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Hey lovelies! Well, fall is officially here, and whether we like it or not, that also means school is in full swing (in other words, syllabus week is over and the assignments are piling up at a rapid pace)! If you’re still in middle school, high school, college, etc., and even if you are a grad, you all know that back to school feeling—excited to see your friends, but dreading the homework! Though I’ve always been a “straight A” student, I remember saying I only liked school the first and second days of Kindergarten and that was it (hahaha)! However, there is always one activity associated with “Back to School” that I am more than happy to participate in…shopping! I love getting fun stationery, supplies, apartment décor, and of course, clothes! Even as a Junior in college, I still look forward to hitting up the mall with my parents to look for new outfits for the upcoming semester. Honestly, I don’t know if it is still acceptable to go “Back to School” shopping after you graduate, but I can guarantee you that I am going to do it anyway! So, before my classes started, on one of my latest retail excursions, I spotted this adorable Tommy Hilfiger sweater and jeans (and bought them, of course), and I chose to pair them with my denim platforms and my Coach backpack. I love this outfit because it is definitely collegiate inspired, putting a modern twist on student staples. Hilfiger’s classic design is taken up a notch with A+ details on both the sweater and denim. An ensemble like this is obviously perfect for class, but it honestly is just great for all kinds of activities such as grabbing lunch with your friends, going to a football game, or doing whatever it is you do all fall! If you are a student, graduate, working girl, fashionista, or all of the above, keep on reading for styling that is no doubt best in class!

For the rest of this post I am going to have to do things a little different, unfortunately. Let me explain; I started working on “Best in Class” exactly a week ago, but it is difficult for me to finish an entire post in one night during the semester. So, I spent all last week typing it up, in between assignments and my job. Friday afternoon, it was finally finished and perfect, but then suddenly the website crashed and I lost EVERYTHING! Sometimes I back things up in Word documents, but then the content doesn’t always transfer over correctly. With that being said, I put tons of time and effort into making this a great post (in fact, I spent my whole Friday afternoon on finishing touches), and I was devastated when it all disappeared. Honestly, after shedding some tears, I realize it isn’t the end of the world, and I need to move on. I won’t be spending another week trying to post this, so I will just have to give you the short run-down of the pieces (same Closet Comber, but less fluff). I apologize that it has to be this way, but I always like to keep things positive in my posts. So, after the great loss of my fashion content, I took a break from my laptop and I ended up having a wonderful weekend with friends who encouraged me stress less and live more. In an effort to take their advice, here is to Round 2 of this post!

With my spiel out of the way, let’s talk about the outfit! And no, I’m not quite a Harvard pupil, but I am team Tommy in this Hilfiger varsity sweater that is super cute and collegiate. When you combine the saturated shades of mustard, navy, and crimson with the bold letterman “H” initial, you get a stylish sweater suitable for roaming any campus! The material is warm, which is obviously appreciated when shopping for sweaters, but it isn’t thick or suffocating, just sweater weather approved! As far as silhouette is concerned, I love the effortless, oversized feel of this garment. It is just easy—something every student (and essentially every human) looks for in a piece. All I can say is cue the Asher Roth song, because it is hard not to love college when wearing this top!

When picking out an outfit during the fall and winter, denim is a no-brainer and is part of everyone’s uniform (at least in the chilly northeast)! These jeans are a labeled slim-fit because they are a fit borrowed from the boys, creating a silhouette that is straight-leg and looser through the thighs and hips. Dubbed, “boyfriend” jeans, they are not only a unique style, but are so comfortable, you will never want to take them off. Hitting right below the belly button, the mid-rise means there is no tugging at the waistband in fear of a wardrobe malfunction. It is probably to no surprise that my favorite feature of these pants is the graphic stripe down the leg. The detail gives the illusion of both longer and leaner legs as it forces the eye in a vertical direction. For some reason the bold yellow reminds me of caution tape, so as a warning, you will be a daring darling in this denim!

Backpacks aren’t just on the school supplies list for students, but for anyone who loves fashion and function! I’ve had this backpack for an entire year of schooling, meaning it endured two semesters of being thrown all over the floors, desks, and tables of a variety of buildings at IUP. My Coach backpack, however, still looks as good as new, and there is not one spec of dirt on the ivory leather. I chose the ivory because I wanted a a chic, neutral bag that would obviously go with my outfits…I have lots of purses to match my looks, but I was only buying one backpack, so I had to choose wisely! It is minimalistic, but the gold details and leather make this bag feel so luxe, and also ensure amazing quality. This is a decent sized bag that easily fits my laptop, notebooks, and water (and my giant textbooks that I often choose not to haul for obvious reasons…my historic costume book is as huge as a dictionary)! Don’t think you need to be a scholar to sport a chic backpack, though—they are perfect for anyone who travels a lot, commutes to work, or just girls (and guys) on the go!

We all know and love my denim platforms that are no stranger to the blog. I go on and on about how comfy they are, despite their scary height! I opted to wear these shoes because feeling taller is always a great phenomenon, but also because it really balances the whole look. Personally, when I wear loose-fitting bottoms, I like a heel to polish off the outfit and pull everything together. When things are oversized, sometimes a super casual shoe can give off a “lack of effort” vibe. You can get really creative with a fun colored bootie, a kitten slingback, or even a chunky dad sneaker to boost you a few inches (and carry on the 90’s nostalgia)!

Though I wanted to emphasis the collegiate aspect of this outfit, I chose to take pics at my old elementary school. Nestled in my hometown, it was here that I made some of my best friends and best memories of my childhood. I know I said I only liked school the first two days of Kindergarten, but I would be lying if I said this place didn’t feel like a second home to me. It was at SSCD that I made friends I will always have and moments I will always cherish. Speaking of friends, it is kind of crazy that one of my best friends from elementary school goes to college with me now, and we are closer than ever. And, I still keep in touch with my other bestie who goes to a different school, so don’t let anyone tell you BFFs don’t exist! However, I do believe that many people enter and exit our lives, and whether they stick around or are only temporary, it is all part of the journey! Every friend, acquaintance, and classmate has impacted me in one way or another, making me who I am (a little cliché, but so very true)! One of my favorite things about college is that you never know the people you’ll meet! Let me know in the comments what one of your favorite parts about school is/was! The only other homework I am assigning you is to comb those closets for spirited sweaters, jazzy jeans, and all-business backpacks. If you are too busy hitting the books, then shop my links below! Again, thank you for bearing with me for the second time around for this post! Hoping for better luck next time! Have a fabulous week and Happy Closet Combing!

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