Tiers of Joy

Hi lovelies! I hope you are enjoying August so far! For me, every time August hits, I start getting a little down in the dumps because I know school is right around the corner. As much as I love college, it still makes me sad that summer is coming to an end and that my extra busy schedule awaits. Perhaps the worst part of going back isn’t schoolwork, though, but the manual labor! I am moving into a new apartment this semester, so that means that I am packing up half of my house again! Despite all the transitioning going on in the next few weeks, I am still trying to be my positive, upbeat self. After all, how could anyone feel melancholy in this fun dress?! Basically, the only blues I have are the hues in this piece! I styled my rainbow stripe midi dress with beaded tassel earrings and a metallic strappy sandal. This outfit screams summer party to me because as soon as I slip into this colorful cutie, all I want to do is twirl and dance! All we need is a rooftop deck, some lantern lights, a fruity drink or two, and a great summer playlist. What do you say? Should I host an official Closet Comber bash?! A big party isn’t necessary to enjoy this outfit, however. So, grab dinner with your girls, brunch with your babes, or go shopping with your sisters because this multicolored dress is multifunctional (And super affordable)! Keep on scrolling to keep the fun going this month in an outfit that will bring you tiers of joy! 

Dresses have been part of my summer uniform since I was born! It would actually be more accurate to say that they are part of my uniform all year ’round because I can’t seem to get enough of them. This dress in particular has been a staple lately because it is comfy and super easy to wear! Plus, it is inexpensive and easily attainable for all of you gals on a budget. I was eyeing this dress for a while because I noticed a lot of bloggers were wearing similar styles on social media. You can call it a twist of fate because an Amazon seller who sold the dress reached out to me regarding a collaboration, and the rest is history! Though I was gifted this item, I do want to say that I am giving you all my honest opinion because I honestly believe this is a great buy. The midi style is very on trend at the moment and is appropriate for women of all ages. You can control the coverage because you can wear this on or off the shoulder. Sometimes, I prefer the look of the square neckline, and other times I want to show off my shoulders. Either way, the décolletage balances out the length of the garment. Though this dress comes in a variety of different colors (solid blue, black, purple, yellow, beige, white, & pink), it is not shocking that I chose the multicolor! I think it’s great that they offer various colors because they appeal to others’ unique style, however, when it comes to my summer style, the more color, the better! The combo of blue/green/yellow/purple is so bright and cheery, and they all complement each other so well. The vibrant hues fit the playful silhouette that features multiple tier ruffles. Tiers give this piece dimension, while also making it feel so easy and effortless. It is definitely hard to resist the urge to spin around in this dress! The only thing I would be mindful of is the lightweight material. It is nice that it isn’t super thick or heavy, especially since it is warm out, but I recommend wearing nude undergarments to be on the safe side! There really are no cons when it comes to this pretty little dress, except that you won’t want to take it off! Now, Comb those closets for colors and tiers that will make you want to dance and say, “Cheers!” 

Block heel, metallic, and shiny are some of my favorite words. No, they won’t score you brownie points on a Tinder profile, but they will make me melt when it comes to shoes! Believe it or not, I was hesitant to purchase these sandals because I didn’t think I would wear them very much, but I find myself reaching for them all of the time. These beauties have been with me not only for holidays and special events, but for casual days when I am feeling fancy. I love these sandals because they fall into the category of shoes that I can wear for more than an hour (of course, I do wear other heels longer, but I have the blisters to prove it)! The block heel is only about two inches high, and the thickness provides you with great stability. In other words, your heel won’t get stuck in a storm drain, unlike in stilettos (been there—NYC in 2016, my nude stiletto met its match)! The cute strappy details are also very current and a rather simplistic touch. What sets these shoes apart from the rest is the “wavy” design on the toe and ankle strap. It is a quirky characteristic that makes your feet look a little extra fabulous. Speaking of fabulous, the metallic shine reflects all kind of light when you are out and about during the day and under the stars at night. If you aren’t feeling the metallic muse, don’t worry because there are plenty of other shoes to choose! A chic white wedge, a vintage T-strap shoe, or just a simple pair of flats would beautifully pair with this outfit. If you carefully maneuver the city streets (or if you stay indoors), you can bravely opt for the classic stiletto (maybe even in a fun shade of yellow or blue?)! This dress is so colorful and fun, so be sure to step out in a shoe that is equally extraordinary! 

If you recall in last week’s post, I said that I hardly discuss my jewelry because I am pretty much always wearing my signature bangles/rings/watches and I don’t change things up a lot. However, I tend to get more creative when it comes to my earrings, so here I am, kind of making a liar out of myself! These beaded tassel earrings were too cute not to talk about, and I had to make sure they didn’t go unnoticed. And, you can actually SEE the jewelry in this picture! That is the one downfall of having long locks—when I wear my hair down, my earrings get hidden behind a curtain of blonde tresses! I love these earrings because they make a statement and they are rather easy to spot. After all, why go through the misery of piercing your ears if no one can see your jewelry? The white beads are neutral, so you don’t have to lose any sleep over matching colors, and that means that they go with more outfits! I love the flirty tassel effect because it gives off a party/boho vibe that is youthful and fresh. I will warn you that, because these are beaded, they do feel a little heavy after wearing them for a while. They don’t hurt, but after a long day, it feels good to take them off. When it comes down to it, these aren’t every day earrings, so for special occasions, it is worth it! 

Peering through the trees, trying to find where summer went! They say that the older you get, the faster time goes, and I definitely believe that’s true! Time most certainly flies, so it is important to live each day to the fullest. I know how tempting it is to wish for the weekend, for summer, for the holidays, etc., but you can’t wait for life to happen. Sure, not every day is always going to be thrilling, filled with adventure and spontaneousness, but you should still look for little things that bring you happiness. Go for ice cream, watch your favorite T.V. show, or slip on your favorite dress that will give you tiers of joy! Sometimes it really is the small things in life! One small thing that warms my heart is coming home after a long day, or coming home on the weekend from college, and snuggling with my kitty, Max. How about you guys? Let me know in the comments something you’re grateful for in daily life. My best advice to live in the moment is to just take one day at a time and do something for yourself and something for others, too! There is no guide on how to make the most out of life and our time, but fulfillment and happiness is a large component. That’s where passion comes into play, and that is one of the reasons I blog, because it sets my soul on fire. When I open up my closet doors and decide what I am going to wear for the day, or what I am going to style for you guys, I feel like my creativity and imagination run wild. Whether or not you feel the same way about combing your closets, I hope I inspire you to look at clothes, and life, from a different perspective. So, open up those closet doors and dresser drawers, and look for a dress that sparks joyfulness, shoes that shine, and earrings that excite! Have a lovely week, and Happy Closet Combing! 

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