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Hey loves! I am back this week with what I hope is a “normal” blogpost, meaning no more website crashes and technical difficulties! It is a new day, a new outfit, and a fresh start! There is no reason not to be in a good mood, especially when your ensemble is this cute! And you know what else makes me happy? A good old-fashioned phone call! If you know me, you know that I hate to text (and it usually takes me a solid 24 hrs to reply, unless it’s urgent), so you will either receive a snapchat video or you will have to be patient. The reason I drag my feet with texting is because I clearly always have so much to say, and I feel like typing it out isn’t the same…at least when I am having a conversation. So, I would much rather talk on the phone to get my point across to my family and friends. That way, no detail is spared, and it is always nice to hear someone’s voice! You never know what talking on the phone may lead to—making plans, making friends, or just making someone smile. To be prepared for anything, a chic outfit is always necessary! This week, I am channeling my inner 60’s mod girl in a bold polka dot dress, white booties, and of course, the accessory that inspired it all, a phone purse! Yes, you read that correctly, this pink handbag is indeed also a phone, so you will definitely want to keep reading for all the fun surprises! If you thought you always have your cellphone attached to you, wait until you get your hands on this; I promise you will never want to let it go! Not only is this look great for gabbing, but for any event in which flirty and playful is on the agenda. Looking for the perfect occasion? Then keep on scrolling, and don’t forget to call me 😉

If you ask me the age old question, “Polka dots or stripes?” my reply is always, “Both!” but I have to admit that I do play favorites and prefer polka dots as my number one choice! It is obvious I was immediately attracted to this polka dot dress because of the pretty print that is simple, but surely statement-making. The whole piece gives off the mod vibe due to the black and white color palette, graphic pattern, and short hemline. It’s sweet silhouette embodies all the elements of a babydoll dress with a loose fit that shows lots of leg. And the shorter the dress, the longer the legs, so your limbs will always look miles long! Just be sure to remember my tip of wearing compression shorts underneath because you never know which way the wind will blow! There is no need to be too cautious as this whimsical dress is 100% flowy and effortless (and a little longer in the back!). It is no question the feminine style is adorable, but it is all in the details! Though it is a bit hard to tell, this is a button front dress that has buttons perfectly placed down the center of the garment. Buttons take a basic babydoll and make it more elevated and cuter…who thought that was even possible?! I do know that is possible to fall in love with this piece each time you put it on because it is so comfy and breathable. The fabric is thin, making this a great layering piece, especially under a bright-colored coat! Speaking of fabric, I would recommend sizing down because this dress is a little oversized, and you might get swallowed in material if you stick to your regular size. However, depending on your height, sizing down might mean the dress is shorter on you (generally how it works). In that case, again, another layer of shorts is always a good idea, or you could even treat this as a tunic and wear leggings/jeans underneath. Confidence is key when wearing anything, so if you want to flaunt those legs, you go girl, and if not, you can still be fierce as ever in pants! If you are anything like me, a.k.a. a lover of all things girly, then this is the dress of your dreams because it is super cute, mixed with a lil’ retro! Comb those closets for powerful polka dots that demand attention from everyone in your contacts!

