Monkey Business

Hi lovelies! Wow, has my life been crazy lately! The biggest news is that I am now an aunt, which is so weird to say! My niece, Evelyn, was born about two weeks ago, so now I have a new shopping buddy (well, it will be a few years until she is old enough—her parents have time to build up the shopping budget for us)! Obviously, I have much love for my niece, but I have to admit that life will be completely different with a baby in our family because suddenly there is a new member. “Growth” is an interesting topic that I often think about because, as I have been focusing on personal growth, part of me forgets that this type of evolution is not only happening within myself, but also around me—my siblings have their own lives, priorities are shifting, and things are constantly changing. Fashion, just like life, is another thing that never stays the same, but one thing will always be true; I will always love Lilly Pulitzer! This week I wore a lilac, lace top, a Lilly Pulitzer skort, white sandals, and a mint Kate Spade bag. I love this look because it is so fun and colorful, and now that it is officially summer, it is the most appropriate time to put on Pulitzer. Of course, summer is here, but the weather has been less than ideal these past few weeks on the east coast. So much rain!! There was a short window of time to take these pics in efforts to dodge the raindrops, and it’s also the reason the lighting looks different in the various shots. However, I am hopeful for sunny days ahead, and even if it stays behind the clouds, we can make our own sun in a vibrant outfit that stands out in a crowd.  There is no monkey business when it comes to this lemur print skirt, so keep on reading for all of the details! 

Remember when life was easy—you were once 8 years old, playing on the monkey bars, swinging on the swings, all without a care in the world because there were no wardrobe malfunctions in your favorite skort! Of course, as you got older, skorts were replaced by skirts, so you had to learn all the leg-crossing, strategic purse-placing maneuvers because it seemed like the luxuries of a cute skort were reserved only for tennis players and golfers. Well ladies, I am bearing great news today as I have finally found a fashion forward skort after many years of searching! Skorts are a short/skirt combo that give you all the feminine details of a skirt, with all of the ease of shorts! This skort in particular is not super long, but the purple, built-in shorts underneath make you feel comfortable showing more leg.  If you knew me growing up, you would recall how I wore skorts for a large portion of my childhood (I was particularly fond of my pleated white one) and my love for them has never wavered! Try combing those closets for skorts that may or may not be a blast from your past, too!
Perhaps the best part about this piece isn’t the style, but the PRINT! Lilly Pulitzer is a designer brand known for colorful, abstract prints that scream summertime. Basically, you always feel like you are on vacation when decked out in the designs that are literal works of art! Even the little details matter—just look at the buttons and pockets on the hip. I love that, every time you look at her pieces, you discover something new. If you gaze really closely at my skort, you realize that amongst the gorgeous shades of green, turquoise, teal, pink, lilac, and yellow (that’s a long list of colors!), there are the most adorable lemurs! As a total animal lover, I appreciate this subtle detail that seems to organically flow throughout the pattern. Also, I can’t stop thinking of the PBS show, Zoboomafoo, that featured the most precious lemur sidekick! Does anyone else remember that TV program?! Anyway, Lilly Pulitzer pieces are immediately recognizable and unlike any other garments I own. It is instant happiness when you walk in the colorful Lilly stores, and visiting is definitely is a must add to your summer bucket list. At Lilly Pulitzer, color is taken to a whole new level and it does not disappoint! 

I will be the first to admit that I am 20 years old and my mom can still pick out clothes for me! I do my own shopping, obviously, but every once in a while, I will get an unexpected surprise from her! It is crazy how well she knows my style! In fact, we both happen to own this top because she bought one for herself, too (no my mom and I don’t coordinate on purpose—we just have good taste)! I really wish that the camera could have captured a better shot of this top because the color is a beautiful shade of lilac, though it appears whiter in the pictures:(. I love this shirt because it is a not-so-basic, basic! Despite it being a solid color, the lace detailing across the bust and the feminine flutter sleeves make this far from boring. These details add a certain touch of elegance that sets it apart from just a plain old t-shirt. The lilac shade is so on trend right now, and in general, pastels are always a good idea (especially with a tan, but I can’t relate haha)! I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going to wear this top with because it isn’t a color a usually purchase, but I am obsessed with it and found out I own more lilac than I thought! Another reason this is a great top is because it is made of super soft, super thin cotton that keeps you both cool and comfy on those hot summer days. Land’s End, the maker of this shirt, is known for their classic, quality pieces, so I can assure you that it can withstand lots of wear! Of course, you can opt for a plain white tee or pull different colors from the skirt and wear a top that coordinates. If it is a cooler day, you can even layer with a cute cardigan. Don’t be afraid to explore color because you only live once…yolo (is that a thing anymore?)! 

It has been a while since you have seen my mint Kate Spade bag, but she is still thriving as one of my favorite summer bags! This purse holds a special place in my heart because it was the start of my Kate Spade collection, or should I say addiction?! Now, I have roughly 12 pieces from Kate, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. This is a great bag because it is cute, quirky, and colorful, as all of her pieces are. You all know how much I love a bright bag to spice up any ensemble. So, please don’t get sucked into the trap of only buying neutral bags (yes, you need some neutral bags, but not all neutrals) because you think colors will clash with your ensembles. This purse goes with so many outfits as this mint/aqua shade is a color that I wear often, and it also compliments other colors in my wardrobe (pink, yellow, green). When you go to buy a purse with personality, take a second and think about what colors you wear, to ensure you will get a lot of use out of it. Or, maybe you will just happen to fall in love with a bag and all practicality goes out the window because that is usually what I go through. And guess what?! I always find something that matches my funky colors! That is my spiel for the post, so aside from the color, I also love how much structure this bag has. The boxy shape is very defined, standing out against the more flowy silhouettes. This kind of contrast breaks up the outfit for a balanced, well curated look! 

Last but not least are the sandals that people can’t seem to get enough of! No, these aren’t the famous Birkenstocks, but they look exactly like them! Birks and similar styles have been having a moment in fashion, probably because they are insanely comfortable. You can believe the hype as I am here to tell you that these shoes are no joke. I have to confess that I was not a huge fan of them at first, but I decided to get a pair, and now I find myself rocking my sandals with all of my summer outfits. The white is obviously a great choice because it matches everything, and the double strap with buckle detailing is a nice extra. The buckles are actually not just for decoration, either, because you are able to adjust them to fit your feet. Talk about cute and convenient! I chose the sandals to dress down the look a bit, but you can keep the casual vibes going with white canvas sneakers or mules! 
The expression above is the face I make when it looks like I am trying to be cute, but in reality I was just concerned that my photographer was going to get hit with a car! I need to get him a neon vest so everyone can see him! I am just happy we were finally able to get pictures, so luckily there wasn’t much traffic to slow us down (just not enough daylight)! I always think that I am going to have more time on my hands in the summer, but that never seems to be the case. You will be excited to know that I was being productive in the few weeks I have been absent. Because I finally got my closet cleaned out, I decided to handle my unwanted clothes in a way that would reduce textile waste by donating them and selling them! Yep, the clothes that I did not donate are available for sale on my Poshmark page @maggieprutznal ( for really great prices! Now, you can quite literally comb my closet, so be sure to check it out, babes. I rarely throw clothes away because I believe there is a second life out there for them. As hard as it is for me to part with garments, it makes me so happy to hear that others are enjoying them as much as I am! Do you guys like buying used items? Let me know in the comments! Cleaning out your closet isn’t much fun, but combing it is! Be sure to look for bright colors and lovely lemurs for a unique ensemble. If you are too busy monkeying around, then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing! 
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