Bleacher Report: Members Only


Hi there, lovelies! I hope you are enjoying all the late summer fun, though August is going by so fast! August has always been a bittersweet month for me because it signals that summer is winding down, but also means you get to reunite with your friends when school starts back up (especially college friends who you don’t get to see often)! Unfortunately, this is my last “going back to school August,” as I am getting ready to start my senior year of college—where does the time go?! Whether you’re going back to campus, back to school, back to work after the weekend, or back to your home office, one thing is for sure…you have to look and feel great while doing it! Luckily, I’ve teamed up with Members Only to style their Iconic Racer Jacket that adapts to any lifestyle and schedule. Members Only jackets are not only versatile, but memorable. One of my fondest college memories, thus far, was going to an impromptu bonfire and meeting tons of new friends. It was a Members Only jacket, however, that sparked the conversation and broke the ice when I complimented the guy sitting beside me! Needless to say, we talked by the fire for hours while people sang and played guitar, and I remember walking home with my best friend when the birds were chirping… and waking up 2 hours later for Financial Accounting (talk about BRUTAL, but so worth it)! It was definitely a night to remember, and being a fashion major, I will never forget that red, white, and blue Members Only jacket! When I put on my Racer Jacket, all I want to do is make memories and have more unforgettable nights like that! Luckily, “when you put it on…something happens,” and by something, I mean everything! Keep on reading for the all the chic details of this jacket and how I like to style my Members Only merch! I may not know much about sports, but I nail sideline style in this “Bleacher Report!” 

Members Only goes way back to its start in the mid-70’s, though their aesthetic fits today’s trends, too! So yes, your parents were rocking athleisure way before you, but style goes on for generations, right?! Members Only apparel perfectly fits the criteria of today’s consumer because the clothes, and specifically this jacket, are comfortable, stylish, and super functional. The best way to describe it is effortlessly chic! I love the Racer Jacket because it’s minimalistic, but far from basic. It features details like shoulder epaulets and a throat latch, as well multiple pockets, definitely making this the most practical piece in my closet!  The quality is incredible, and it was clear as soon as I took this out of the package. This jacket is made of the perfect material that isn’t too hot for a summer night, but will also keep you warm for those crisp fall days. It really is a great investment because it will last you forever and is useful whenever! My Members Only jacket will be perfect for back to campus when walking to class, to work, to the gym, or to my friends’. In college, walking is the main source of transportation, so I always like to keep a jacket with me! You don’t have to be in school to be in style with Members Only because this is also a great piece of outerwear for running errands, grabbing your morning coffee, or walking the puppy! 

We know that you will never stop reaching for your Members Only jacket, but there is something we can’t ignore; the eye-catching color!! It’s no secret I am a sucker for pretty colors, and these jackets don’t disappoint with fun hues like red, blue, pink, and yellow. But, there is something for everyone, including a more subdued palette of neutrals like black, white, and gray. All are equally chic, so no matter what color you pick, you can’t go wrong! And lastly, these jackets are gender neutral! No more stealing your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s jacket (unless, of course, you need options…wink, wink) because these androgynous pieces are for everyone! I love how Members Only doesn’t define people, but allows individuals to be exactly that, individuals. 

A good accessory is like the icing on the cake—a little cliché, but undeniably true! Baseball caps complement the athleisure look of the jacket and are great for all you gals and guys on the go! My favorite thing about a cute hat is that it hides all the bad hair days! Sure, dry shampoo is handy, but a hat is a stylish way to keep your Day 2 locks looking concealed. Best part? No one has to know your secret because they’ll be focusing on your Members Only hat, obviously! 

By now I’m sure you already have the Iconic Racer Jacket in your cart (I kid…but, go ahead, click “checkout” lol), and I wanted to tell you how I added my own personal touch to style this look! When I first received the jacket, I thought about how the brand was fresh on the block in the 1980’s. Then, I also thought about how it was back-to-school season. So, I decided it would be so fun to style a sort of modern gym class hero ensemble with hints of nostalgia. I say modern because the white on white matching crop top and cotton short is very on trend. Sets that match have been all the rage during quarantine, and I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon. Plus, crop tops and high-waisted shorts are a match made in heaven and so comfy that you’ll never want to take them off! The dad sneakers are a mix of trendy and vintage because they are shoes that you can find in your father’s closet, but also in the closet of fashionistas everywhere (not to say your dad’s got poor taste)! I personally love a chunky white sneaker because they are so easy to get around in and add interest to any look. These pieces are essentials you can find in your wardrobe, so comb those closets for white basics to steal my style. But first, let’s appreciate the #throwbackThursday tube socks that truly are classic. When I think of America in the 1980’s, I think of these red stripe socks. And I’m no historian, but I have plenty of photos of my dad in the exact same socks circa 1983, but I passed on his ancient gym socks and bought a pair of my own. They are the epitome of high school gym class because you knew you were winning the dodgeball tournament while wearing these bad boys. Maybe I could have used them a few years ago back in my days at PAHS?! Anyway, they are super fun socks, but if you aren’t into the vintage vibes, you can always opt for a pair of white crew socks that aren’t quite totally tubular, literally! 

I really did “go back to school” when I shot these pics at my alma mater. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was in high school, though it has been a while since I sat in these bleachers! One of my favorite memories from PAHS was being named “Best Dressed” my senior year because that was always a goal of mine (ya know, besides getting good grades)! Though I always wanted to earn that superlative, I dress up because it makes me happy, and Members Only is a brand that understands this important quality! Members Only creates clothes that feature fun colors and chic silhouettes, all while paying attention to the details! When you put on their jackets, you can’t help but feel amazing in the stylish and comfortable pieces. I’m excited to put my best fashion forward for my senior year of college and having this iconic racer jacket is a great start! I’m also very excited to see my friends and be back in my little apartment a.k.a. the chic château! What’s one of your favorite memories from school? Let me know in the comments below! Well, my bags aren’t going to pack themselves, so I better get back to working on gathering up my things to move in this weekend! One thing is for sure, I’ll be taking all my Members Only apparel…who knows, maybe I’ll be named the “Chicest on Campus?!” Your assignment is to comb those closets for not-so-basic neutrals to pair with your Members Only merch! You may even find some vintage treasures like an 80’s Members Only jacket if you raid your parents’ closets! If you’re too busy gearing up to hit the books, then snag some Members Only with the links below. And of course, Happy Closet Combing! 

Members Only Links: 

Racer Jacket:


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