Old Fashion Flair

Hey lovelies! I missed you! As always, my life has been crazier than ever! As I mentioned in my last post, it’s back to school season, meaning my schedule is back to being jam-packed. Starting my Senior year of college in the midst of a pandemic has been less than ideal, but I am slowly adjusting to my new routine (and overall new way of life). I admit it’s been difficult fighting off the college temptations of going to parties and going out, and online classes are certainly not my preferred way of learning. However, I’ve grown to appreciate the “little things” more— I am extra grateful for small gatherings with my friends, going out to dinner, having date nights, or heading home to spend the weekend with my kitty. I also get to attend 3 classes face-to-face, and I love getting out of the apartment! I know you guys hear enough about Coronavirus every day, so I’ll shift the focus to more positive things like fun fashion! I have been shooting content like crazy, so I have all the pics ready, and I just have to find the time to blog. While I took these pictures in late August, this look is perfect for fall transitioning as the pieces can be styled in various ways with the changing weather. Around here, it’s been toasty one second and chilly the other, so transitional pieces are the way to go!  I styled this busy beauty of a skirt with a simple cropped cami, denim platforms, and an eye-catching hat for an ensemble that feel youthful with a touch vintage. It’s something you can wear everywhere and still look chic with old fashion flair! 

When it comes to drama, I prefer to save it for my clothes! I love a dramatic piece that has personality like this fabulous midi skirt! It’s true that I often gravitate towards short skirts that show lots of leg, but this slit is not for the faint of heart. Slits are a great way to incorporate a tasteful touch of skin into your look. It is kind of hard to concentrate on skin, though, when there is so much going on in this piece. The midi, high-rise style is offset by the asymmetrical, handkerchief hemline and tiered bottom. In other words, the fitted waistband gives the body shape, while the tiers also create a unique and flattering silhouette. The color story and use of pattern mixing is whimsical and cohesive, yet very bold. The base baby blue color features a delicate floral print, and the contrasting red has dainty dots. All these colors and prints may seem busy, but in reality, they work well together. Red and blue are primary colors that always look good when paired with each other (pro tip: if you want to get into mixing more colors into your wardrobe, but are unsure what colors look good together, a color wheel will be your best friend)! The prints are also small and minimal, so they compliment each other without overshadowing! 
I kept things simple on top with this cropped white cami. This little basic has been my bestie all summer because it goes with everything! I like to layer it under a cardigan, or wear it by itself and add some jewelry for interest. It’s chic and easy, and I love that it’s cropped, unlike the traditional camisole. Of course, you could always throw on a blouse or even a bralette and thin pastel cropped cardigan for a layered look that mixes both fall and summer seasonal elements! 

Hats really are an underrated accessory because they are so chic and such an easy way to elevate your ensemble. Sure, it’s also quite simple to accessorize with a bracelet or a belt, but hats are for you fashionistas who want to keep things interesting with a bolder statement. I like brightly colored hats, like this red, wide-brim floppy hat, that adds an extra pop of color. Of course, this look is clearly very colorful, but the hat is the perfect balancing piece. The skirt has so much volume, so a big hat is the best way to match the bottom half! Because the top is simple, the hat isn’t too overpowering in this look, but rather the icing on the cake. With the hat and skirt combo, the entire look gives me old fashion vibes (and the Victorian mansions also help to set the scene), because variations of hats and longer skirts were very much a large part of womenswear for centuries. I remember my grandma telling me about how women had to have their heads covered for church, so people of her generation always had an array of hats for their Sunday Best outfits. This look mixes vintage charm with modern touches like a crop top and high slit! If you’re looking to accessorize, opt for a big hat like me, or try some textured barrettes or a hair ribbon to top off the outfit! 

These shoes need no introduction because they have been a staple on theclosetcomber.com forever (side note: that would be such a fun blogpost to tally up my top 10 pieces I’ve worn most on the blog, right?!)! Anyway, the denim platforms have always had a special place in my heart because it doesn’t get more classic and cool than denim details! Plus the platform style is way comfier than it looks—because I know they look like a broken ankle waiting to happen. Though I’m 5’8″, I am always hunting for shoes that give me extra height, and these definitely do the trick! They also really fit the old time Americana influence that is evident in this shoot. If you’re not ready to take on the towering platforms, try a sleek sandal or even a mule, bootie, or heel to keep your feet a little more covered in the cooling temps. 

The Closet Comber recently celebrated turning 3 years old, and I can’t help but feel a little sentimental! I hate to admit that I almost forgot my blog’s bday, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t celebrate! I guess I almost forgot because 3 years went by so fast! I remember being in high school and wanting to be a blogger so bad, and now I am a Senior in college and am living out all my fashion blogging fantasies! What started out as a hobby really became a huge part of my life and part of my persona. “Maggie” and “The Closet Comber” are now just synonymous and I respond to both! I always want to give a shoutout to my readers and all those who have supported me—to the diehard subscribers, those who read when they can, those who are new to The Comber, and to the brands who believe in me—THANK YOU! Let me know in the comments which blogpost(s) is/are your favorite? I want to keep creating content that I know you’ll love. In the meantime, comb those closets for floral flowing skirts, pretty platforms, cropped camis, and a hat that’s all that! If you’re too busy keeping up with The Closet Comber, then just shop my links below! It feels good to be back to blogging, babes! Here’s to many more years! Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: 
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Skirt: https://rstyle.me/+NYFReaVk0dVy3CYLv8NAVw

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