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Hey lovelies! Isn’t summer going so quickly?! I feel like just yesterday I was studying for finals, and now it is the middle of July. It is true what they say, time flies when you are having fun! Summer is always such a fun time, not only for being outdoors, but for fashion, of course! Warm weather signals clothes that feature bright colors, over-the-top details, and bold prints. My love for lemon print started last summer when I wore a two-piece lemon set, and this year, I am keeping the tradition alive. I prefer wearing my daily serving of fruit, so I was excited to hear my mom ordered me this little lemon tank top. She clearly knows my style because it screamed “Maggie” as soon as she saw it.  I chose to wear my new citrus shirt with my favorite denim mini skirt and blush mules, but I couldn’t forget to accessorize with my lemon bag (and earrings, though you can’t see them)! Lemons aren’t just for sugary summer sips and detox waters, so when life gives you lemons, get creative and wear them! This look is perfect for the season’s heat and can be worn to the boardwalk, festivals, amusement parks—any destination your heart desires! Though, June and July are flying by, I like to think there is plenty of time to squeeze in trips. Whatever plans you check off your bucket list in the next coming weeks, make sure to make lemons your main squeeze (and keep on reading to find out how)!

Maybe I need to get out more, or maybe the world also loves lemons as much as I do, but it seems that, of all the fruits that exist, lemons are most commonly found printed on clothing. I am certainly not complaining, though, because there is no denying they are cute fruits. Lemons make for an eye-catching ensemble because of their vibrant yellow color that grabs your attention. Instead of the lemons being “free-floating” on this top, they are attached to equally bright green vines that make them look more realistic and natural. The lemons and leaves are arranged loosely in a vertical pattern, forcing the stare upward, for a more streamlined figure. The color palette is absolutely beautiful as the green and yellow complements the blush background shade. I often see prints with a white base (a common neutral), so I found it refreshing that this pale pink was the foundation for the print. Living in Pennsylvania, there is a rather short window of time when it is appropriate to wear tank tops, but with the temperatures reaching a toasty 90 degrees, I would say it’s now or never! Tanks are great for these hot days because when it is warm, the less fabric, the better! It doesn’t get much more breathable than a cotton tank like this…well except for a bikini or your birthday suit (but those are not super practical options unless you are at the pool or skinny dipping)! This tank top has roughly two inch straps, so you don’t feel quite as exposed as spaghetti straps. In other words, if you like a little more coverage, you won’t feel uncomfortable in this top. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very youthful and flirty, and can be styled in many chic ways! Comb those closets for tanks that give you zest for life and lemons!

I hate to post the same pieces more than once, but I was itching to style this tank, and my obvious choice of bottoms is a skirt, as always ! It just goes to show how versatile a denim skirt is (I have a new one that you will definitely be seeing in the next month or so), or any denim for that matter. Skirts are great in the summer because not only are they a feminine silhouette, but they allow for more airflow, and you can show off lots of leg, too! Denim skirts are so easy to pair with anything,  since nothing seems to be more classic than denim. I went with the darker wash as a flattering option that contrasts nicely with the light colored top. My favorite part about this skirt is the button front design that adds a touch of interest and pizazz to an otherwise pretty basic piece. I assured you before and I will assure you again that, despite the buttons being functional, I have avoided all types of wardrobe malfunctions, even when sitting down! The secret to this skirt is that it does contain some sort of spandex that enables it to stretch, so when you move around or indulge a little too much, there is extra “wiggle” room to keep the buttons, and yourself, together! If you want to ditch the denim, a white skirt would be so darling paired with this tank (unfortunately, I had to get rid of my white skirts and haven’t found another one that I like, but that is just an excuse to go shopping, right?!)! I know not everyone has a skirt obsession like myself, so you can also opt for denim cutoffs or even distressed mom jeans for a little edge!

The whole lemon-loving phenomena can be traced back to the day I bought this bag. I wasn’t particularly searching for it (isn’t that how it always works?), but I couldn’t help but buy this cutie as soon as I laid eyes on it. Actually, to get a little sidetracked, as usual, I got this purse instead of a paycheck! Long story short, our cleaning lady quit and my mom commissioned me to clean our house, but instead of “paying” me, she bought me this bag! Needless to say, we hired someone else because the only thing I like to clean out is my wallet! Anyway, I love this lemon purse because the wicker detail is so on trend this season, and it gives it a vintage feel. If you couldn’t guess by the quirkiness, this bag is from Betsey Johnson, who never spares any details. In true Betsey fashion, this purse resembles a lemon in all ways, even on the strap with the green leaves attached. Betsey Johnson truly has a unique aesthetic that I can appreciate, especially when it comes to her accessories. When she designs a bag that is meant to replicate a certain object, whether it be a cellphone, crab, or popcorn bucket, she fully commits to it! I try not to play favorites when it comes to brands or designers, but Betsey has always been on the top of my list because her pieces are statement-making! She reminds me that fashion is about having fun, and I know this is true every time I carry around my lemon purse!

I didn’t get a close up of my shoes, and honestly, I wasn’t going to even mention them, but I would feel incomplete if I didn’t talk about my mules! Mules seem to be the shoe of the season because they are backless like a sandal or flip flop, but they are more covered and extremely chic. They are such a simple design, however, they pull together any outfit in a way that makes you look like you have your ducks in order (do people still say that?)! There is a time and place for sandals/flip flops, but mules are great for all of my professional ladies out there who want a work-appropriate summer shoe. Of course, sandals would fit this casual look, but I chose the mules this week because they perfectly matched my top. The blush color can be considered a neutral in my book, as it is a muted and understated hue that pairs well with a variety of shades. Blush can be paired with greens, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, and reds, so I guess you can say it goes with every color of the rainbow! Mules are also comfortable to walk in and some can provide more support for your feet. But, like I said, this look is still rather casual and you can stay stylish in sandals, sneakers, or wedges. Wherever summer takes you, be sure to take a step in the right direction with fab shoes!

I love summer weather, but I admit that I could live without the humidity! You can tell my hair had a mind of its own in these pics, but hey, its “authentic,” right?! This shoot was a bit impromptu because I always think I am going to have more time in the summer, but that never seems to be the case. Just like always, I was rushing around, trying to think of what to wear and where to go! I did not even realize how ironic it is that this location fit the colors of my outfit, with the green vines complementing my top, and the yellow matching the lemons. Though it was rushed, I would say that it all worked out, especially since we made a new friend. Not pictured is the adorable little bunny that stuck around the entire time we were taking pics. He was so sweet! As much as I would love to go on about the bunny, I have to get to wrapping things up. Speaking of being busy, I have had a lot on my plate these last few days. In fact, I am going on a trip very soon and should have been packing two days ago! I’ve been avoiding packing because I sort of hate it—I always want to take more than I need, and it is hard for me to be a minimalist. Do you guys over-pack? Let me know your vacay essentials in the comments! As for where I am going, that is a surprise (unless of course you watch my snap or Instagram stories @theclosetcomber)! Let me just say that there will be a swimsuit post in your future! In the meantime, be sure to comb those closets for fruity tops with flavor, denim minis, and happy handbags! If you are too busy soaking up the sun, then sit back, sip your lemonade, and shop my links! Happy Closet Combing!

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