Mint to Be Sporty Chic

Hey lovelies! Would you look at that…you didn’t have to wait a month for more content! I hope to get back on a decent posting schedule that is somewhat consistent (but remember to hit the “subscribe” button to get email updates so you never miss a thing)! Even though it is technically summer for me, I still am finding myself to be very busy. I have been spending my days sorting through all of the stuff I brought home from my apartment—I am currently in the midst of purging my closet because I am drowning in clothing! So, a sporty look was perfect for this week because of all the cleaning and organizing that has been taking place. I wore a matching Adidas set that includes a mesh crop top, track pants, and white sneakers. It is cute, easy, and a great outfit for getting things done! If you know me, then you know I wasn’t shooting hoops in this look (just shooting pics), but that doesn’t mean I am not going to rock the athleisure trend! Athletic wear is actually everywhere and not just reserved for the gym. In fact, I will let you guys in on a little secret…I don’t look this cute when I am working out. My “gym” look is a ripped tee from my high school days paired with some leggings and topped off with my hair pulled back in a big braid. The point I am trying to make is that this outfit’s versatility is endless, so whether you are an athlete or not, you too were “mint” to be sporty chic!

I’m going to start off by talking about these track pants because I made sure to get plenty of side shots to show how long they can make your legs look! The famous Adidas 3 stripes that are featured on the side panels elongate your limbs by drawing the eye upward, while also contributing to the classic silhouette that makes them iconic. This straight-leg pant is not only comfortable, but super flattering because they very slightly hug your curves to give you a little definition and then skim the rest of the leg in a relaxed fit. The fun and fresh shade of mint adds a touch of femininity, though light colors tend to scare people away when presented in pants. I admit that I feared the pastel hue would show off everything, but was pleasantly surprised that the fit was fabulous. Go for the gold in shades of mint because these pants have you covered in all the right places. Of course, most of my pants lack the ever-so-comfy elastic waist, but finally, my tummy can breathe (just kidding…my jeans aren’t that tight)! I love that I can wear these pants high on my hips because this too creates the illusion of longer legs. A unique element of the Adidas “Adibreak” track pant is the 90s style breakaway snaps that go up the side. I don’t really see the need for me to dramatically rip these off, but it is quite fun to do so! If I ever decide to play a sport and want to unveil my shorts, this is going to be the way it goes down! There are fun ways to get creative by unsnapping a few buttons to show off funky socks or just to style them differently. Honestly, they really help to symbolize the pant and I would be disappointed if they didn’t include them! The somewhat small detail that I think is a cute touch is the patch on the leg that reads, “Adidas The Brand with the Three Stripes.” Adidas is such a recognizable brand, and this kind of marketing makes it memorable. The retro vibe of these pants has me thinking 3 stripes, you’re in (in fashion, obviously)!

Nothing like a cute little crop top to top off the look! Crop tops and high-rise pants are a great match because you can show a little skin without having your entire stomach on display. Crops are another garment that some people shy away from, but the truth is that you don’t have to be a supermodel to rock one. The waistband of these pants and the hem of the shirt leave only about two inches of skin showing—the cutest peek-a-boo midriff! This Adidas top has many qualities that will ensure your “baller” status; first of all, it is mesh and resembles the look of a basketball jersey with its breathable material. Another reason has to do with layering because it is such an amazing way to amp up an outfit, and this top makes it easier than ever. Why? Well, that white undershirt peeking through is actually sewn into the top. So, you get all the aesthetics of a layered look without any extra bulk or hassle! Lastly, it is not surprising that I love a logo! The white Adidas logo is the icing on the cake as it ties the entire look together, meaning there is no mistaking that you are an Adidas fan (no matter who you are rooting for on the court)! If you prefer an alternative, you can always wear a solid color crop top or a bodysuit to accommodate your own personal style!

Sneakers are an obvious footwear choice because they serve as a complement to the sporty look. I also chose to stick with the Adidas theme and wear my white Adidas sneaks (and socks) to be fully committed! White sneakers of any kind are a wardrobe essential since they are extremely versatile and can be worn with dresses, pants, skirts, jumpsuits, and even gowns! Like anything in fashion, there are even different styles of the basic (or shall I say not so basic) white sneaker. For example, mine are a bit bulkier with a rather wide width, thick sole, and sturdy material. The chunky look balances this outfit, as opposed to a more streamlined canvas sneaker. My shoes aren’t quite as statement making as the popular dad sneaker, which is essentially another form of a chunky sneaker that dads are known for wearing. Whether you like stealing your dad’s style or not, I recommend a substantial sneaker to coordinate with the volume of the pants! If you want to be chic, yet unexpected, you could even try a white patent leather kitten heel bootie and unsnap a few buttons to show off the bold shoes (that’s very specific, but trust me when I say it is high fashion)! As far as  accessories go, a trendy fanny pack would look so cute with this ensemble. I have yet to jump on the fanny pack bandwagon because I am such a handbag girl, but I know that a fabulous fanny pack would always have your back!

I bought this outfit with no intentions of playing sports in it, but fake it ’til you make it, right?! I have dabbled in basketball, but never stuck with it because it simply wasn’t for me. I also attended many spring sports meetings in high school because I always thought I would be good at track, but my sports career never took flight because I would talk myself out of it. To this day, I love running, but I really only do it for exercise, not to be competitive. Do you guys play sports? Leave me a comment down below and let me know your favorite! Personally, I would rather watch than participate! I have an appreciation for sports, but it is important to pursue what your passions are, and athletics isn’t mine. Instead, I devoted my extracurriculars to dancing and my clubs and inevitably found my strengths. Life works in weird ways, so never try to force something that isn’t right for you. Yes, I thought it would have been fun to be athletic like a lot of my friends, but then I discovered that I had different talents, and I was okay with that! Now, I can embrace that athletic look without even breaking a sweat! You may want to sprint for mint by combing those closets after reading this blogpost! Be on the lookout for retro silhouettes and classic shoes to be all kinds of sporty chic! If you are too busy shooting hoops, then don’t miss scoring this look and shop my links below! Have a wonderful week and Happy Closet Combing!

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