Legally Blonde

Hey there, lovelies! With June in full-swing, I’m excited to be fully immersed in all things summer (because it is almost here officially)! Nothing says summer like bright colors and happy hues, and we all know I basically bleed pink. I couldn’t wait to share this chic pink suit that is far from stuffy business wear. It’s a powerful ensemble that demands attention for all the boss ladies out there. Inspired by none other than the iconic Elle Woods, someone who I often reference (and am often compared to), this is totally something the Legally Blonde gal would love as she always wears power suits that pack a punch! To remain “on theme,” I even ventured to my county’s courthouse to embody Elle and have an on location photo shoot. Of course, the elements weren’t ideal as we battled the wind and sun, but I still was able to showcase this fun and fierce outfit. An oversized blazer, buckle trousers, bustier, tweed bag and printed heels are the perfect combination, because who said you can’t mix business with pleasure?! You’ll be pleased to know that this look can not only be worn for a day at the office or in court, but also for any outings where stylish suiting is on the agenda. With blazers being all the rage in street style and trousers remaining timeless, you can wear these pieces as separates or together. So, no need to file any lawsuits because you can’t sue when there’s a fashionable suit long overdue. Keep on reading since you also can’t go wrong with styling tips from someone who is legally blonde (with the help of a few highlights)!

I mentioned blazers have been all the rage over the past few seasons and for obvious reasons—They always look put together while also being effortlessly chic. Blazers used to be thought of as workwear, and though they make for great office fashion, they too are amazing for everyday ensembles. They pair with jeans, dresses, skirts, trousers, and even biker shorts, but I personally prefer pants. As much as I love a sleek, tailored look, I can appreciate the oversized silhouette of this blazer. My blazer is very loose-fitting, but the style is a nod to the baggy, on-trend fashion that is prevalent all over social media and the runways. It’s a twist on the classic blazer silhouette that makes it feel fresher, trendier, and cooler. Unlike tailored ones, this does not feature any sort of button or closure, but has a narrow lapel and simply drapes. The best part of this piece, however, is the shoulder pads! Nothing feels more 80’s or more Dorothy Zbornak (where are my Golden Girls fans?!) than a strong pair of shoulder pads. Many have mixed feelings about the broad-shouldered look, but I think there is nothing more powerful than a strong shoulder. A woman can do anything she puts her mind to in any outfit, but shoulder pads sure do get the point across! Plus, the padding adds the right amount of structure to ensure this blazer doesn’t appear sloppy. Of course, like any great jacket, blazers require something underneath. You probably recognize this pretty little bustier from my last post…I wasn’t kidding when I said I would be wearing it all summer! I recommend something tighter fitting such as a cami or tailored button-up for work, or throw on a bustier for a more flirty ‘fit!

They say the best things in life come in pairs, and I am a firm believer; pairs of shoes, pairs of pants, pairs of earrings, and pairs of matching sets! After all, with a fabulous blazer comes an equally fabulous pair of trousers! These pants are particularly perfect because they are pink and obviously coordinate. The color is so fun as I swear there is no such thing as too much bubblegum pink! All my ladies will appreciate that these pink pants have functional pockets that are not just ideal for striking a pose, but for holding things! I always carry a purse, but I hate to be teased with decorative pockets that don’t serve a purpose. When it comes to fit, I chose to size up for a looser silhouette that complements the blazer. It adds to the comfort, though these pants are far uncomfortable! The button fly can be intimidating and an indicator that these are not suit-able (get it? lol) for all day wear, but the truth is they stretch! These trousers have so much stretch, they almost feel like pajama pants! Crazy, right?! No one said leggings are the only comfy pants out there! Mine are actually a little big, but that’s nothing a belt can’t fix. The belt detail is large, chunky, and fun, making it the focal point of these pants. It is also helpful for keeping them in place, which is something everyone can be thankful for. The high-waisted style is a no-brainer for me since it is super flattering, so you look good whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, or the courthouse stairs!

Another blogpost, another new Kate Spade purse! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not an addiction when you collect them! This Kate purse in particular has so much meaning all wrapped up in a cute little tweed shoulder bag. I bought this on my most recent trip to New York City back in February when I spent two days gallivanting around the fashion hub. You can probably recall from older posts me gushing about my amazing experiences traveling to the Big Apple with the IUP Fashion Association and visiting the Kate Spade flagship store was nothing short of fabulous. It was a beautiful sunny morning when we traveled to Madison Ave. to quite possibly one of my favorite places on earth! Inside the gorgeous retail space, we got the inside scoop on all things Kate, as well as a tour and a private shopping experience. With my besties by my side, I drooled over each and every accessory on that magical morning. Naturally, I knew I had to buy something—who gets a private tour of the flagship store of one of their favorite brands without picking up a souvenir?! I fell in love with everything, but it was this tweed bag from the new collection that caught my eye. After much agonizing, a few phone calls to my mom later, and all of my friends telling me that this purse was “so me,” I bought it! Every time I carry it, I remember all the fun associated with it. There are also many aesthetic reasons why I love this bag, one of them being the signature spade heart lock that is such a unique piece of hardware to identify the brand in such a fun and functional way. The tweed is absolutely adorable as it is so classic and feminine, and very colorful too! The shades of pink, red, purple, and white feature a hint of sparkly sequins that catch the light wherever you go. To add a little edge, the silver chain strap complements the lock, while contrasting with the dainty details. I could go on and on about this bag forever, but I think it is pretty clear I’m obsessed! 

When it comes to shoes, pumps always complete the look. If you are a religious reader, then you are no stranger to my white lip heels that feature a quirky print! To offset all the pink, these printed pumps add a touch of whimsy to an already eye-catching ensemble. They stand out without taking all of the attention! If all you can think is pink, try a pink pump for a monochromatic look, a ballet flat for practicality, or even a white sneaker for a fresh take on 9 to 5 style!

Taking over the world, one pink power suit at a time! To feel strong and empowered is especially important right now, and the right fashion can give you the boost you need. I realize fashion is not at the forefront of people’s thoughts at the moment because there are clearly more pressing issues going on. However, I do believe there is power in fashion—whether it’s a suit that gives you the confidence to speak your mind, or a graphic tee that speaks for itself (such as the ones on It’s normal to be feeling isolated, unsure, angry, etc., but that doesn’t mean we should stop striving to be better humans. Though Elle Woods is a fictional character, I still admire her passion for justice among every living creature. I know I am no lawyer, but you don’t have to have a position in power to believe in the power of people. I am someone who has always stood for equality and will continue to use my voice to fight the injustices people are being faced with. That being said, I have been taking time to reflect and become more educated about civil rights, spread awareness for black lives matter, and help in small ways, and I encourage you all to do the same. I know I cannot fully understand what it’s like, but I stand with the black lives matter movement. Everyone approaches situations like this differently, and whether you’re speaking out on social media and platforms and/or silently donating and educating, you still play a significant role in change. Spreading love and positivity is an important component of change, so feel free to leave a positive comment down below! I know my blog isn’t normally a place to cover such heavy topics, but now isn’t the time for silence. My fashion has always done the talking, but now more than ever, I know I need to use my voice as well. Make a statement and comb those closets for passionate pink suit separates, tenacious tweed bags, and persistent pumps to top it all off. If you are busy being an Elle Woods and fighting for justice, just shop my links below! Sending love to you all. Happy Closet Combing!

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