Red Lips & Leather

Hey loves! I hope you are all doing well and staying positive. I know that everything going on in the world is very new and uncertain, and it is a big adjustment for everyone. I’ve been spending time navigating my online classes and keeping up with my school responsibilities, while also learning how to be productive in a new environment. Though I am certainly not bored, I do find myself stuck in a bit of an unexciting, monotonous routine. I spend my days in a lot more loungewear, but I find getting dressed up is a great way to lift my spirits! So, for all of you who have endless sweats, leggings, and hoodies piling up in your laundry, give them a break and try a chic and daring look! There is never a bad time to be fashionable, so take advantage of staying home to test drive new outfits! I just recently bought this vegan leather jumpsuit and couldn’t wait to wear it, pairing this piece with red pumps and heels for an edgy, yet classic ensemble. An outfit this strong gives you an extra boost of motivation to conquer all your quarantine goals, whether that includes working from home, online classes, or just keeping up an upbeat attitude. The power of fashion is truly amazing because when you look chic, you instantly feel better. This outfit is perfect for staying in (and for a night on the town—but that’s not really an option at the moment), especially for a date night or family dinner. Take this opportunity to find the perfect shade of lipstick and shine up your stilettos because you may not be able to go out, but you can surely stand out! Keep on reading for fashion tips on how to style leather and red lips!

Jumpsuits are not something I commonly wear, but when I find one like this, I can’t help but reach for it in my wardrobe. I often have a difficult time finding jumpsuits that fit me because I have a long torso, meaning they usually pull at the inseam. However, I was thrilled that this one could accommodate my proportions. What caught my eye was the unique vegan leather material—not a common fabric used in jumpsuits. I loved how chic and sleek it looked on the hanger, so I knew it would be just as fabulous on! Turns out, it was…and there are many fab features that make this an amazing garment!  The wide-leg silhouette is super flattering because it doesn’t cling or accentuate, creating a streamlined look. The volume of the legs offsets the belted midsection that defines the waist. I love belts because they cinch the smallest part and give off a slimming illusion. Another reason this jumpsuit has such a pleasing appearance is because the black is cool, classic, and confident. It is definitely an edgy look with the lustrous leather, but that’s what makes this street-style chic. The buttons, pockets, and collar give off a utilitarian vibe that resembles menswear, but of course, has feminine flair for a boss lady ensemble. You’re probably thinking that this jumpsuit is super hot, considering the dark color and thicker material, but surprisingly, it’s very comfortable. It is actually great for this time of year when it isn’t hot, but also not crazy cold (it could work in late fall/early winter, as well). It’s easy to wear because it requires no styling. In other words, no standing by your closet, matching up colors, textures, or prints! A jumpsuit is something that comes in handy on those days when you don’t feel like fussing over a styled look. All you have to do is literally throw it on and go! Now comb those closets for jovial jumpsuits that show you mean business, but have a playful side, too!

Black is the perfect backdrop for a pop of color, so I couldn’t help but reach for red! I mostly stick to a nude lip, but the red fit the daring design of this bold look. I know so many girls who never wear red lipstick because they think it is standoffish and overwhelming. It may feel like a power move, but there is nothing wrong with that. No one should ever feel like they need to fade into the background—after all, they say, “why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Such a great message! I admit that I am not used to seeing myself in such a bright color, but I love switching up my beauty routine. My mom turned me on to the idea of red lips because that is her signature shade! To this day, she still wears her red lipstick, and she clearly pulls it off. I was always nervous that I couldn’t rock it like her because of my fair complexion, but there are so many red hues that fit any skin tone. Once my makeup was taken care of, I couldn’t forget the shoes! Red stilettos really pull the look together because they not only match the lipstick, but also keep things stylishly refined. The “borrowed from the boys” jumpsuit needs a complementary pair of killer stilettos that are both fierce and fiery. Another statement piece, the stiletto is the sexiest kind of footwear out there. My heels, in particular, are great because they are only about 3 inches high and not hard to walk in. We all know I am a sucker for a pointed toe that elongates the leg line, because the longer the legs, the better! They look so sophisticated peaking out from under the wide-leg jumpsuit, giving you a boost of confidence to stand tall and look tall! If you want to switch things up, then try a chic bootie, strappy heel, or block heel mule! You can even add a different pop of color (anything neon would be so fun and so on trend)! Make it yours:)

Right now, the world seems like it lacks color, excitement, and inspiration. But I started my blog to not only give fashion advice, but to give people an outlet—a place to turn to for creativity and positivity. I hope that, even at low points, brings a smile to your face and adds joy to your day. I take so much time to share my thoughts and opinions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear yours. So, for this blogpost, let me know one positive thing going on in your life right now. For me, the simplicity of the sun shining today was such a recharge and something I so desperately needed. I was able to take a nice long walk with my dad, enjoying his company and the gorgeous weather. I’ve also been loving spending time with my kitty—I believe he is the only one who loves us being quarantined! We get lots of morning snuggles together, and he has been loving every second of it! This is undoubtedly all very confusing, but please remember that we have so much to look forward to, as sunny days lie ahead. My best advice would be to unplug and avoid the the media hype. Simply be cautious and take care of yourself and your loved ones. Take this time to indulge in your hobbies, your passions, and whatever sets your soul on fire. Also, take time to comb those closets for luxe-looking jumpsuits to pair with radically red pops of color! If you want to do a little online shopping, then check out my links below! Stay healthy and safe! Happy Closet Combing!

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