Red, White, and Barbie

Hey loves! It seems like I was just writing a blogpost, and here I am again! I actually had some technical difficulties publishing my post last week, so I hope you were all able to check it out. Tonight, there is a bit of a mad rush to get my content up because, as you all know, the 4th of July is only a few days away! Last year, I used an amazing giant barn with a flag mural as my patriotic location, and I was racking my brain to figure out another “All American” background. Well, after some quick decision-making, I found myself at the local ballfields (which I have honestly have never been to). I discovered there is the cutest Phil mural and I figured what exemplifies America more than Phil and baseball?! Well, Barbie is certainly on the list as an icon of the US, so to celebrate Independence Day, I am wearing a red, white, and blue, Barbie crop top, pinstripe jeans, white sneakers, fun sunglasses, and a classic red lip, of course! No matter how you honor America’s birthday, this casual look is perfect for all of your picnics, parades, and firework displays! Personally, I am satisfied hanging with my family and lighting a few sparklers…and maybe having a cold bottle of Coca-Cola in my hand! There is no wrong way to party on the Fourth, but keep on reading for details about this look because you won’t be sorry in red, white, and Barbie!

I used to think that the easiest way for me to save money was to stay out of the mall, but then I got my smartphone and laptop, and that was all she wrote! I stumbled upon this top by pure accident as I decided to delete some emails on a lackluster Friday night. I couldn’t help but notice an online sale and just like that I have a patriotic Barbie crop top. Unfortunately, I had to size up because they had limited sizes available (and now it is sold out, but I will link similar finds for you all), but it is really only noticeable in the sleeves that are too long. However, the sleeves are too cute!! I love anything that catches the light, and nothing does it better than those sequin details. One sleeve features stars, and the other stripes, and I thought it was fun to sport red, white, and blue in a way that wasn’t as literal as a flag. Then, right in the middle, is the iconic Barbie logo written out in silver shimmer, complementing the USA spirit. I love this top because it merges both our country’s colors and our culture, as Barbie has been a major influence in the lives of many, and she continues to do the same today. My mom grew up playing with Barbies and passed the tradition down to me. But, it was more than just playing because Barbie taught girls (and boys) that you can be whatever you set your mind to. She broke the 1950’s stereotypes that girls were supposed to become mothers and take care of the home—Barbie is a fabulous fashionista who gave me my first taste of styling! My college advisor also has a love for all things Barbie (and quite an extensive collection in her office), and we spent half of my meeting talking about the doll’s influence in fashion. I know I am here to talk about my outfits and not to promote Barbie sales, so I will continue on with my regularly scheduled post! The last thing I wanted to address about this top was the length. It is no secret that it is rather short, living up to its name as a crop top (in the shirts defense, I have a long torso)! Crops look great with high-waisted pants, shorts, or skirts, allowing you to show an appropriate, yet flirty amount of midriff. If you prefer to be more modest, you can always layer a cami underneath!

I am switching things up to briefly focus on my sunglasses because I LOVE SUNGLASSES and wear them all the time, though I don’t always post them on the blog. Not only do sunglasses add a chic sense of mystery to any look, but they are also great for those days when you don’t get enough sleep or you want to skip the eye makeup. I tend to think that no one will recognize me in my signature “incognito sunglasses and baseball cap,” but they always do—must be the long blonde hair that gives me away! Anyway, these glasses are so fun, and I couldn’t resist letting you in on my disguise and showing them off for you guys. The white cat eye style is very flattering on many face shapes and the thicker frames certainly make a statement. There is gold metal detailing that provides a layer of quirkiness to these babies. It is hard to tell in some of the pictures, but the lenses are actually tinted a reflective gold color too, so if you are ever in a pinch and need to check your lipstick, you can use your glasses! It sounds like this Fourth of July is going to be hot and sunny here in Punxsutawney (fingers crossed), so be sure to protect those pretty eyes!!

