Feelin' Fine in Calvin Klein

Hi lovelies! Happy June! Once this month hits, I feel like summer is pretty much in full swing around here. Our local pool opens, the ice cream truck is back on the streets, and of course, the summer solstice occurs. Though June is full of fun in the sun activities, the weather in Pennsylvania hasn’t been so bright. Lately, the forecast has called for tons of rain and chilly temps (it was only 60 degrees today)! Unfortunately, I have had to break out my crewnecks and leggings again, but I am staying positive that the sun is coming my way soon. In the meantime, I wanted to wear a cute, casual outfit that was somewhat warm, but didn’t scream polar vortex. I chose the comfiest pink top from Calvin Klein, distressed denim cutoffs, and my go-to white sneakers that are becoming a symbol of the blog at this point! This look feels fitting for the season with the bright colors and laid-back vibe, but it also keeps you cozy on chilly nights (or days). Wear it to a bonfire, throw a swimsuit on underneath and wear it to the beach, or even wear it to a back alley if you want! I love the versatility and ease that comes with summer clothes because you have more freedom to switch up your looks and style them in different ways (Yes, layering is always fun in the winter, but most of the time, you just can’t wait to get next to a heat vent). Keep on reading for details on how to style these pieces, and no matter rain or shine, you will be feelin’ fine in Calvin Klein!

I think it is safe to say that everyone loves a good tee. They are simple to throw on with denim, skirts, leggings, and all of the above. Plus, you can’t beat a comfortable, cotton t-shirt. A wardrobe must, the t-shirt comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit any aesthetic. For me, I love color, especially in the summer when color is not only appropriate, but welcomed. This gorgeous shade of pink instantly caught my eye, and when paired with the blue accents, it is the best combination. If you didn’t know, I made a mental list of my top 3 favorite colors (when I was about 4 yrs old, and the list still applies today)! They are blue, pink, and purple—in that order—so obviously I am obsessed with this color story. Calvin Klein does minimalism in a beautiful way, so the fun shades balance the simplistic lettering to make this top feel youthful, not juvenile. The effortless design quite literally speaks for itself with small wording on the chest that reads, “CALVIN KLEIN JEANS,” corresponding to the more statement making sleeve. I love that the words draw the eye down the sleeve and make use of space that is sometimes ignored in t-shirt design because most logos and words are placed on the front bodice. Since my hair is always getting in the way, it is hard for people to identify what is on my shirt, but now they just have to read my arm! Speaking of sleeves, long sleeve shirts are my favorite kind. For lack of a better explanation, I just feel extra snuggly! However, many like long sleeves if they are insecure about their arms or if they prefer to be more covered up. Don’t let the sleeves fool you because this shirt is still very thin and breathable for summer/springtime, so you won’t be sweating! The top is an upgrade from my high school tees that I wear for workouts because it is chic, and CK is iconic (I still love you, Punxsy Chucks)! Of course Calvin Klein is also known for their underwear, so slip on a bralette underneath…the CK bralettes never disappoint! I know I love blogging in #mycalvins, and you can get to Closet Combing in yours!

Can you believe it has been two blogposts since I last wore a skirt/dress? As much as I adore denim, I don’t wear denim as much in the warmer weather. I do know that they are a summer staple, and I have to agree that they are really cute and great to slip on for many occasions. I tend to wear them when I am hanging out with friends, running errands, or sometimes over a one-piece suit if I plan on doing any swimming. Before we get into the heat of the summer, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite pairs of denim cutoffs. Of course, I opted for a high-waisted pair because you all know how much I love high-rise bottoms that make your legs appear longer. The light wash and distressed look embodies cool girl style that takes you from brunch to the beach! Distressed denim is more interesting and actually cooler (in temperature) because there is definitely more airflow! The hem is also frayed to tie together the look, and the pocket hangs a bit lower than the hem for a fun peek-a-boo. The length of these shorts is ideal because they are certainly “shorties” but they are long enough to just cover everything that needs covered. They are a little shorter on the sides because they don’t need to be as long as they do in the front or back. The only way this could potentially be a problem is if you are still in middle/high school and have to follow an outdated dress code policy (cue the eye roll). If you do have rules or if you want to be more modest, there are denim Bermuda shorts that sit only about an inch or two above the knee. Or, if the sun is MIA where you are too, you can wear a distressed mom jean for the same effect! Comb those closets for cutoffs that make the cut for all your summer ensembles!

You probably recognize my familiar friends, a.k.a. my white sneakers, if you read my last post. Yes, I wore my favorite Adidas sneaks so that I can once again reassure you they go with everything. Sneakers are hands down the most practical shoe in my closet because they give my feet a break and basically complement all of my casual outfits. They are my holy grail when I have to do any activity that involves walking. Even during the semester, I can always get to classes faster when I have my OG white sneakers on…when I wear anything else, I have to calculate how much longer it will take me to get there (plus I factor in weather/running into friends). I swear I do more math to get to class on time than I do in class! Okay I am getting off topic, but I can’t help but sound like a broken record when I say that white sneakers are an essential shoe in every person’s wardrobe. If you want to be a little more “summery,” I recommend trying a white Birkenstock or some type of buckle sandal. They give your feet more support and stability than a flip flop, but they are still a great way to show off a new pedicure and let your tootsies breathe! If you are a faithful follower of the longtime rule, “no white until after Memorial Day,” then you can now bust out all of your white for the season, including your footwear. Just beware of any mud puddles, babes!

I had to sit down and take a break after all that adventuring! We shot these pictures at midnight, in an alley, trying to dodge the raindrops! We tried taking them earlier in the day, but the lighting just wasn’t right, and I had plans that I didn’t want to miss out on. So, when I got home, it was time for the photoshoot! It gets even better though—when we were going back to my car, the flashlights on our phones were on because it was hard to see in the dark. Then, once we get in, a policeman pulls into the parking lot and comes up to my window. Turns out, when he saw the lights, he thought someone was trying to break into my vehicle. He was very nice when I told him I was just taking pictures and couldn’t see (but most likely a bit confused lol). So, it’s all good because I still have a perfect record, but I definitely wasn’t planning on encountering any officers! There is always a story when it comes to getting content for the blog. I like being spontaneous, though! Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in the same old routine, so it is nice to switch things up. How about you guys? Do you like plans or do you go with the flow? Let me know in the comments below! One thing you can always count on is reading Closet Comber posts (they aren’t always scheduled, but I plan on keeping the clothing inspiration coming)! So, comb those closets for denim daisy dukes, wonderfully white sneakers, and Calvin Klein tees that are sure to keep you feeling fine! If you are too busy roaming the alleys, then just shop my links below! Have a beautiful week and Happy Closet Combing!

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