Floral Fairytale

Hi loves! I hope you’re all surviving the July heatwave! I have been spending most of my days by the pool and basically living in swimwear. Every once in a while, you can find me in actual clothes, though! I love any excuse to dress up and feel fancy, even if it’s just for a floral photoshoot. Obviously, this LoveShackFancy X Target dress is the definition of fancy with its whimsical silhouette and feminine color palette. When you put it on, you truly feel like a princess! In the midst of all the chaos and tragedy of 2020, it’s time to write your own fairytale filled with joy, adventure, and fashion, of course. If I could live the storybook lifestyle, I would definitely have a white marble castle with a huge walk-in closet and plenty of space for Maxie (my kitty)—and I suppose a little room for the prince, too. For now, this dress has to satisfy all of my fashionable fantasies! I chose to style it simply with dainty layers of gold/rose gold jewelry and champagne bow slides for chic shoes that are super comfy and easy to wear. An outfit this pretty is perfect for summer weddings, bridal/baby showers, birthdays, date night, etc. It would also be so cute to wear to a backyard tea party with your girls (totally just thought of this idea right now and am convinced I need to make this happen ASAP…who’s coming??!)! The point is, don’t let the frills fool you because you can flaunt fancy looks for every occasion. There’s no such thing as being overdressed, right?! Keep on reading for the darling details of this look that belongs in a fairytale book!

As wonderful as I think social media is, I find it also keeps me opening up my wallet (lol honestly)! I needed a bit of a recharge and took some time off Instagram, only to scroll through my feed a few days later and see that LoveShackFancy dropped a collection at Target! I never grabbed my bank card faster! Unfortunately, I don’t live near Target, so I had to order online. There was no time to waste as a collection this epic sells out fast (and many of the pieces were already sold out when I logged on).  Thank goodness I found this beauty, crossed my fingers, and added it to my cart. Luckily, it’s a little big, but it fits and is fabulous!! I am so happy LoveShackFancy collaborated with Target to create affordable and accessible pieces! If you don’t know, LoveShackFancy is an NYC based clothing brand that takes femininity and whimsy to a whole new level. It is inspired by vintage finds of decades past, if you can’t tell by the intricate detail and design that looks lovely and luxe. It’s a reminder that embracing your feminine side is a beautiful tale of the strength it takes to be a fearless woman.

Now that you know how I got the dress, let’s talk about this beauty! This babydoll style is short, flowy, and has lots of volume. To offset all the drama, there is a belt that ties at the waist to cinch in your smallest part and give you shape. The length is flirty, and because it sits above the knee, your legs go on for days! The sleeves on this dress, however, are no doubt my favorite part. I have to admit that I’ve seen (and owned) plenty of floral dresses in my days, but never one with this much charm. The puff sleeve adds a sense of character and playfulness and is definitely reminiscent of the old days! These sleeves stand out as bold statement that demands attention, while also framing a beautiful neckline to showcase delicate jewelry. Not to mention, this dress can also be worn off-the-shoulder, so you can modify depending on your mood! The floral print and pink palette are a classic combo that you can never go wrong with, as they create a soft, organic feel that has so much appeal. Comb those closets for vintage finds or look through your mom or grandma’s wardrobe for fancy frocks.

I suppose these pictures don’t display my shoes very well, but I kept my footwear rather minimal. Because I’m pretty tall (5’8″ for reference) and this dress is on the shorter side, I didn’t opt for sky-high heels. Also, stilettos have a very sleek and modern design that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of this ensemble. A quite literally down to earth sandal (mine are very flat) pairs well with this look. The ones I chose are made of a satin material in a champagne color, with a bow detail on top. They are still fancy shmancy, but without the height! The rich fabric and hue are sophisticated, yet a subtle neutral that doesn’t compete with the dress. The bow brings the glam to balance and compliment the dress. Of course, you can always try a small kitten heel or mule if you don’t want to slip on slides!

I’m getting drowsy as I type this last paragraph, so here’s to hoping I dream about magical moments in fields of flowers after staring at these pics for hours! Honestly, reality is pretty amazing too when you make the most of it! Growing up, I would think about future me and all of the dreams and aspirations I had, and I never thought this would be my life at 21. I feel so lucky to constantly pursue my passions, as well as be surrounded by amazing people. Of course, my life isn’t always rosy—as no one’s is—but I’ve always been someone with my head in the clouds. I think the key to life is to never stop dreaming or reaching for the stars because it’s so important to never lose that spark. Maybe I watched too much Cinderella, but it’s the philosophy I’m sticking to! By the way, Cinderella was always my favorite princess growing up because I felt like she was me in fairytale form. We both had blonde hair, and my favorite color is blue, so I was always thinking I was the inspiration behind Cinderella! Who is your favorite princess? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t wait to fall asleep to dream about chic outfits! Comb those closets for feminine frills and shoes that thrill! If you’re too busy daydreaming, then shop my links below! Have a great rest of the week and Happy Closet Combing!

Links to Same/Similar pieces:

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Shoes: https://rstyle.me/+rUoV0nGBcM1AY_vHvSNtPw


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