Blue Seas and Fashion, Please!

Hey my loves! I am back from my little vacation, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated (and wishing I was still lying on a beach)! Every summer, my family and I take a road trip to Ocean City, Maryland, and it is honestly one of my favorite places on earth. I spend HOURS in the ocean, frolicking in the waves with the warm sun on my face. Of course, I have yet to venture to a nude beach, so I obviously need a cute suit to wear while swimming all afternoon. Actually, I wear a different swimsuit everyday, which is kind of “extra” but what can I say, I love swimsuits just as much as I love clothes! But, because I barely had time to photograph one suit (hence the darkness), you will have to just believe me when I say the others were chic, too! I chose this pink suit to show off because I believe it is universally flattering and gives me Malibu Barbie inspo! My bubblegum pink bikini pairs well with some fun accessories, like my white newsboy hat and pretty, beachy bracelets. Even at the beach, you can’t forget to accessorize. This outfit is clearly suited for the beach, but you don’t have to travel to the ocean to bust out a swimsuit! Go to the pool, a waterpark, the lake, or even get the hose out and hook up a sprinkler in your backyard. Consider this post a guide to both looking cool, and staying cool, the rest of the summer! Despite the fall semester creeping up quickly, I am feeling the summer vibes until classes arrive! Keep on reading for details on how to have a chic vacation that will have you asking for blue seas and fashion, please!

The key to being a beach babe is sporting a cute swimsuit! This fabulous ‘kini has an underwire top that fastens in the back, and high-waisted, high-cut bottoms. At first, I was not thrilled to purchase an underwire top because I prefer tops that are less structured and lightly padded. However, I am picky about many styles, and this was my favorite that matched the bottoms, so here we are! Though I was hesitant about the underwire, as I felt it would be too much like a bra, I ended up really liking how it looked. If I am going to be very blunt, this sort of top makes your boobs look amazing! Period. The padding and support really pushes them up, so if you want to show off what your momma gave you,  this is the perfect bikini top. For all my busty babes out there, this is also a great option! As for the bottoms, we all know that I love high-waisted jeans, and there is no exception when it comes to my swim! High-waisted bottoms are so flattering because they still allow you to show some skin, but they cover up your lower tummy, where people feel they tend to carry more weight. I swear every girl I know has a high-waisted swimmie because every body looks gorgeous in them! The high-cut leg is a bit of a throwback, but thank goodness it is back because it makes your legs look miles long! The higher the suit sits on the hip, the better! Lastly, I am a sucker for cheeky bottoms. I don’t do squats for nothing, so I like that you can display your assets in this! Just be sure to get the appropriate size to avoid any riding up. High-waisted bottoms, in a nutshell, conceal what you what them to and show off what you need them to! The style is important, but so is the color! The bubblegum pink is so feminine—it is definitely something Elle Woods would wear to the beach! I also love the simple stripes that feel very preppy and nautical, as if you were on boat in the Hamptons (anyone have a summer house we can hang at)?! Be sure to comb those closets, or should I say beach bags, for swim that will make you feel all kinds of confident!

Swimwear is so fun and exciting because it means summer is here and the weather is warm! However, it can be a process to find a suit that makes you feel good in your skin. Many of us spend time overanalyzing ever detail we see in the mirror (in fact, I spent hours nitpicking the pictures I took), because we only notice our flaws. The truth is, no matter how fit, toned, or sculpted someone is, everyone has insecurities. My advice is to always work on bettering yourself and never stop setting goals, but don’t let the voices in your head get in the way of living your life. It makes me so sad that some people miss out on swimming or going on vacations because they are worried about how they look.  I always like to post encouraging words, for both my readers and myself, because summer can be an intimidating time, especially in a world of photoshop and Facetune. Humanity can always use love, so before I get into any more details, I wanted to give all my readers a little reminder to love yourself and others, endlessly! ❤

