Orange is the New Black

Hi loves! Has anyone else been feeling a little unmotivated lately? I have to admit that all I want to do is have a day where I just sleep in, chill on the couch, have some tea, and not even think about homework assignments! Since I have been in a bit of a sleepy slump the past few days, I thought it would be the perfect time to break out the bold colors to wake me up. I must say that clothing is a great motivator! On days when all I want to do is hit snooze 30 times, if I get up and throw on a cute ensemble, I feel way better about conquering my agenda! Any chic look can help you get out of a funk, but a bold power suit gives you that extra boost of confidence to show up and show out! I suited up in this fierce set with an orange blazer and coordinating trousers, paired with some sneakers and a crop top to make this an office meets streetwear outfit. Suits aren’t just for the corporate world—they are actually so chic to wear to dinner with the girls, a shopping trip, or even to be a little daring on date night to give your dresses a day off (who says we can’t wear the pants? Am I right, ladies?!)! Not only did I opt for an unconventional style, but I took it a step further to go with an unconventional color! I never considered orange to be one of my hues and hardly ever wore it. However, I have acquired so much orange in 2020 and there is no looking back…is it safe to say, now, that orange is the new black? Keep on reading to find out! 

The suit is my new obsession because it definitely a power move. When you walk in the room, your energy is infectious in a chic suit. All eyes are on you for all the right reasons, and adding a vibrant color is just another attention grabber. The “lava” orange shade is fire (see what I did there?), because it’s bold, bright, and far from boring. Sometimes suits can feel a little stuffy and traditional, but we are trying to dress like we own the company, not work in a cubicle. So, a great way to achieve a fresh take on the classic is not only an unexpected color choice, but the styling choices. The blazer isn’t tailored, meaning it has a boxier, oversized fit. To offset the more masculine silhouette, I opted for my cropped cami that is figure-hugging and shows a little skin. It’s a way to not lose your shape underneath and is a little more updated than the typical blouse or button-up. If you do want to wear this in a more professional setting, you could wear a fitted turtleneck or mock-neck top that would allow for a little added modesty and be appropriate for work, though still very chic. Honestly, what you wear underneath is completely situational because a bralette or bustier would be such a pretty and sexy streetwear twist! The styling options are endless, but remember to keep things fun because this is a playful suit! 

Obviously the color was the first thing that attracted me to this suit but that isn’t the only unique factor that sets it apart. Most suits have traditional button or zipper fly coordinating pants, but these are elastic with a drawstring. So for all of you who have gotten a case of the comfies over quarantine, these pants are for you! I love how they have a sportier vibe that is more fit for on-the-go. I think the style of this suit is a great combination of both classic and modern elements because it has a rather timeless silhouette mixed with more fashionable features. In addition to the elastic waist, there is a sort of piping that runs down the center of each leg. It serves as an aesthetic detail that makes your legs look longer and helps to add a little more dimension to the look. Again, it’s the little things! As far as fit goes, these pants are intended to be a slimmer fit, though I sized up for a bit of bagginess. Luckily, the length is perfect for me as the hem sits right at the ankle and is ideal for footwear. I personally don’t have a problem with oversized fitting suits, but the pants do have to have the correct hem so they don’t look sloppy! Because suits are a pair, there are really no other styling options if you wear the matching pants. But, you could always wear the pieces as separates and style the blazer with jeans or wear the pants with a sweater. Mixing and matching is a good way to spice up your wardrobe. 

I didn’t accessorize much because the outfit is already very busy. On the other hand, I don’t think it is possible for me to leave the house without a purse, so I opted for this classic little coach bag. I love the pink and orange combo because when I do color, I commit!  

I wanted to style this look to be casual because the only office I report to is my desk in the chic chateau! I paired more laid-back pieces like the crop top and these white sneakers for a youthful, effortless look that is fit for all you boss ladies on-the-go. Sneakers instantly make outfits feel cooler because they are such a fashionista off-duty vibe. Of course, they are great for walking, making them ideal for running errands or, in my case, running to class. I opted for a sleek, leather quilted sneaker because I wanted the comfort of a sneaker with classic and elegant details of quilting and gold hardware. Of course, you could opt for an even sportier vibe with a pair of Air Force 1’s or get fancy with a pair of stilettos! The beauty of the suit is that is so versatile and can be dressed up or down for work or a night on the town!

Nothing like suiting up to brighten up any day of the week! Suits are no longer for the 9 to 5 grind, but for anyone who has looking fashionable in mind! They are definitely a wardrobe staple because you can wear them anywhere, anytime, in any color—like orange or even lime! Like I said, I prefer orange because it has been the color of 2020 for me! I just can’t get enough! I am not afraid of color, but I do tend to stay away from colors I think aren’t flattering on my skin tone. However, this is me saying that we should all embrace color because I can assure you there is a shade or tint that is the perfect hint of color for you! The best way to pull off bold color is to have confidence because confidence, my friends, goes with everything and looks good on everyone! Though black will forever have a special place in my heart, orange is here to stay! Life is too short not to have fun with your clothes, so get in touch with your colorful side! What is your favorite bright color? Do you have a color you’ve been too timid to wear? Let me know in the comments below! I encourage you all to take the plunge and wear fun hues. It’s instant happiness and will quite literally light up your life. Sometimes life can feel a little drab, especially during a pandemic, but that’s nothing an orange suit can’t fix. So, comb those closets for bright business wear, casual crops, sleek sneakers and an accommodating accessory! If you’re too busy being a colorful queen (or king!), then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 

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