Sun n' Stripes

Hey there, loves! Long time, no post! You don’t know how good it feels to be working on my blog again! This semester has been the busiest one yet, and though I really enjoy college, I am also looking forward to enjoying a summer off. I am ready to swim, sleep in, and, most importantly, celebrate that I am done with Accounting 201 (now I just have to get through one more accounting class in the fall…yay!). The nice weather we’ve been having was making me anxious to get out of the classroom and into my bikini! Sunshine is not only great for a little vitamin D, but it has the ability to boost your mood and bring out the colorful, playful side of people. To commemorate the days getting longer (and I guess you can say the hems getting shorter, in this case), I wore a terry cloth Tommy Hilfiger dress, denim platform sandals, and accessorized with my red bag to really make the stripes “pop!” This outfit is perfect because it is casual and easy to throw on for a fun spring day. Grabbing brunch or going to the mall—this dress does it all! I find that as the temperatures rise, I crave effortless styles like this because you don’t even have to think about it. Now that my finals are successfully completed and my sophomore year of college is over, the only thing on my mind is pool days and bonfires. So, keep on reading to get in the the mood for fun in the sun…and in stripes! 

Maybe I am crazy, but there is truly something magical about falling in love with a piece of clothing the moment you lay eyes on it. I have never experienced the “love at first sight” phenomena with any guys, but I can assure you that I feel that way about garments (lol)! This little Tommy Hilfiger dress stood out to me because it was so refreshing. It still fits the Hilfiger aesthetic as it is classic and rather minimalistic, but the vibrant stripes against the crisp white seemed a bit more whimsical than usual Tommy pieces. The colors thoughtfully coordinate as the primary shades (red, yellow, blue) make a statement while the subtle light pink (look closely because it is a little hard to see) offsets the saturated tones and adds an unexpected pop. Of course, the signature navy contrasts so “TOMMY” can be seen when you walk in the room. After all, Tommy Hilfiger has always been part of brand culture and logo worship in which people proudly flaunt designer logos, names, and trademarks. It was very big in the 90s and is still prevalent today thanks to the 90s nostalgia. Clearly, I am an honorary Tommy Girl, though my hair likes to get in the way of the letters! The fabric is 100% cotton terry cloth, making it super comfortable to wear, especially on warm days. As far as silhouette goes, this tee dress has short sleeves and a looser fit that is similar to a shift. I forgot to mention that perhaps my favorite feature about this entire dress is that it has pockets! That’s right, ladies, pockets! Too many times have I encountered faux pockets that serve no purpose, but you can casually rest your hands in these babies! Pockets are definitely a nice touch that accent the laid-back vibe of this look. Between the rainbow stripes that are both classy and youthful, the flattering shape, and the functional pockets, this dress is all you need because it is a summer staple indeed! 
One thing that is always true about me is that I never leave the house without my purse. Even if I am in sweats and my bag doesn’t match, I can guarantee you that it is still attached to me! I am pretty sure I am the only girl who drags both a heavy backpack and purse to class, but I am a sucker for a good accessory. A red bag complemented the red stripes and piping around the neckline, but it is also a classic choice when it comes to purses. Red is a power color known to add an interesting element to any ensemble, and I happen to love the bucket style. It has structure and lots of space for all of your favorite things! In other words, mine is filled with lipstick, a mirror, my phone, my keys, my wallet,  and a bunch of receipts that seem to accumulate at the bottom (plus a bunch of other junk that I can’t list off the top of my head)! Does anyone else have a bottomless pit of random stuff in their bag or is it just me? This bag is great for lugging my belongings because it has a shoulder strap and a gold button top handle for easy carrying. Unfortunately, this is my Henri Bendel purse, and Bendels went out of business this year (cue the tears), but there are plenty of other great red bags out there in the world. I love a cherry red for summer, so pay attention to the shade variations when picking out your purse. Or, if you aren’t a purse girl, but still can’t fit everything in those pockets, then you can try a cute mini backpack for a sportier look! 

Last but not least is the shoes! I wanted to keep things exciting, so I threw on my denim platforms and took on the world. I admit that they look a bit intimidating, but the height they give is empowering enough to help you get over your fears! They actually aren’t as hard to walk in as you may think because the block heel and thick platform give you a lot of stability, as compared to a stiletto. I love these sandals because they ensure a 70s throwback feeling, meaning they are sort of funky, but nonetheless, very chic. If that weren’t enough, the denim makes it even better because you can never go wrong with denim, so why not incorporate it in your footwear instead of just your pants?! It basically goes with any outfit and matches the timeless theme of this look. If you aren’t ready to conquer the platforms or they just aren’t your thing, then you can try a white or colored sneaker, mules, or even the ever-so-popular Birkenstocks to keep you stepping in style! 
Now that finals are over, I can take time to stop and smell the daffodils! There is something so quaint about the white fence and the yellow flowers, so I wanted to take a minute to not only admire them, but take an artsy picture! It was such a peaceful day when we shot this, even though my life was very chaotic due to school. But, it still feels bitter sweet to be done with my sophomore year of college. I really felt as if this year was a huge year of growth and new beginnings for me (which is kind of ironic, being surrounded by flowers). My fall and spring semesters were a whirlwind of moving to my first apartment, living alone, joining clubs, meeting new people, experiencing new things, and getting to uncover stuff that I never knew about myself. It made me sad to clean out my apartment, as well as to say goodbye to college friends and miscellaneous adventure. However, I am happy to be back home with my family and my kitty, and I am appreciating time to relax. And in case you were wondering, I also gained plenty of knowledge regarding various topics, but the thing I loved most about this year was learning to enjoy every moment, and I want to continue to do so throughout the rest of my time in school and in each day of my life. I am so sentimental that I always love to reflect on my endeavors, and then I realize I tend to get a bit off topic! But who doesn’t love a little inspirational thinking?! I hope I inspired you to not only live life one day at a time, but to also comb those closets! Look for rainbow stripes, red that’s ripe, and platforms that are all the hype! If you are preoccupied fixating on flowers, then shop my links! Thank you for being so patient in waiting for me to publish new content—I love all you babes! Happy Closet Combing! 
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