Wild Beach

Hi my lovelies! Summer is going by way too fast! I feel like my blog has been a little neglected lately because I have been busy working on content for actress Cara Santana and her new clothing line—an opportunity that I am grateful for (and devoted lots of time to). Long story short, she saw my styling of her collab with Kohl’s and personally reached out to me to style her newly released independent collection! This truly was a huge moment for me, so I wanted to give it my all! I was going to do a blogpost about the experience, but time got away from me, between styling the pics and going on vacation. But, I would still love to share it with you, so check it out on my social media (https://www.instagram.com/theclosetcomber/?hl=en)! ANYWAY, summer 2020 has been a mix of emotions, work, and lots of ups and downs! Things have been very different for me this year, as they have been for everyone, but I am trying to make the most of it! I’m so happy I was still able to go to the beach and somehow manage to get a few pictures! It’s no Sports Illustrated, but I know my readers look forward to the beach blogpost! This year, the weather and lighting made for quite the assortment of content, but I am thankful I got to have my toes in the sand and the sun on my face! You’ll have to excuse the lack of glam and makeup because I was literally embracing the “effortless” look (a.k.a. a sorry coat of smudgy mascara that pretty much completely wore off). Though I always have multiple swimsuits for vacation (I can’t help myself…I am a fashion blogger who loves to swim!), I chose to wear my high-waisted leopard print bikini to show you! It’s the perfect suit as it’s comfy, cute, and flattering for everyone. Plus, leopard is always a chic option since you can never go wrong with a little animal print. Keep on reading for all my swimsuit details because fun in the sun is never out of reach when you’re wearing a leopard ‘kini on a wild beach! 

If you know me, you know I’m basically 50% fish! I absolutely love swimming and spending time at the pool or in the ocean. In other words, I invest in suits that are not only fashionable, but functional, because they get lots of wear. This suit fits that criteria with the timeless print and flattering style. I’ve been known to wear one-pieces as well as rather skimpy bikinis, but I feel most comfortable in a high-waisted bikini—which feels like a nice compromise. I wanted to show off this style of swimsuit as high-waisted, high-cut swimwear is flattering on every body and size. This suit reveals the areas women like to accentuate, and conceals those we don’t. Of course, I encourage all you beautiful people to wear whatever suit makes you feel most confident! First, I will talk about the top that is padded with a classic triangle shape. What I love most is that you get a similar look to a string triangle top, but this one doesn’t tie. Personally, I find suits that have ties to be cute, but also rather annoying because they easily loosen up and don’t stay in place. This top passes what I like to call the “wave test” as I wore it for two full days in the ocean with zero wardrobe malfunctions! Though the fit is pretty standard and true to size, you can adjust the straps, which is a great feature than can accommodate different busts. The perfect mix of sexy and sensible! 

I am a huge fan of any high-waisted garment—skirts, jeans, shorts, you name it! Obviously, I am also a supporter of this type of bottom when it comes to swimwear, particularly the high-cut style. Just like the top, these bottoms strategically show off all the assets (if you catch my drift). They are pretty cheeky, meaning your booty will be on a display, but you don’t do all those squats for nothing, right?! I love how they sit high on your hips because it creates the illusion that your legs never end! 
Again, I just want to mention the print one last time as leopard is really a good investment if you don’t buy swimsuits that often. Some savvy shoppers who don’t do too much swimming also don’t feel the need to buy tons of beachwear (totally understandable), so if you want a bathing suit that will never go out of style, try a timeless leopard print. It’s super fun and flirty, and very neutral, so you can always switch up your accessories. You can accessorize with vibrant color or keep the palette muted with a soft ivory or beige cover-up/sarong. When it comes to sunnies, I prefer to keep the kitty theme going with a sleek black pair of cat-eye shades. Black goes with everything and the cat-eye style is a chic, yet playful nod to all the felines out there! Maxie (my kitty) definitely approves! 

My beach trip was truly one for the books this year! Like I said, the pics are a little all over the place because the first round of shots were taken before a storm (see the looming clouds above), though the wind followed me from PA and persisted during all the photo sessions! It’s safe to say 90% of the pictures we took were of me moving my hair off my face! But, at least I got a few decent ones. The craziest thing to happen on this vacation, however, was when I got stung 3 times by 3 different jellyfish. Yes, 3 times! In all my years of going to the beach and frolicking in the ocean, I’ve never been stung. But, on the first day of the trip, I got stung twice by 2 jellys, then I was in the ocean all day the second day and was fine, but on the last day, I wasn’t even in for a minute and got stung a third time! Honestly, it was so crazy! It didn’t feel too great, but I’m just happy that besides the stings, we had a wonderful vacation and a safe trip! There is something so rejuvenating about the ocean and a trip to the beach, and it was certainly much needed after all that has gone on in 2020. I love the feeling of the crashing waves and warm sun— it’s so peaceful and serene. What’s your favorite part about the beach or your fondest vacation memory? Let me know in the comments below! Whether you’re going on vacay, or having a backyard staycation, I hope this blog inspired you to get away and get in touch with your wild side. One thing I’ve learned this year is that life is too short and unexpected to not make the most of it and live on your own terms—so whether you’re a size 2 or 24, forget the number, wear the bikini, and have the time of your life. Though easier said than done, life is way less complicated when you live for yourself and no one else! Now grab your SPF and follow your animal instincts when you comb those closets for ‘kinis that pop with leopard print! And don’t forget sassy sunnies, of course! Here’s to an amazing rest of the summer! Happy Closet Combing! 
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