn it with countless ensembles because it quite literally tops off any look. This hat is so stylish, I even wear it on good hair days! I love the fedora style with the stiff brim and contrasting trim. And don’t get me started on the gorgeous tan color—have you seen anything better suited for fall fashion? Honestly, though, no matter the season, this hat is a great accessory to have in your arsenal. In the summer, throw it on with a maxi dress for a boho vibe or step up you winter style game and throw it on with a sweater and jeans. All I can say is hats off to fabulous fedoras fit for all you fashionistas! 
My vintage Gucci goes with me everywhere, so she of course made the trip to the cabin! It only felt right to have my Gucci by my side during this shoot because it isn’t just a stunning purse, but a nod to my family heritage. We shot these pictures at my grandpa’s farm, and the Gucci belonged to his wife, my beloved late grandma, Mammy. To me, fashion isn’t just clothes, shoes, and accessories, but so much deeper than the surface because it makes me feel ways I can’t even put in words. Every time I carry that vintage Gucci with the classic double “G” print and contrasting leather strap, I feel connected and closer to my grandma. I don’t like to play favorites, but my Mammy’s Gucci will forever be my most cherished bag, and that fact that she once carried it only adds to its beauty. 

I’ve decided there is no better place to clear your head than the outdoors. No I don’t like bugs or dirt, but I can manage to look past it when the view is this stunning! The best part of being outside is inhaling the fresh air and appreciating the serenity that surrounds you. It makes you stop and think about life in a whole new perspective. I am guilty of living fast, always working on scheduled due dates and timelines, constantly feeling pressure to perform at a certain pace. However, when you leave the laptop at home and put your phone on silent, you begin to realize that there is more to life than stressing over daily tasks or Instagram likes. Covid may put limits on where we can go, but it can’t limit where our minds wander, so I encourage you to get out of your cabin fever funk and step outside, if only for a minute. Let me know in the comments where you like to go to reenergize your soul. If I can’t be by the ocean or at the farm, just spending time in the backyard with Maxie is just what I need—well that and a cute outfit to go with it! Speaking of cute outfits, comb those closets for a timeless trench, swanky suede, and a fun fedora as a way to keep cabin fever at bay! If you’re too preoccupied getting in touch with nature, then spend less time on your phone by shopping my links below! Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing! 
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