High Voltage

Hey loves and happy 2020! Wow, is that weird to say?! I feel like it is still 2008 and it is actually a new decade! The new year is always exciting because we all love a fresh start, but it can also be intimidating and overwhelming when anticipating accomplishing new goals and overcoming new obstacles. January is when we put more pressures on ourselves to be even better, and while self-improvement is obviously a great thing, let’s be real… large expectations can be draining and often don’t work out as planned. So, this year, I’m taking control over the little things and letting the rest fall into place (trust me, I’ve tried to control it all, but life never fails to sneak up on you)! Most definitely easier said than done, BUT this is 2020 and this is our year! After that pep talk, I figured now is the perfect time to unveil this new neon coat because it is bright and bold, embodying all the things I’m looking forward to this year. And the fun doesn’t stop at the coat; I paired it with a colorful snake-print top, sleek black jeans, and the snazziest shoes around! I swear as soon as you put this outfit on, you are instantly happy! The combination of color/print/metallic is so expressive and what fuels my love of fashion…the creativity I feel pumping through my veins when I style an outfit is addicting. I’m putting my passions into overdrive and focusing on living to the fullest by just being who I am. I strive to be a lot of things in life, but “fitting-in” is never on my agenda. So for all of my fellow fashionistas who dare to stand out, keep on reading for ways to style new year neon that is high voltage!

I love a neutral as much as the next girl, but in the winter, it is easy to get stuck in a black, gray, and brown rut. Color isn’t as common in cold-weather wardrobes, but that doesn’t mean we should shun it for six months! In fact, throwing on a bright color is a great cure for the winter blues! I will be the first to say that it is not always sunny in PA, but it can be bright if the coat is right! How I obtained this coat is a tale that will also cure any January gloom; Of course, everything is a long story with me because I tend to always think my purchases are a twist of fate, but I am convinced they are! I originally spotted this coat online at full price ($100), and I knew I didn’t really need  it, nor did I want to spend the money on it. However, I said if I can try it on in the store and it is a good price, then I will be adopting it! Needless to say the stars were aligned because someone returned it to the store and it was marked down to an AMAZING price! I realize this coat isn’t necessarily “my color” (my complexion and hair color don’t provide much contrast), but that is not stopping me from having some fun! I love how the color is loud, though the coat style is classic, giving the garment a modern twist. Reminiscent of the ’80s (picture bodysuits, windbreakers, and leg warmers), neon is making it’s way back into fashion and my heart, though I don’t think it really ever left. The vivid neon hues are so playful and breathe life into any ensemble. Since this silhouette is streamlined and simple, it isn’t complete sensory overload, but the epitome of cool girl chic. This coat still demands attention when you walk in the room, and there is nothing wrong with showing up! I understand that not everyone is interested in a look that coordinates with their favorite highlighter, but there are easy ways to incorporate some color in your wardrobe. Start small with a bright bag, then you can work your way up to a coat. Who knows, maybe by 2021 you will be wearing lime green head to toe?! Comb those closets for chic coats in blinding shades to ensure an electric look!

When wearing a bright color, you have two choices of what to pair with it; stick to the basics, or layer more color and print! Clearly, I am a fan of the “more is more” approach with this flirty top! This outfit has lots going on, but the look is balanced in a way that the pieces complement each other, instead of compete (which I know I say a lot, but it is very important)! The reason a top like this works is because it matches the same graphic aesthetic of the coat. Both are statement-making pieces, but contrast with each other. We’ve established that the coat is neon, and though the top is colorful, they are richer, darker shades. The top has more pigmented hues of purples, blues, magenta, and even a splash of orange for a refresh. The snake-print overlapping the watercolor array gives the shirt more dimension, while adding a touch of edginess. Plus, it is no secret that I am a sucker for anything snake-print! Surprises are another thing that put a smile on my face, so I was so excited to find out this was a twist back top. When I first grabbed this top, I didn’t realize the back detail, but when I put it on, I appreciated the extra dose of cuteness. I love the open-back feature because it is a chic way to show a little skin during the colder months. In other words, the party doesn’t stop after you take the coat off! Wear a lacy bandeau (that’s what I wear, and it isn’t very visible) or bralette underneath, or wear nothing at all; I’m not judging! Just be sure to keep your coat on if you are going outside so your bare back isn’t exposed to the barometric conditions! It you don’t want to commit to all the color, then opt for a chic neutral turtleneck, or stick to a single solid color (just like my top, solid variations of pink/orange/purple/blue are all great options)! Or if snake-print hasn’t slithered its way into your wardrobe, try a catty leopard print to mix things up!

I wanted to start off the year in an eye-catching look that shined head-to-toe. Luckily, these lustrous shoes fit into that category! You may recognize these oxfords from last winter because they are pretty memorable. Borrowing from the boys, these menswear-inspired shoes have some feminine flair with a metallic pewter finish. I love how easy they are to slip on to instantly elevate your outfit. They are quite comfortable, too, making them a street style staple. And lastly, switching back to clothes, you can’t forget about pants (especially in this weather). A basic pair of black skinny jeans pulls the look together and keeps it wearable. The simplicity of the pants offsets the eclectic characteristics of the other pieces for a coordinated look. A classic pair of jeans with clean lines is just what this outfit needed, and they are something every girl has in her wardrobe. My Levi’s are high-waisted (surprise, surprise), preventing any wardrobe malfunctions with the exposed back top. You don’t want to show too much skin, and really, anything high-waisted makes me feel more put-together. If you want to style a similar ensemble, I wouldn’t deviate far from black jeans because they really anchor the outfit. However, you could wear a black tapered trouser, or looser-fitting mom jean if you really want to change things up. And if not, trusty black jeans always have your back(side)!

My face in the photo above is how I feel after standing in the cold for an hour to take pictures! The things I do for this blog! Actually, deep inside I was really excited because this is my first shoot with the new camera I got for Christmas. As of now, it is still a bit of a learning curve as we get used to blogging with it, but you can expect lots more pictures and content coming in 2020! Part of the reason for my mini hiatus was navigating the new camera (though I will still be learning things about it forever) and also the busy holiday season! I did lots of catching up with family and all my hometown friends, but I loved every second of it! It is kind of sad going back to reality, but I am looking forward to all the new adventures to come! Aside from all my inspirational little goals, I do have a resolution that I have already implemented; trying new foods! My friends joke that I am the pickiest person they know, and I have to laugh with them because it is true. Discussing all the foods I have never tried is always a great conversation starter! So far, I have tried a few new things (unfortunately, I didn’t like them, but I am trying and that is a start)! Do you guys have any resolutions? Let me know in the comments! And, if you know of any yummy vegetarian foods I could try, drop some suggestions in the comments as well haha! My exciting outfits just have to make up for my lackluster diet! So, if you want the same bold taste in clothes, comb those closets for flamboyant coats, fabulous blouses, fierce shoes, and your faithful jeans! If you are too busy goal-digging, then shop my links below! Here is to a happy, healthy, fun, and successful year! Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

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https://rstyle.me/+MbJ5dxQoNGOPGB81DFyUdg (super similar/more sizes available)


Top: https://rstyle.me/+n-Mk2Kz0ffrgOFuf-9RLfA




Jeans: https://rstyle.me/+UtZBUFEcoq6WZS-TK3w6Qw



Shoes (EXACT): https://rstyle.me/+8TLju3QsOBG29IGngJ6aHw

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