Out West

Hi lovelies! I hope you are having a great start to your October! October means it is the beginning of Spooky season, and though I am certainly not the biggest fan of Halloween (a very unpopular opinion, I know), I do find a little inspiration in eerie, ghastly places. The theme for this shoot was western ghost town, mixed with a little outlaw energy. Luckily, it was as if Punxsutawney plucked a little piece of the deserted desert land and brought it to Pennsylvania, bringing my vision to life. Inspired by women of the wild west, I opted for my fringe Levi’s jacket & fringe Michael Kors belt bag, pairing it with some pointed toe “roach killer” boots, while keeping things simple underneath with a tube top and denim skirt. The details of this look are a nod to the culture of the old West, though I wanted to add a chic modern spin for a fashionable outfit that is sure to impress, no matter what coast (or what part of the world, actually)! So whether you’re in the Mojave, Sonoran, or just in Punxsy, you can continue reading for ways to dress your best on the east coast, and of course, Out West! 

As I sit here and type this blogpost, I can honestly say I don’t know of any one of my friends who doesn’t own a denim jacket. They are the epitome of classic, American style because they are so versatile and easy to throw on with essentially every look. I don’t like to play favorites when it comes to my clothes, but I admit that this particular denim jacket has a special place in my heart. Now don’t get me wrong, traditional denim jackets are great, but the fringe detail mixed with the black color makes this one unique and refreshing in a sea of indigo. Levi’s, which ironically began out west in San Francisco, (P.s. Levi’s just started a buyback program to promote sustainability—yay!), is known for their trucker/ex-boyfriend jackets that have a boxier, oversized silhouette that is borrowed from the boys. This style of jacket is the perfect fall and winter layering piece because it has extra room. Besides layering, the fit is cool and effortless, giving off an androgynous vibe. The main event, however, is the FRINGE. I’ve seen fringe jackets before, but I particularly love how the fringe is black and matches the black denim. It stands out enough to make a statement, but it is done in a very subtle, chic way. Other jackets that have contrasting fringe can feel too overdone and feel more like a costume, rather than a chic clothing item. The black feels so polished and refined and is a good color choice for this piece. This jacket is a standout garment that makes the outfit feel young, fun, and fresh! In fact, I love it so much that you may remember it from my throwback (http://www.theclosetcomber.com/2018/01/fringe-benefits.html)! If you want to take a trip down memory lane, check it out! But, if you want more styling options, then keep on scrolling! 

I personally don’t like to wear bulky clothes under my jackets, so a simple black tube top was the perfect piece for underneath. My top is a seersucker material that gives it a little texture and interest, taking this basic item up a notch. Tube tops are great for warm days, and/or look cute under your favorite jackets and cardigans. Of course, if you want to switch things up or you need something with a little more support or coverage, you can always opt for a cami, tee, button-up, or bustier. 

I know, I know… I’m wearing the controversial white after Labor Day. We all know the old saying that we should retire our white after the Labor Day holiday, but I have to disagree. I’m no Bonnie Parker, but I guess you could call me a fashion outlaw when it comes to following the “rules.” To be honest, it’s certainly a dated idea and that’s why I don’t subscribe. Of course, I won’t be wearing this skirt in the dead of winter, but it fit the early September weather when I shot this look (these boots will be out ALL Fall/Winter, though)! I seem to only wear denim skirts that are button front because I can’t get enough of the look. Buttons are just the cutest additional detail and I say the more, the merrier! I was also so happy to find this white denim skirt because it couldn’t be more versatile. Plus, the denim is thick enough that this isn’t see through (a blessing), though it’s also very breathable. Sometimes white bottoms aren’t the easiest to wear because they tend to highlight areas we often try to conceal, but the silhouette of this skirt is super flattering because it flairs out. Mine skirt is actually a size too big, so I would say to look for your true size, rather than sizing up. I know this outfit does feel a little on the summery side, but it can easily adapt to the weather by switching out the the skirt for a pair of jeans. Western Pennsylvania is as west as I get, so I might consider a distressed pair of denim for the cooler months, but if you truly are a desert child, you can stick to the skirt or a pair of daisy dukes! 

I can’t get over how in love I am with these western booties! I have been in the habit of calling them “Roach Killers” because that’s what my dad referred to them as when he saw them. Sure enough, my dad didn’t make that term up (though I was convinced he did). Roach killers are boots that are typically western style with a pointy toe that is perfect for, you guessed it, killing cockroaches. I, on the other hand, have a chicer agenda! I love these shoes because they have a cowboy feel without being too literal. That black heel and sole is so sleek and contrasts well with the white for a stylish take on classic footwear. I think cowboy boots can be cute, but they just don’t mesh with my aesthetic. Fortunately, these shoes combine western characteristics with fun details for the perfect pair. My favorite part is the side opening and cut-outs. The buckles make for an interesting hardware element and are a unique way to let you show off a little side foot (not sure if that’s a term, but it is now)! Thankfully, these do zip, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of actually buckling your shoes. The silver studs are strategically placed in a pattern to lure the eye in and give it some extra pizzazz. These shoes prove that I love a good boot and that I am also slightly obsessed with the west! 
Lastly, I have my Michael Kors belt bag that came in handy to hold up my oversized skirt! This bag can be worn as a belt or also carried like a regular shoulder bag. I chose to keep the fringe fire burning with this purse that has suede tassel attachments that coordinate with the jacket. I love this bag because it is obviously very adorable and the perfect traveling purse. Back in the good old days when there were concerts and festivals, this bag was ideal since it was permitted in shows, but you don’t have to hold it. I was never more grateful for a hands-free purse when I was at the outdoor Lil Wayne concert last summer. I had my lipstick, my mirror, and the time of my life! I do like carrying this over the shoulder, too, when I want to travel lightly! 

I find myself dozing off every time I try to finish this blogpost, so I have to admit that my sleepy self is happy to be wrapping this up! Last night, I actually fell asleep on my couch mid-post! Definitely not my finest hour! My life gets busier and busier and all my midterm work and classes have been keeping me on my toes (and sadly away from theclosetcomber.com). The good news is that I can finally show you my western shoot! Despite that fact that it was the theme of this post, I have never actually traveled west before (I think Ohio is as far west as I’ve been, and that’s the next state over)! However, I would definitely love to visit someday! For some reason, I’ve always been intrigued by desert land, which is why I am proud owner of a cactus–the only plant I haven’t killed yet. Have any of you ever traveled out west? Or do you live in that part of the country? Let me know in the comments below! For now, western Pennsylvania will have to do! It’s no desert, but I am loyal to my side of the state. All of PA is pretty great but I am partial when I say that the west side is the best side…even though people from Eastern PA try to sway me. I guess you can call it a friendly rivalry with my friends from the other side (lol). Anyway, if you want to get the best of the west from wherever you may live, then look for jackets and purses with fringe benefits, boots made for walking (not roach killing), as well as a tubular tube top and a daring denim mini! If you’re too busy trying to keep your cactus alive like me, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 

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