Snow White

Hey loves! It has been too long! Hopefully, you are all surviving the winter (unless you live somewhere sunny…then hopefully you’ll send some my way)! As annoying as the cold can be, especially when trudging all over campus, I admit there are things I love about this season. I love waking up on a snowy morning when I have nowhere to be and can stay cozy in my home, looking out at the powdery flakes on the trees. It sounds like a fantasy because I am usually on the run 24/7, but every once in a while, I get a moment to admire the fresh dusting! When I was little, I used to anticipate a good snowfall so I could build snowmen, go sled-riding, and have the occasional snowball fight (though I still fall victim to snowballs—one day my friend brought one into accounting class and threw it at me! Gotta love college)! I seem to prefer looking at the snow nowadays, rather than playing in it, but I couldn’t help but bear the cold to get shots in this winter white look! I kept warm in a cable knit sweater, mom jeans, booties, hat, and this FABULOUS sequin coat (I know the sparkles are hard to see…scroll for details)! People are often under the impression that white is reserved for spring/summer and is sinful after Labor Day. But, there is such a thing as winter white, and I am all for it! White in the winter is such a refreshing change of pace from the heavy hues of grey/black/brown. It doesn’t get more classic than a chic shade of white on a crisp day in PA! Plus, you always coordinate with the snow (talk about aesthetic)! Of course, you don’t have to be part of a fairytale to dress right, so keep on scrolling for how to wear snow white!

I’m pretty sure the words, “Maggie” and “sparkle” are synonymous. I would wear sparkles every day if I could (I guess I technically do, if you count eyeshadow)! Anything that shines quite literally catches my eye, so I obviously couldn’t resist this epic jacket! I actually found it online while I was trying to return something, which always seems to happen; I intend to solely take things back and end up with a full cart! You have to make up for it somehow, right?! Anyway, this full-on sequin jacket is so unique and fun, it elevates any look! For example, it made my basic sweater/jeans combo so much more exciting! I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “When/Where am I ever going to wear a sequin jacket?” Well, my mom wondered the same thing when I ordered this! But good news…the answer is anywhere and everywhere! Sequins are usually associated with the club scene, NYE, birthdays, and other special events, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make every day a party! The fact that this jacket is white makes it suitable for daytime (or you can dress it up for the evening), and also gives off an expensive look. Sometimes, if not executed properly, sequin pieces can look cheap, but this subtle white shine is extremely tasteful! The sequins are small, and not “in your face,” but they certainly still make a statement, especially when they catch the light. I find it to be the perfect balance of glamour and practicality. The white is elegant and simplistic, and this piece is great for those who want to incorporate a little shine without having to opt for a minidress or skirt. It’s an unexpected spin on the timeless trench, also featuring pockets, buckles at the cuffs, double-breasted buttons, and a belt to cinch your waist! I do recommend wearing something warm underneath as this is more of a duster than a coat. You may want to grab some gloves as well, unless you want red fingers like me! Don’t let the cold weather dull your sparkle, though– comb those closets for anything that shimmers like a new snowfall! 

Under every great coat is a great outfit! Coats are a good way to keep warm, but most of the time, they do end up coming off. Even if you intend to wear your jacket inside, you can’t always control the thermostat everywhere you go! To ensure you look just as cute with your coat off, opt for an outfit that is chic and coordinating. Sticking to the winter white theme, I grabbed my classic cable knit sweater. This sweater’s shade of white has cool, blue undertones that pull together the outfit with the denim pants. What I love about the cable knit is that it is so versatile, you can wear it with jeans, skirts, trousers, etc., and it is such a put-together staple that never goes out of style. Similarly, mom jeans are a closet essential that never let me down. Any wash (light/medium/dark) would be appropriate to pair with this ensemble, though a darker shade provides more of a contrast. Contrast is important when styling a look, though sometimes the contrasting print/color can be too harsh that the eye only focuses on that, rather than the ensemble as a whole. So, that brings me to the other reason I chose these jeans; the white pinstripe detailing. Because the stripes are also white, they are an element that makes this look cohesive. I’m a huge fan of denim with a fun twist because the stripe is a feature that sets these pants apart, but they are still very practical and wearable. I know everyone may not have a sequin trench hanging in their closet, but many people own basics such as a white top and jeans, so this outfit is far from unattainable! A white top and jeans is often dubbed the “model off duty” look, so you could call this version the “Maggie off duty” look! If you’re anything like me, these pieces are always in circulation (in other words, you don’t have to tear your closet apart to find them—been there, done that)! 

It’s no secret that I love a good hat. In fact, you’ve seen this newsboy cap on multiple occasions. For as much as I wear it, I am surprised it is still white…ish! Actually, this hat is technically ivory, but the difference in shades is super subtle. Plus, you wear a hat on your head, so it isn’t right next to the garments—don’t fret if it doesn’t match up perfectly! Hats are an appropriate accessory, especially during the chilly months, because they can keep you cozy. Mine doesn’t necessarily keep my head warm, but I have lots of hair that serves as great insulation (haha)! I chose to wear the newsboy cap because it fit the “classic,” preppy aesthetic I was going for. Newsboy caps are a great investment as you can style them for every season, just like in my previous blogposts. Don’t let the white color make you believe that you can only wear this in the spring/summer, because fashion “rules” are meant to be broken. Think of it this way; if no one pushes the boundaries, we would all be walking around in boring clothes. But, again, if you are a “rule-follower, “remember this is still all perfectly legal! So, you can reach for white booties like me, even after Labor Day! Booties are my go-to all winter long because anything with a block heel is easy to walk in, even in the snow and slush! Luckily, my shoes are a vegan leather, so they are super easy to wipe off if the weather isn’t ideal. If you want to switch things up, then try a white beanie or beret for added warmth and keep your shoes simple with a white sneaker or an edgy combat boot! 
Smiling because I know warmer days are ahead! Honestly, despite the fact that summer is my favorite season, I know I would miss winter if I lived some place where it was warm all year. The change in seasons allows me to switch up my wardrobe, my “routine,” and find reasons to appreciate the different temperatures. Fall/Winter fashion is always fun to experiment with, too. It gives me a chance to bust out my jackets, do some creative layering, and get cozy! Speaking of keeping comfy, I would argue there is nothing better than snuggling up in blankets with a good TV show and some hot chocolate. But, perhaps my favorite place to be in the winter is under my dining room table, next to the 2 heat vents. Yes, I move the chairs and curl up next to the heater and it is BLISSFUL! What I am trying to say is that you should enjoy every season in life! I want to know your thoughts, though! Let me know in the comments if you like different seasons or would rather keep it consistent (though the weather is never consistent anymore)?! Soon, we will be heading into spring, so soak up every last bit of the cold! I’m taking a trip to NYC this week, so I am hoping we will be feeling a little warmer temps, because New York is always fun, but it is even better when there is sun! I can’t wait to get back on the blog and tell you all about my fashion-filled mini vacay! For now, comb those closets for winter whites that help you shine bright, including a twinkling trench, classic cable knit, and pinstripe pants. And don’t forget the accessories! If you prefer getting through winter with a little retail therapy, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 
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