Wrapped in Fashion

Hi lovelies! Can you believe it is April already?! I happened to fall for an April Fool’s joke last week, so my month was off to an interesting start! But, there are no jokes on The Closet Comber, just lots of fashion mixed with lots of fun! As you can tell, I was having a great time enjoying the warmer temperatures. My true personality shines through when I am not shivering behind the camera! To embrace the 60 degree weather, I headed to the woods to shoot this casual, rather organic outfit. Because it isn’t quite time to bust out the sandals and sundresses, I wanted to style a look that is weather appropriate, yet fresh and springlike. I chose to wear a lavender wrap sweater with a floral neck scarf, fray hem jeans, blush mules, and accessorized with a metallic Michael Kors cross-body bag. You can wear this ensemble to class, to lunch, or even to a bridge in the wilderness! I don’t necessarily recommend hiking in mules, but you can definitely still appreciate nature and have a cute photo sesh. I love this look because, though it seems simple, the small details make a large impact! The wrap style, hint of metallic, print scarf, and frayed denim all combine to create an outfit that is perfect for spring and all of the activities that go along with the season! So, keep on reading for details on these pieces and for the inside (or should I say outside?) scoop on how to get wrapped in fashion!

Another post, another pastel! I love pastels all year long, but there is something about springtime that makes me want to wear them as much as possible! I have actually had this sweater since Christmas (which feels like ages ago), but have been waiting for the right opportunity to feature it on the blog. I figured now is the time because lavender is all the rage on the runways and in the stores, making this an essential! The lavender color was definitely popular for 2018, but it seems to be sticking around in the new year. Either way, shades of purple flatter so many different skin tones, and lavender will always be a gorgeous color, so this is me informally declaring it “in” for 2019! Plus, Easter is right around the corner, and this would pair beautifully with a skirt for a holiday outfit! The silhouette was what really drew me to this piece because of the feminine wrap. Sweaters like these were always popular among my fellow dancers when growing up with girls at my local dance studio. Ballerinas often wear wrap sweaters for warm ups, but now this dancer’s staple is taking the streets! You can tie it loosely and wear a cami or bralette underneath for pretty details peeking through, or you can cinch it tighter and just wear it as a top. The tie accentuates the waist, making this work on every body, and it adds an extra dose of cuteness! The fabric is warm, though it is lightweight enough that you won’t be too hot during these spring days. It is a cozy piece that you will want to throw on for the April showers and the sunny days in between! 

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Who could forget the famous Miranda Priestly quote from The Devil Wears Prada? It is an iconic moment and an iconic movie for any fashionista or movie-lover in general! It is true that florals are very predictable, but they are just so darn pretty that you can’t help but wear them, Miranda! Florals are a classic for spring, but I introduced them in small doses with this Kate Spade neck scarf. I didn’t get a close-up of the print; it is an abstract/painterly floral mixed with black, white, magenta, and light pink shades, with a lavender base color. Neck scarves are always going to be a fun accessory that can easily take your look to the next level. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good necklace, but neck scarves tend to have a little more drama and stand out. A neck scarf is just what this sweater needed to give the ensemble more color and complement the flirty aesthetic. The sweater/scarf combo is so classic and is certainly a match made in heaven. If you feel the same way about florals as Miranda, then you can opt for a geometric print, pinstripe, or polka dot! If you don’t like the idea of the scarf around your neck, then try using it as a belt for your jeans, a head-wrap in your hair, or tie it on your purse to give it some personality! The possibilities are endless! 

Last weekend, I went shopping (surprise, surprise) and found some amazing deals. Honestly, I didn’t know what my weekend was going to entail, but when I am by a store, I can’t help but scope it out. I am a fashion student though, so I like to think of shopping as a field study…so it is educational, right?! Anyway, I have some pieces I am saving for summer, but I had to show you all this Michael Kors cross-body that I purchased on my trip. Ironically, I was wearing this outfit when I bought it and thought that it must be a sign because it goes so well with my look! In the midst of all the beautiful bags, this little guy immediately caught my eye because of the cool metallic leather. It is a pinkish/purple shade that stood out—maybe it is because the way this bag reflects light, it demands attention! It is a great bag for not only everyday outfits, but also for traveling or going out. It is big enough to hold your phone, keys, and lipstick, but small enough to not be annoying when running around. The metallic finish works for both day and night—amping up a daytime look and complementing your girl’s night out attire! I love that the round canteen style is different from my usual, boxy bags, because I like variety when it comes to my wardrobe and my accessories. Cross-bodies are so convenient because they are compact and easy to grab when you are on the go. So, I 100% recommend if you are a busy woman. With festival season coming up, this metallic MK will be perfect for listening to your favorite artists while looking chic and staying organized. Now, I just need to get me some tickets! 
I went a little out of order when explaining my pieces because you have seen these jeans before in my V-day blogpost. They are fitted through the waist and thighs, and flare out at the bottom with a fray hem. Fray is my favorite due to the fact that it feels very raw and takes regular denim up a notch. It is always exciting to find jeans that have unexpected details to keep casual dressing interesting. The cropped style is also great for this time of year, allowing you to show a little leg and show off some cute shoes! Speaking of shoes, once I started wearing mules, I decided that I can’t stop, so I chose some simple blush mules for my feet. I could rant for paragraphs about how much I obsess over mules for their comfort and ease, but if you have been an avid reader, then you know how strongly I feel about them! Even if you casually visit the blog or are new here, then trust me when I say that mules are a great footwear option. I realize, though, that everyone has different tastes, so you have lots of choices when picking out denim and shoes to go with this look. You can try a high-waisted mom jean, some distressed denim, wide-leg pants, or the good old skinny jean. If you want to be a bit more fancy, then wear a floral skirt or get creative and wear the sweater wrapped over a dress. When it comes to shoes, you too have the freedom to put your own spin on the look. A lace up wedge sandal, crochet espadrille, or canvas sneaker would look amazing. Comb those closets and do you! 
Don’t mind me just looking at the duckies swimming down stream! I wish I had more time to step back like this and look at nature more often because it is truly so therapeutic. To take time to inhale all the beauty that surrounds us, really makes you appreciate creation a little more. As school winds down soon, I want to make it a mission of mine to spend extra time outdoors to unplug and recharge. A fresh air escape from my apartment and campus was what I needed to reenergize to get through the rest of this semester. I do absolutely love college, but I keep a busy schedule that can get overwhelming at times. Being creative and doing what I love while getting in touch with nature helps keep me sane! What do you guys like to do when life gets stressful? Leave me a comment down below because we all could use tips to stress less. It may sound crazy, but spending time with my clothes is calming to me because I love styling looks and figuring out new ways to wear pieces. I guess it is also kind of stressful when I am figuring out what to wear at the last minute when nothing is “speaking” to me. Luckily, I do all of the hard work, so you guys just need to comb those closets for wrap sweaters (maybe you have some from dance days, too!) nifty neck scarves, daring denim, and metallic bags! If you are too busy soaking in nature and all the spring weather, then shop my links below! That’s a wrap babes, so Happy Closet Combing! 
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