Life's Better in a Sweater

Hi lovelies! I am currently typing up this blogpost in an attempt to ignore reality because my winter break is over, and it is back to class for me! I had a wonderful few weeks off, spending time going on little day trips, hanging out with family and friends, cozying up with my kitty, and having photoshoots, of course! The only thing in my way was a sinus infection that continues to linger (luckily I got these pics right before it set in, because my last week of break was spent on the couch). On the bright side, I am on the mend, and I am not going to let this get in the way of having a great semester. Now will be the time to see if I actually listen to my “stress less” advice because college life can definitely be a bit chaotic, to say the least. But, a new semester also means more reasons to dress up because who doesn’t love looking cute for class?! Even though I am retiring my stay-at-home uniform of sweatpants and hoodies, it is possible to still be cozy and chic.  This week’s outfit strikes the perfect balance in a chunky sweater layered over a cami, a vegan leather skirt, and some edgy buckle booties. I love this look because it features so many textures and details that make this neutral ensemble far from boring. Not only is this ideal for going to class, but it is great for any event where you want to be put together, but dressed for the weather! So keep on reading for winter styling tricks  because no matter the agenda, we can all agree that when it is chilly outside, life’s better in a sweater!

When you wake up on a snowy morning, there is nothing more comforting than throwing on your favorite sweater. Just like a warm hug or a hot cup of cocoa, there is something so cozy about a cardigan! I love sweater weather as much as the next girl, but it seems to be a mission of mine to seek out sweaters with personality. This Vera Wang cardigan stood out amongst racks filled with neutral knits because it has character that sets it apart! The chunky, oversized style is accompanied by faux fur cuffs and bouclé sleeves that make for an irresistibly cool garment that is fashion-forward on the outside and snuggly on the inside. In other words, it has texture to keep you toasty! The faux fur creates contrast with variegated shades of grey (not quite 50, however) and also feels very glam and luxe. Winter is the time to break out the fur, but be sure to be kind to the critters and go faux! The bouclé creates an interesting textile that almost mimics fur when looked at from afar, but it is really just a type of yarn. In case you are unsure of what bouclé is, think loops! The yarn can be formed to create a fabric that looks “loopy,” giving off an almost rug-like effect. It is a chic feature that is even incorporated into side panels of the cardi to make the garment flow better (so you aren’t just drawn to the sleeves, but also the asymmetrical panels). I love the slouchy, loose-fitting silhouette because it effortlessly drapes over any outfit, but I like to layer it over a simple cami. I chose a black camisole because the sweater is very thick and sometimes I get too hot when wearing a long sleeve top underneath. Plus, my cami is tight-fitting and shows off a bit of my figure so it doesn’t look like I am being swallowed by clothing! Depending on the temps, any top would be suitable, but be sure to stick to the basics! Solid colors look best because they aren’t overwhelming under such a statement sweater. Once you find a base layer, just comb those closets for a textured cardi, then you’re ready to party!

Even if it is freezing outside, you can always catch me sporting a skirt because temperature is only temporary, but style is forever (Don’t know if that is a quote—if not, it is now)! Skirts and dresses are always a go-to of mine because they come in so many styles/colors/lengths, etc.! And with endless possibilities, comes endless blogposts, so I will keep it ~concise~ when talking about this adorable pleather skirt! One of the things I appreciate is that this faux leather is animal-friendly and vegan…all the glam with none of the guilt! It still gives off an edgy illusion with its sleek surface, meaning no one will ever know the difference. The fit is amazing as there is a bit of spandex that allows it to hug your curves (and allows you to breathe), and while it is more fitted through the hips, it is looser through the thighs, creating a straighter silhouette that is universally flattering! The mini length is also flattering because the shorter the skirt, the longer the legs! Plus, the raised hemline is flirty and helps to balance out all the volume of the sweater. A well-placed zipper is the last detail that makes this mini stand out! Zippers are so cute and so functional, and I love when they are exposed. Admittedly, they can be a bit annoying when they get stuck or when you have to force them, but they are a part of fashion, so if the clothes require them, then we might as well show them off! I know I said I like when zippers are exposed, but when it is chilly, I don’t want my skin to be acquainted with the cold. So, an easy fix is a basic pair of black tights! But, if you want to save the skirts for the spring, then opt for a pair of skinny jeans, cigarette pants, or leggings for a casual look! Whatever you choose, remember to keep things streamlined underneath the cardigan so you don’t get lost in the clothing …. (getting “lost” among racks of clothing in the mall is a different story)!

I am just trying to find someone who looks at me the same way I look at my shoes (haha)! I picked up these buckle booties after agonizing over whether or not to buy them—I originally spotted them and thought they weren’t my style. Then, I decided that there is no mold that my style has to fit, consequently talking myself into purchasing them…Best. decision. ever! Normally, I’m not super edgy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments. As soon as I zip these up, I instantly feel more powerful, like a BOSS LADY! When I am walking around in these babies, no one is walking all over me! I think you get the point that great shoes can enhance your mood, but the reason is because buckle booties are a force to be reckoned with. The metallic hardware with the silver buckles, studs, and grommets creates an interesting and “tough” exterior. This various array of embellishment sets them apart from the rest, making them anything but basic! To top it off, the chunky heel gives you a bold boost for all the height but none of the hurt! With the ability to spice up any look, these shoes are now an essential in my closet because they essentially go with everything. And you can never have too many black shoes…after all, they are practical! Though, if you aren’t into “living on the edge,” then opt for a cute pair of over-the-knee boots, ballet flats, or sneakers to go with this look. Fierce footwear is a key component of any ensemble, so whatever you choose, be sure to comb those closets for shoes that allow you to ooze confidence!

Well, I am officially back at school (these blogposts take longer to write than you think—Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?!), and I am in a good mood like my pictures allude. However, I am certainly way more tired than I wish to be!  I’m not someone who really likes routine, and I pay the price when I’m away at college. Of course, I am on some sort of routine with getting up and getting ready for my classes, but I am not someone who goes to bed at the same time every night or eats at the same time every day. I am just happy when I am not busy and have time to sleep and eat! I do have a lot of friends that operate on a schedule, and they seem to like it! How about you guys? Do you go with the flow or are you religiously on a routine? Let me know in the comments below! As for me, I’m trying to live by simply doing what I can, when I can. This time of year, the beginning of a new semester, is always fun because there are new classes and new faces, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. To combat all the pressures of ordering books, finding classes, and making plans with friends, I am attempting to stick to my “one day at a time” philosophy. For now, I am surviving! Focusing on the moment is great for anyone, student or not. Today, it seems like it is harder and harder to live in the present when it feels like everyone is always one step ahead. Honestly, when I find myself thinking about the future, I find that I am way more stressed! So, here is to us worrying less (because who wants more wrinkles?!) and living more. More life means more fun with clothes, so comb those closets for charismatic cardigans, pretty pleather skirts, and boots that never bore! If you are too busy being present, then simply buy yourself some presents and shop my links below! Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing! 

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