Stars, Stripes, and Everything Nice

Hey loves! I feel like the semester started early as I sit here and pull an all-nighter to get this blogpost up for the Fourth! Summer is usually a time for R&R for me, but June was far from restful (and July is off to a hectic start)! The past 2 months, in fact, were filled with lots ups and downs, both professionally and personally. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, but basically I’ve learned to become stronger and persevere, no matter what life throws at me! Life is great, and it’s also tough at times, but strength and independence are key to putting your best foot forward. To celebrate all you independent women and men, I threw together a look perfect for Independence Day (because America is pretty resilient too)! I styled a graphic “Made in America” tee, pairing it with a patchwork denim skirt, white sneakers, red sunnies, and a red lip purse that so perfectly matches my lipstick! This outfit is so easy and cute, making it ideal for the blazing heat of July! Whether you’re hitting up a barbecue, or watching some fireworks, this look will prepare you for all the patriotic past times we enjoy! Keep on scrolling for Fourth of July outfit inspiration that is filled with Stars, Stripes, and of course, Everything Nice!

Graphic tees are not something I wear often, but they are definitely a classic and so easy to style. This entire outfit is actually a nod to my very FIRST blogpost “Classic Americana, ” as I styled a Flag print Levi’s tee with a denim mini…proving my point that pieces like this are timeless (considering that was almost 3 years ago *cue nostalgic tears*)! As comfy as can be, this cotton tee is a relaxed fit that’s effortless! My t-shirt is just plain white with shimmery “Made in America” lettering on the front. This phrase fits me as a small-town girl from western Pennsylvania because growing up here is all I’ve ever known. However, this shirt represents way more people than those born on this soil. To be “made in America,” in my opinion, applies to everyone who is part of this land and makes America the country it is—a place filled with beautiful human beings of every race, culture, and gender identity. These past few months have not only taught me, but showed me there are so many people fighting for this country’s equality and justice, which are rights everyone in the USA and the world fundamentally deserves. Fashion speaks volumes and I believe this shirt is way more than just a graphic tee, but a statement. As a reminder to all my lovely readers, no matter who you are or where you’re from, remember to treat every single person on this planet with love and respect:)

Just as houses have foundations, I believe denim is a foundation of American fashion. Originally popular for its durability for laborers out West, denim quickly rose to popularity. Of course, it took some time to become the mainstream wardrobe staple that it is today, but I’m certainly glad it caught on, and it’s safe to say that denim will always be here to stay! Denim mini skirts are a favorite of mine, and as I’ve mentioned before, also come with a little history lesson. Mini skirts are associated with women’s rights and liberation as us ladies no longer tolerate being *forced* to be covered up (*nothing wrong with modesty if that’s your style)! I love this denim skirt in particular because of the contrasting shades of light and dark washes that create a patchwork effect. After all, if you can’t decide which shade of denim to wear, why not wear both?! The button-front detail adds character and flair, while the frayed hem is a another dose of fun and youthfulness. High-waisted is a must for me when it comes to denim because it creates a flattering silhouette on every body type, so luckily this skirt sits high on the hips. If you aren’t meshing with the mini, though, then try mixing things up with some other unique denim options like star print flair jeans, two-tone mom jeans, etc.! Take time to show off all your quarantine denim DIY projects and express yourself!

I love when my accessories get lippy and there’s nothing sassier than a red lip shaped handbag! Believe it or not, I didn’t do too much online shopping over quarantine, but I did succumb to a little retail therapy, including buying this bag! I couldn’t resist how adorable and eye-catching it is! Plus, how many times do you stumble upon a bag like this?! I love a good pout purse because we all know how much I love lipstick, especially a powerful red lip when I’m feeling bold! The only downfall to this bag is that it can really only hold a lipstick or two, or a small phone (I can squeeze my antique iPhone 7 in there) because it’s pretty tiny. It’s definitely more for the aesthetic, and less for practical purposes, but the cuteness makes up for the lack of space. The material is an unexpected velvet that makes this bag feel very luxe, though it’s one of the least expensive purses I own! The chain handle is chic and subtle, ensuring you don’t get too distracted. It’s a great accessory for your next make-out sesh or party, or even just for a casual look like mine! Sending you all kinds of kisses this Fourth of July!

Summer without sunnies is just straight up sad! You know I’m always sporting a pair of sunglasses to not only look chic and mysterious, but protect my eyes from the rays! I picked a pair of red-rimmed cat-eye glasses to stick to my festive Fourth fashion.  They complement my signature winged eyeliner, and the smaller, angular style puts my brows on display. Cat-eye shades are funky for sure, and give any look a feline feel! They are fashionista and furry friend approved!

Lots of caffeine later, I managed to finish this blogpost! I hope this post puts you in the holiday spirit because I didn’t climb under a bridge for nothing! That’s right, I shot these by the murals under one of the bridges in town (if you’re a Punxsutawney native, you know exactly where I am talking about), and even though it looks like all fun and games, it’s not easy to get to! I walked through weeds and water and had to bring a different pair of shoes to change into. Needless to say, it was an adventure! But, now that I think about it, I always find myself in odd situations to get a good shot. I’m just glad the creek water wasn’t super high or I’d be posing on a raft instead of on the ground! At least now I can relax and look forward to the weekend ahead! My weekend plans include swimming, going to dinner, and watching fireworks. I’m such a sucker for watching firework displays…when professionals do it! I can only handle lighting a few sparklers on my own! Do you guys have any fun weekend plans for the Fourth of July or any yearly traditions? Let me know in the comments below! The red, white, and blue clothes are obviously another reason to be excited about the summer season. Comb those closets for glittery graphic tees, doses of denim, and accessories with attitude! If you’re too busy celebrating, then shop the links below! Wishing you all a safe weekend filled love and peace, and of course, lots of kisses! Happy Fourth of July, and Happy Closet Combing! 
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