Courtside Style

Hi loves! Can you believe April is halfway over already?! I feel like it was just April Fool’s Day! I actually only got *pranked* one time this year—my dad asked me why I was leaving the house with ripped pants. Of course, I fell for it like I do every time. Luckily, my pants were in mint condition, so I could leave without fear of a wardrobe malfunction (only to go to my apartment by myself, so I guess it wouldn’t have mattered if they were ripped)! I’ve been using my college apartment as a little “getaway” because my lease isn’t up until the end of the semester. I take a mini road trip (it’s about 45 min. from home), grab some takeout, and usually tackle all the homework I have to catch up on. It’s nice for a change of scenery. As much as I love my chic chateau at college, I also like getting some fresh air to boost my spirits. I go for walks all over town, passing the (sadly empty) b-ball courts, attempting to soak up the small amount of sun we have in PA! Unfortunately, you can’t play basketball on the courts right now, but I only go there for pictures anyway! I lasted 2 weeks on the basketball team, though I’ve always been a great spectator! I chose to style a cute, yet super comfy outfit that can fit your quarantine agenda, and really any agenda that calls for a chic, athleisure look. This Tommy Hilfiger dress paired with chunky “dad” sneakers gives me all the Sporty Spice vibes. And I’ll tell you what I want…what I really, really want—I want you to keep on reading for courtside style tips that will have scoring all kinds of style points!

I’m not going to lie, I too have succumbed to living most of my quarantine days in sweats, PJs, or some strange hybrid combination of both. However, I am still finding little reasons to get put together! For example, I put on a full face of makeup, a dress, and a pair of heels to eat pizza with my family…slightly extreme, but it made me feel good! I guess it just means more selfies, so social media can see when I dress up while social distancing! For those of you who want to kick things up a notch and throw on something a bit fancier than a crewneck, try a sweatshirt dress. This Tommy number is a cotton blend that has all the cozy qualities of a crewneck with all the cuteness of a dress. The heather grey raglan sleeves create a sporty contrast to offset the navy bodice, while mustard cuffs and graphic logo lettering add a fun, unexpected pop of color to spice up the classic neutrals. The length is fun and flirty, with the hemline of a mini-dress that hits above the knee. And I’ve said it probably 100 times, but the shorter the dress, the longer the legs! Playing with proportions is all a part of fashion and Tommy Hilfiger always gets it right when it comes to design and silhouettes. His garments are so effortless and represent his commitment to his true American style and aesthetic. They often feature signature navy, red, or white, a nod to not only his logo, but the hues that happen to be patriotic and representative of the USA. Hilfiger is iconic cool in a way that is always tasteful and chic, but never overdone. I love when a designer can appeal to the masses with garments that can fit any occasion. Though our new “normal” isn’t ideal, Hilfiger can adapt to our adjusted way of life with his casual collections that still feel as fashionable as they do comfortable. Whether it’s an athleisure look or something more structured and classic, Hilfiger sure makes you want to forever be a Tommy Girl!

As much as I love my father, I never thought I would one day be “stealing his style” with dad sneakers! These extremely bulky sneaks get their name from the men in our lives, and I’m not talking boyfriends or brothers, but our good ol’ dads. It’s honestly so hilarious to me because this style of shoe couldn’t be more accurately named! I bet if you go through old photo albums, or even just look down at your dad’s feet some time, you’ll notice that these sensible shoes are a wardrobe essential for those guys! Basically, the “dad sneaker” can be described as an oversized, chunky sneaker that is super retro—think the 90’s vacation photos. But thanks to brands like Balenciaga and Fila, these are now shoes for the influencers and fashionistas. They began gaining popularity a few years ago, and though they don’t seem as extreme today (not quite as outrageous and ugly), they are still going strong. Really though, sneakers never go out of style, especially white sneakers, so whether you are a dad, fashion-lover, athlete, or all of the above, you can never go wrong with these kicks. I also have many reasons for why I love these shoes—the versatility, because again, white goes with everything, the uniqueness, and the platform sole. These are different from your everyday tennis shoe and make for an interesting addition when paired with your favorite looks. And if you think the only way to get taller is wearing those 6inch heels that give you blisters, then I have good news for you! These shoes give me a few more inches of height without the need for bandaids! I prefer to keep the throwback feeling going with a pair of crew socks that also ensure no painful rubbing! But, if I don’t have you convinced to take a walk in your dad’s shoes, you can always opt for a sleek canvas sneaker or slip into a pair of slides.

Sometimes I have those nights when I feel like I’ve been typing forever! This blogpost is actually a little shorter than some, but I’ve spent the entire week typing papers for school, and my fingers just won’t stop! I was actually a really slow typer when I had typing class in high school, but now I feel like a master (but also, thank goodness for the backspace key)! School has definitely been keeping me extremely busy, to the point where I feel like I have more to do than when I physically go to class. Needless to say, I can’t relate to Tyga’s “Bored in the House” song because I’m busy in the house! I just keep thinking that I only have to get through a few more weeks of online classes before summer, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. How are you guys holding up with the college transitions and/or working from home? Share some of your tips for being productive in the comments! My best tip for getting things done is to find a comfy/quiet space, grab a big glass of water (or switch it up with some La Croix), and silence your phone and put it in another room! I always find that my biggest distraction is my phone, and I am sure there’s tons of research about how our phones can suck up a lot of precious time. If that thing is near me and I hear it ding or see it light up, I don’t necessarily respond to the text or snapchat, but I almost always pick it up. Even if I don’t touch it, it still causes me to lose my focus. Now, if you know me, you know I am certainly not a smartphone hater (in fact, I could use a new one, hint, hint), but I definitely get more done when we spend some time apart! Disconnecting and going outside when it hasn’t been freezing is also getting me through. I am still leaving the sports to the professionals, or at least to those who know how to play them. But, I like having courtside style to cheer in! So, comb those closets for comfy crewneck dresses, dapper dad sneakers, and maybe even throw a scrunchie on your wrist in case you want to get in the game!
If you’re too busy in the house, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing!

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