Don’t you just love it when your accessories do all of the talking?! Well, this bag says it all without me having to open my mouth! I can’t help but tell you the short story of how I crossed paths with this adorable handbag; I went to TJMaxx to simply return a straw bag that broke after one use (no worries, I ended up buying a Kate Spade one that I am obsessed with), and was refunded with a gift card. Needless to say, I tried my hardest to save the card for a rainy day, but I didn’t even make it out of the store without spending it! As soon as I saw this bag, I instantly recognized it as Betsey Johnson because it had so much personality. I couldn’t help but buy it because it was “calling” my name the moment I laid eyes on it! I walked in, disappointed that my straw bag didn’t work out and ended up with a purse I loved so much more—funny how life works, huh?! This has definitely been one of my best purchases because everywhere I go, it ironically sparks a conversation! People are so intrigued by it’s uniqueness and functionality. Not only does this handbag hold all of your belongings, but you can actually talk on the phone! That’s right, if you thought this was all for show, you are mistaken! There is a cord inside that allows you to plug your smartphone in and talk through the purse. In fact, you are able to answer the call and control the volume without having to touch your “real” phone! Seriously, HOW COOL IS THAT???! I still can’t get over it! And I have tested it on multiple occasions when showing off to my friends and family. Trust me when I say family reunions and hangouts with friends are way more interesting when someone shows up with a, shall I say, talking handbag! Betsey designs are nothing short of amazing and remind me to have fun with fashion and not take life too seriously. You may be thinking that this bag is hard to style because it is so different from the average purse, but truthfully, it is easier to pair than you think! The blush color is very neutral and looks great with fall shades of burgundy, green, brown…basically every color! And, this bag comes in black, too, and puts a spin on the classic black bag that is known to complement all outfits. I chose to pair mine with my polka dot dress because the dress is minimalistic, but also very conspicuous, and the vintage feel fits the throwback phone design. Pay phones seem to be obsolete in today’s society, but I am glad you can still find them in the store, and consequently, my closet!

I have always been a self-proclaimed rule follower, except when it comes to fashion. Really, there are no real rules in fashion, though I believe there are certain unwritten “rules” of dressing that have to do with aesthetics and styling, but that’s beside the point. You all probably know that I am alluding to the misconception that you can’t wear white shoes after labor day. This is me officially saying that you not only can, but you should! Booties are a fall and winter staple and we shouldn’t leave our white ones collecting dust all season long. Bust those babies out! I love these booties in particular because they are a vegan leather, meaning they have a surface that is easy to wipe off, which is much appreciated when wearing white. Also, I could probably write a novel about the comforts of block heels, but there is nothing like trying them for yourself. The wider heel more evenly distributes your weight, making them a chic and practical option for anyone looking for some extra height. I opted for booties with this look because the white really accentuates the polka dots in the dress pattern and creates contrast. Though black shoes are a very appropriate option, they almost seem a little harsh and heavy because the dress is so easy and breezy, and a dark shoe can sometimes weigh the look down. Also, the white more similarly matches my skin tone, so it is a smoother transition between my legs and my shoes, hence creating the illusion of, again, longer legs. Lastly, white is traditionally unexpected, at least for this time of year, and this choice feeds the playfulness of the ensemble. In the fall/winter, we often gravitate towards darker colors, so it is refreshing to mix things up! If you aren’t about the booties, try a canvas sneaker, ballet flats, or mule (if it isn’t too chilly for your feet)!

Isn’t it crazy that actual landline phones and pay phones seem to be distant memories of the past? I remember the days of elementary school having to give my home phone number to my friends if they wanted to talk. Of course, it was a bit problematic if I was holding up the phone and others were trying to call, but it certainly kept things interesting in my house. To be honest, I feel like I talk on the phone more now, as opposed to my tween years. And once I get to talking, a quick call can easily turn into a 3 hour conversation. I think my longest phone call was actually 3 hours with one of my good friends. We called each other to try and make plans for the night, but instead we both just laid in our beds and talked via phone (haha)! Though I laugh about my home phone, there is a small part of me that is happy I didn’t have a smart phone until I was 18 (I did have a basic cell before that, but I hated it and never used it). Smart phones, I feel, made the world easier, but more complicated at the same time. Now, there is no need to actually talk when we have texting, snapchat, messenger, etc., and I can honestly feel the disconnect at times. Don’t get me wrong, I never leave the house without my iPhone, but I wonder what life would be like if we went back to the old days? How about you…Do you guys prefer phone calls or more “modern” ways of communicating? Let me know in the comments! And as for now, we can keep tradition alive with an adorable phone bag! But, don’t forget to comb those closets for bold and beautiful babydoll dresses, rule-breaking booties, and of course, a bag that speaks for itself. If your hotline is too busy and you’re preoccupied talking that talk, then just shop my links below! Have a fabulous week, and Happy Closet Combing!

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