Looks like I love sunglasses so much that I decided to make them part of my diet! Just kidding; I chew gum, not glasses, but it makes for a cute pic! Another way to ensure a cute picture is a cute pair of denim! Denim is a part of America’s history as it was once intended for workers/laborers due to the heavy-duty material, and now it is for fashion-lovers of all kinds. Jeans are great, but sometimes I get sick of the same old styles and washes. That is why I was so excited about these retro pinstripe jeans that happen to resemble baseball pants, as well. I swear these are the signature pants of my school, IUP, because my one friend bought a pair before they sold out, but then my other friend texted me and told me they were back in stock, so she bought a pair too (so at least 3 people I know rock these pants on campus). The mom style is so comfortable that I find myself reaching for mom jeans all the time! They are a looser, baggier fit that give you room throughout the legs. This type of denim doesn’t have much stretch though, so be sure to pay attention to sizing, especially at the waist. The pinstripes are not only an adorable touch, but they help to elongate the leg because the vertical design draws the eye up and down. I like how the stripes are thin, white, clean lines that are not overbearing, making these pants easy to style. Even a plain top looks great with the simple touches! The high-waist style sits close to the belly button and defines the waist to show off your curves. Don’t worry because, despite the jeans being a roomy fit, they still accentuate some of those assets! If it is too hot for pants, then comb those closets for denim shorts and skirts that will keep you cool and chic!

At this point, I don’t even know how to not sound repetitive when talking about my white sneakers! Summer is a great time for sneakers because they are comfortable for walking around, and are an essential part of any casual look. They enhance the sporty vibe of this outfit, but can be paired with basically any ensemble, as you can tell from me wearing them in many posts! My white Adidas have been with me through thick and thin, so they definitely aren’t as clean as they look in the picture above (the flash was just a little too bright, but I guess that is an easy way to make your sneakers look brand new)! I would say that is the only downfall to white shoes…they get dirty so fast! I wore my semi-shiny sneaks’ with some crew socks that rise to my ankle for a retro, throwback feel. No-show socks definitely look nice, but after about five minutes, they have slipped inside my shoe and the blisters have begun! Crew socks are lifesavers, people! If you want to ditch the socks altogether and dabble in different footwear, slip on some sporty slides or platform sandals to top off your patriotic ensemble—just be sure to include a dose of red, white, or blue!

Squatting in jeans with no stretch on rickety bleachers is much harder than it looks, but apparently I thought I looked “cool” enough to post this pic! Me and my photographer were being eaten alive by mosquitoes so, at this point in the night, we were just shooting whatever! I think he spent more time swatting bugs than taking pictures! That is one thing I like about winter; less creepy crawlers. Bugs just come with the territory when you are outside, but there is nothing like a nice summer night. The ballfields were actually very pretty and serene, but I probably won’t be grabbing my bat anytime soon. I may not be sporty, but I can look the part! This week, I have lots on my agenda, so practicing my pitch will just have to wait. I have a picnic on the Fourth, my brothers’ birthday on the fifth (they are twins, so that apostrophe placement is intentional), and then a concert on the sixth! I love having a busy schedule because I get cabin fever very quickly! Do you guys have any fun plans for the 4th of July? Let me know in the comments! Fireworks are one of my favorite parts of the holiday because they are so pretty and colorful. I prefer to watch as opposed to setting them off, though—I have memories of my dad and brothers lighting fireworks off,  and I would just stand back and pray that we didn’t set the neighborhood on fire lol! The good news is that you don’t need an explosive show to feel the sparks when it comes to this outfit! Be sure to comb those closets for patriotic pieces that include crop tops to “doll you up, ” delightfully striped denim, snazzy sunglasses, and a good ol’ pair of white sneakers. Don’t forget the red lipstick, either! If you are too busy with Fourth festivities, then just shop my links below! Have a fun, safe 4th of July, babes! And, as always, Happy Closet Combing!

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