Dressed in Holiday Style

Hi lovelies! It is so crazy to think that Christmas is only days away! Now that all my finals are over, I can fully get into the festive spirit, and the only thing I am stressing about is getting my presents put together and cookies baked! In the midst of the holiday chaos, I still managed to style a chic look for all of the fun and family gatherings. This season is the perfect time of year to get extra glam with luxe textures, sleek silhouettes, and a touch of sparkle. As someone who always finds a reason to dress up, I take advantage of every excuse to bust out my fanciest of ‘fits! A fun fact about me is that I buy a new outfit every holiday season to celebrate (literally since I was born my parents have treated me to a new dress or skirt)—I guess you could say Merry Christmas to me! Even though I debut a new look each year, I usually find pieces on amazing sale after the season and save them for upcoming December. Basically, they sit in my closet for a while, so I have to be careful not to overindulge in the Christmas cookies to ensure they still fit! I have been saving this dress since March, and I am more than ready to zip it up and be on my merry way! I kept things classic this Christmas, pairing this faux fur cuff sheath dress with black heels, a string of pearls, and a red lip (you never know when you will stumble upon some mistletoe)! I love this look because it is not only fitting for the holidays, but for any occasion that requires more formal attire! Wear this to a wedding, dinner party, date, or dance for a tasteful, yet stylish look. But for now, cue the Christmas tunes and keep on scrolling because ’tis the season to be dressed in holiday style!

December is a month that calls for drama, and I am not talking about your bestie-kissing-your-ex-kind of drama! I’m talking about fashion, of course (the only drama I choose to participate in)! This dress is very minimalistic, but features faux fur cuffs that take center stage. I was immediately attracted to the fur detailing that makes this dress next level, giving it a wintry touch with the rich texture. The sleeves are a simple addition that only add to the elegance of this garment. This sheath style accentuates the feminine figure as it is nipped at the waistline and fitted through the bust. The princess seams help in creating an hourglass silhouette— a figure-flattering option for every body as it is sexy, but super sophisticated. Though it is intended to fit like a glove, it has slack in all of the right places, so you can feel confident and comfortable! (speaking of fit, I knew I needed this dress when I found only one on the sale rack, and it fit as if it was tailored for me…talk about meant to be)! A quality black dress is a great investment because it is a timeless piece, essential to any wardrobe. For as long as time, we have turned to our black dresses as a chic option for our ensembles, because they can never let you down. Just look at the incredible Audrey Hepburn, the inspiration behind this look, who wore an LBD in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (a must watch movie), and made it even more iconic! As her character struggled with life and love, she made it clear that style wasn’t just for the elite, but for all women! The same is true today…we all deserve to feel fabulous, and a classy dress is the key! When you are having one of those days where you feel like you have nothing to wear, it is a little black dress (LBD) to the rescue. You can always get creative and opt for black dresses that include sparkles, lace, mesh, etc., but I also recommend owning a minimalistic one, too! That way, no matter the event, you can always dress it up or down to match your mood and the atmosphere! Along with a few other things, an LBD is a girl’s best friend, especially for all of you ladies on the go. After all, they say that women who wear black lead colorful lives! So, comb those closets for a black dress that is the basic necessity for all of us fashionistas!

Channeling my inner Audrey, or should I say Holly Golightly (her character’s name), I accessorized with a simple strand of pearls. The ivory color and the glossy sheen of the pearl necklace contrasts beautifully with the matte black material. It matches the simplicity of the ensemble, as it complements but does not compete with the dress. Despite them being viewed as vintage, pearls can be a breath of fresh air amongst all of the silver and gold jewelry. Because the sleeves are 3/4 length, a matching pearl bracelet helped to tie the look together. To keep things posh and polished, I chose to also wear black shoes. Mimicking an extension of the black tights (tights are too, an essential for Christmas in PA), the black allows for a streamlined look. These shoes almost look like loafers, (in fact, Gucci makes a pair that are insanely similar) with fringe and buckle detail at the toe. However, the block heel quite literally elevates them! We all know how easy walking is in block heels, and trust me, you will be even more appreciative when navigating through the snow! If you do want different options, a black stiletto, strappy slingback, or a red patent leather heel are all chic alternatives. Lastly, I couldn’t stand the thought of having no color, so a red lip gave me my fix! Normally, I am a nude lip kind of girl, but for the holidays, I go bold! Red lips have been part of my holiday tradition for years now, that they are almost as second nature as making cookies or decorating the tree. I admit that I am always a little insecure when I first put it on, just because I am not used to the statement shade. But, within 10 seconds, I become obsessed and wonder why I don’t pull out the red lipstick more often. There is something so empowering about a red lip because it allows you to stand out and feel like you can take charge. I swear killer lipstick is a great problem solver! Just add lipstick and conquer the world, girl!

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of the year, aside from my “birth month” celebration! I used to love Christmas because of the presents (what little girl isn’t excited for barbies and stuffed animals…I was/am so fortunate to have been given so many thoughtful gifts), and even though I still love giving and receiving presents on Christmas morning, there is so much more to love about this season. Dressing up and attending Christmas Eve mass with my family, staying up until 3am icing cookies with my mom, going down to the park and looking at Christmas trees with my dad, catching up with old friends over break, etc., are all the moments I so greatly cherish. What is your favorite part of the holidays? Let me know in the comments below! (Also, I would love to know your favorite gift—mine was my kitty, Max, who I got in 2008…He is the gift that keeps on giving!) Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, spending time with loved ones brings about such a joyous feeling. It is important to remember that family takes many forms, and you don’t have to be related to someone to show you love and care for them. I hope that you all get to experience much love and friendship this season and throughout the entire year! To get into the spirit, be sure to comb those closets for classic pieces like chic sheaths, black block heels, pretty pearls, and radiant red lipstick because on the busy, city sidewalks, you will want to be dressed in holiday style! If you are too busy being merry, then shop my links below! Wishing you all a blessed and Merry Christmas! Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

Dress: https://rstyle.me/+IiKLCRDe_yr4M-fydzUbgA (exact, but only one size left…check links for more options)!





Shoes: https://rstyle.me/+byy0Z28oddGzT9xuv5kqNg

 (EXACT) https://www.sears.com/bandolino-womens-olale-closed-toe-d-orsay-pumps/p-A031834712?sid=IDx20110310x00001i&gclid=Cj0KCQiAxfzvBRCZARIsAGA7YMzhDYFiCsfVWtdMbXDWjT_GRTrS5vvCraWln3N65PERN5_LtaBSd_caAj5uEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds



Necklace: https://rstyle.me/+H7rOxz6a6RsPQIZ4iVrjtA (81% OFF!)

Lipstick: https://rstyle.me/+7xxLuBCcWHZZw2XkjoEeZA


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