I tend to wear many hats in life…both literally and figuratively! Figuratively, in a sense that I am a blogger/student/artist/seamstress, and literally because I have floppy hats, wool hats, ball caps, berets, and of course, my newsboy cap! This isn’t your first time meeting my newsboy cap, but it has been a while since it was featured on the blog. I couldn’t resist taking it to the beach because it so closely resembles a “yacht captain’s hat, “skipper cap,”  or “fisherman cap!” It seems hats have multiple titles, but I prefer to call this baby a newsboy! There is something so nautical about a white hat like this, especially with the corded detail that mine has, reminiscent of an anchor line. Also, this accessory was a complement to the white stripes on the suit, making them stand out more than ever. White hats are a summer essential because the crisp white is fresh and airy, and the hat itself protects (some of) you from the sun’s rays. The only reason you don’t see me in hats as often during the warm months is because I am always trying to lighten up my hair (one of my of main goals, haha)! I definitely could have used this during the day, though, because the sun was intense at the beach, and every. single. year. my scalp burns! Does that happen to anyone else, or just me?! Waves are usually too rough to risk wearing a cute hat, but on a boat, at the bay, or on the boardwalk are perfect locations in which a handy hat will have you covered! If you are not ready to say, “Aye, Aye Captain” in a hat like mine, then you can still board the S.S. Fashionista and opt for a straw sun hat for a classic beach look, or keep things sporty with a baseball cap. If you also wear lots of hats, be sure to always pick one that matches your outfit!

Lifeguards make climbing up these big chairs look easy, but, man, it isn’t! I felt on top of the world once I finally got up there! The point of this picture was to talk about my jewelry (and not my “parkour” skills), though I realize it is hard to see! I am always wearing some type of ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, and it is usually all of the above, so I don’t bother really talking about it. But, beach jewelry is more unique because you have to be careful what you wear in the water. So, I thought I would give you a little crash course on arm (and ankle) candy for all of your beach and pool days to come! For bracelets, I really love the brands Lokai and Pura Vida because they have beautiful pieces and support many great causes. The Lokai bracelets feature rubber beads that are safe to wear in water, and they are special because they contain a small amount of water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. The message is a beautiful one about balance, to stay both humble and hopeful during life’s highs and lows. Pura Vida is a great company because they support local artisans in Costa Rica and have beautiful jewelry as well. They sell a variety of items that are equally adorable, but the colorful string bracelets are their classic pieces that are waterproof (note: not all of their products are). What is great about them is that they are coated in wax, so you don’t have to remember to take them off before taking a dip! You can use my code, “MAGGIEPRUTZNAL20” for 20% off your orders! I do have a few other jewelry pieces, including some shell bracelets and an anklet. Again, these are safe because the shells are looped with cord that won’t rust! Also, shells are so HUGE in jewelry trends this summer, so “shell yeah” I am wearing them!

This last pic is definitely the odd man out, but I didn’t wake up at 5:45 a.m. to get this picture right before we left for nothing! I bought this cute robe that reads, “Vacay Vibes” because those are the only vibes I want this summer! Our vacation was short, but it is always an incredible time. Like I said, I did lots of swimming, laughing, and of course, it wouldn’t be a getaway without a little shopping! I ended up buying the cutest tie dye shirt, a bracelet, and the CHICEST purse (which you will all see soon)! My favorite part of any trip, however, is spending time with my family and making amazing memories. And as for my favorite location, it is a toss up between the beach and NYC. I love the ocean and the city, so maybe my next adventure should be to go to Coney Island again?! Who is with me? Honestly, a mall trip is a pretty amazing retreat too! I love to constantly to be doing things, even though nights at home are always fun! How about you guys? Do you like running around, or are you a homebody? Let me know in the comments below! Also, tell me about any fun vacations you took or plan on taking! I would love to hear. In my opinion, summer isn’t over until I step into my marketing class at the end of August. I won’t be singing the blues until then (at least we will have fall fashion to look forward to, though)! Comb those closets for suits that make you feel like the beautiful people you are, and don’t forget to grab the accessories, or you might just have to walk the plank! If you are too busy catching the waves and soaking up rays, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing!

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