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Hey lovelies! We have LOTS of catching up to do since my last blogpost! I’ve been busy, as always, but things have also been chaotic for everyone lately. I can happily report that I survived and thrived during my NYC trip at the end of February. It was so fun spending time with my friends in my favorite city, immersed in my favorite topic of fashion! After NYC was over, it was back to the books! But, spring break approached and now I find myself on an “extended” break as my college switches over to online classes for the rest of the semester. The coronavirus has caused quite the impact for everyone, and though I think it is very important to be aware and stay healthy, we should also remain calm while cautious. The best way to keep calm in the midst of all this is to focus your time and energy on what you love. For me, this obviously includes fashion, so I am excited to be back to blogging! Because spring is right around the corner, I figured it is time to introduce more transitional pieces on So, I styled a lightweight houndstooth jacket with a beige cami, pink skirt, pink Coach bag, and some over-the-knee boots. These pieces are perfect for the season and can be modified to fit the changing temperatures! I am obsessed with this outfit because it is really fun with the bold pops of pink that contrast beautifully with the neutrals. It is just such a happy ensemble that can quite literally brighten your day. In other words, keep on reading for ways to enhance your days with quirky pattern play!

Jackets and coats are some of my favorite pieces because they are not only functional, but can elevate your look. They come in so many different styles, prints, and colors, that they are no longer just something you throw on in the cold—they can make the entire outfit! I got this piece back in September during the Target 20th Anniversary collection, and that is a story in itself! I rarely buy clothes from Target, but I was so excited about this collection that featured items inspired by past designer collaborations including Lilly Pulitzer, Missoni, Anna Sui, etc. To be sure I was able to snag some pieces, my mom and I ventured to Target (with the closest store being an hour and a half away) in the early hours of the morning. On top of waiting in line with anxious shoppers, I also had a bad cold, so I surely earned what I grabbed! It was an unforgettable experience that left me with this chic jacket and a funny memory! As part of the Isaac Mizrahi X Target collab, this coat features a graphic houndstooth print that is a twist on a classic. Houndstooth is a pattern that is considered timeless, featured in garments from men’s suiting to women’s dresses (and jackets)! The print on my jacket is enlarged to create a daring statement that stands out and is fashion-forward. But it’s not just the print, but the eye-catching pink, that makes this unique. The color is so feminine and can capture anyone’s attention. The femininity of the color contrasts with the boxier, masculine silhouette, to make for an interesting (but super chic) combo. The fabric is very stiff, and it creates a rather rigid garment that keeps its shape. It is “in shape” as the androgynous vibe is very much a huge part of fashion. What I love most about this jacket, however, is the versatility that comes with styling it. You can wear it buttoned-up to mimic a dress, layer it over a skirt like me, or throw it on with jeans to spice up your casual wear! Now, it is time to be a sleuth and search those closets for some cute houndstooth!

“Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed…” a quote from one of my favorite blondes, Elle Woods! A lot of my outfits remind me of Elle because we both have a quirky sense of style and love a good shade of pink! I paired my jacket with even more pink with this vegan leather skirt that is not for the faint of heart! This mini is for all of you fashionistas who believe in having fun with fashion. The color is so gorgeous (also giving me Barbie vibes…another fashion icon of mine), definitely standing out amongst a crowd. Vegan leather has all the luster of the real stuff, so your skirt will shine like you do! This skirt also features pockets—something all of us women appreciate in clothing, especially when they are real! Not to mention, the belt detail with the circle buckle is a nod to mod and a functional way to keep your waist cinched. Speaking of waists, I love a paper bag waist that gathers at the top and adds more interest to this already fabulous piece. To show off the adorable waistline, I stuck with a basic nude camisole to tuck in. Because the jacket has so much volume, I figure a fitted top would help to balance it all out. There is clearly a lot going on with this ensemble, so I wanted to keep things simple with the neutral top. It isn’t too loud or distracting, so it complements the rest of the bold pieces. Other chic options to wear underneath include a turtleneck or mock-neck top, body-con dress, wide leg trousers, or even just a great pair of denim. You could really wear this lightweight jacket in both the spring or fall (or winter, if it’s not too cold), and modify how you style it based on the weather! In spring, you may want to wear a skirt/dress, but in the fall, you can throw on a chic pair of pants and a bootie! Who doesn’t love clothes with so much wearability?!

It is almost the end of boot season, but I am still squeezing in as much time with them as possible! Actually, these pics were taken back in February, and I am just finally getting around to the post, so in my defense, it was a little chillier then! Boots can really be worn all year, though, depending on the style of shoe and the outfit! I love a pair of over-the-knee boots during the cooler months because they are super cute and also super sexy! They make your legs look miles long, but also keep your legs warm (believe it or not). So, the higher they creep up, the more insulation you have! If you happen to find a pair that closely matches your skin tone, that is an added bonus because they appear to look like an extension of your leg, creating a lean illusion. Plus, a heel always helps when you are looking for height. I am already pretty tall, but I still love a little boost because heels help to boost my confidence as well! Another thing that lifts my spirits is a great bag! I will be the first to admit that I am not much of thrifter, but I did find this Coach bag for an amazing steal at a local thrift shop! I spotted the color from a mile away, and I just knew I had to bring her home with me! With a little TLC, my purse looked as good as new, and I was thrilled to give it another chance at a chic life! This bag has the iconic Coach “C’s” as well as an orange and white candy stripe down the middle. Ironically enough, I just read in a magazine that stripes on bags are so on-trend this season, so it couldn’t be more perfect! This bag really brings back a lot of nostalgia because a Coach bag was the first designer purse I ever bought (I just turned 14 and I remember taking it everywhere)! Now, I can’t seem to stop buying bags, but that’s a discussion for another day!

It feels so good to finally get this post up! Between school and NYC, these past few weeks have been crazier than ever. And now, I am going to have to focus on transitioning into my online classes, as well as working online. All I can say is that my kitty is very happy that I am home all the time! As much as I love my home and my family, I would not call myself a homebody. I love going places, seeing people, and doing things, and I especially love getting dressed up! Lately, I’ve been rocking sweatpants and greasy hair because most days are spent working out and/or working on the internet. Some of my tips for staying positive during this strange time of uncertainty include picking up a new hobby that allows you to be creative and expressive (painting or drawing, for example), learning to bake or cook a new dish, spending time catching up with loved ones, or simply discovering more about yourself. Do you guys have any ways of dealing with cabin fever? Let me know in the comments below. I am going to take advantage of my time at home by cleaning out my closet! It is the perfect time for a refresh, but it might take me until next semester to actually finish it! I would rather be combing my closet! I encourage you all to spend time refining your own personal style, while also combing those closets for jazzy jackets, lustrous (vegan) leather skirts, bold boots, and pretty purses. If you’re too busy throughout the day for any pattern play, then just shop my links below! Stay happy and healthy! Happy Closet Combing!

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