Welcome to the Jungle

Hey there, my loves! It is finally spring break for me, and I am so excited to exhale! I like keeping busy, but I am notorious for spreading myself too thin, especially during the school year. This week, I don’t have any exciting plans to soak up the sun or party the night away, but I am just happy to sleep in. In fact, I am currently sick again for the third time this winter, so a date with my bed is just what the doctor ordered. Despite having a head cold, I threw on a fierce look and went shooting because I really wanted to get a post done for you all. Needless to say, things weren’t working in our favor between my sickness, the wind (see below pictures of my hair flying in my face), the cold, and the fact that it was getting dark out as we were snapping pics (oh and the batteries died in my camera mid-shoot). It’s a jungle out there, am I right?! On days like these, I have found that a good outfit is the best remedy. This week, I chose to style a snake print trench, my black knee rip jeans, a basic tee, metallic oxfords, and my beloved Gucci bag. This ensemble is perfect for when you want to get in touch with your inner animal instincts. It is bold, demands attention, and gives you an instant boost of confidence! All the pieces are extremely versatile, and you probably have some of these items in your closet already. I may not be at the beach, but I am trading in my swimsuit for some (faux) snakeskin and taking advantage of a different getaway in this post. For all of the details, keep on reading and let me say, “Welcome to the Jungle,” babes!

This snakeskin piece is the star because it is clearly a stand-out jacket. I would say the way I ended up with this garment was definitely written in the stars! You know how I love a good story, so I will share: It was about 3 days after Christmas and I went shopping with my parents to make a few returns. Of course, I got distracted from my mission and went into a store where I haven’t shopped in years. We were just about to leave, and I decided to do a quick lap to make sure there wasn’t a great find I was missing. Then, it was a glorious moment when I immediately spotted this jacket and called my mom over to come see it. Honestly, she wasn’t a huge fan, but she told me that I should buy it if I liked it. After agonizing over it, I decided to empty my wallet of my Christmas money, and I am so glad that I did. And in case you were wondering, my mom loves it now, too!

Since you know the story, let’s talk about the style! I love that this jacket is a mix of trendy and classic. The silhouette is a timeless trench that is so flattering on all body types because it allows you to cinch and define the waist with the belt feature. The print is more on the wild side because of the snakeskin, but that is what makes it fun! Sure, florals are pretty, but there is something about snakeskin that gives off a “cool girl” vibe. I can’t stop staring at the interesting and intricate details of this print! It is super trendy at the moment, and I swear that ever since I bought this jacket, I have been seeing snake everywhere. It is on the runways, on the streets, and all over social media! I can’t tell you how many bloggers I have seen with snakeskin booties, bags, skirts, belts, tops, jackets, etc.! Though it has been declared a 2019 trend, I believe snakeskin can never really go out of style. Animal prints, in general, are always popping up in magazines and on the models, so don’t get hung up on whether or not you are with the times. Snakeskin comes in many fun colors, but the natural shades are easier to style and have more wearability that will give it a longer use life in your closet. If you want a “real” look without harming any creatures, then shop for fabrics that have the waxy sheen (as you can see from the reflective nature of my jacket). I do highly insist that you stick to faux snakeskin for a number of reasons—it looks lifelike (the sewing even resembles scales on mine), it is way cheaper, and innocent snakes don’t have to be killed for the purpose of fashion! Don’t miss out on getting your hands on some because prints are such a great way to take an outfit to the next level!  Coats and jackets are helpful to get your fill because they are so easy to throw on over a dress or jeans, and they add a little extra warmth! You can never go wrong with extra layers in Pennsylvania! Comb those closets for some snakeskin that is sure to slither into your wardrobe for good!

There is nothing crazy going on with the base of my look—just a simple tee and jeans. I surely encourage you all to experiment with mixing prints and adding colors to your outfits, but I wanted to keep this ensemble chic and practical. To be honest, between the jacket, shoes, and bag, there are plenty of things going on! So, I figured that you can’t go wrong with jeans and a tee, and those are essentials that most people have and love. Of course, I don’t have an unlimited supply of denim and cotton t-shirts, meaning these pieces should look familiar to you. But, for those of you who are new or need a little recap, I will give you the rundown. The black tee is long sleeved, but it is a very thin cotton, making it amazing for layering under a light jacket for the spring! As much as I love being warm, I find really thick material makes me a bit too toasty at times. Because this is an edgier style, I thought that the rip jeans would really complement the aesthetic. They are a pair of black, high-waisted skinny jeans in which I was daring enough to cut slits. It’s not difficult at all to hit refresh on a pair of denim; all you have to do is put on the jeans, make a chalk mark where you want to cut, slice them up with some fabric scissors, and there you have it! I went for a sleek black underneath because it is slimming and always a fan favorite. Plus, it really brings out the print! If you are feeling fancy,  try wearing some faux leather leggings, a vinyl skirt, or a LBD under the jacket!

If I could personally show all of you these metallic oxfords in real life, I would! I don’t think there is a camera out there that would do them complete justice because they are that stunning! Santa treated me well, as these were a Christmas gift that surely keeps on giving. I have worn them so many times since I got them and I will continue to do so until the soles are scuffed off because they are timeless! Just like a trench, oxfords are also a classic staple, and the metallic finish gives them a modern twist. I really like that these shoes are menswear inspired, creating a sense of androgyny by mixing masculinity and femininity. The shiny pewter color gives them an updated, uptown vibe that adds the right amount of flair while still being extremely chic and fashionable. For my ladies who love an easy slip-on, these shoes are for you! There are no ties, zippers, or straps! I am typically rushing out the door for class, so I appreciate anything that makes my life a little easier. The style, color, and ease makes metallic oxfords a must! They are an eye-catching pair of shoes, and all this fancy footwear will makes you want to step out in style!

You have also met my pride and joy, a.k.a. my vintage Gucci bag. Be prepared to continue to see this heirloom for many posts to come because she, too, fits the classic mold! I chose to style my Gucci because the brown hues paired perfectly with the snakeskin and broke up some of the black in the look. Black bags are great, but because there is a lot of black included in this outfit, it is nice to add variety. If you want to work with color, then red, emerald, or any jewel tone will beautifully coincide!

By now, I am sure that you have the Guns n’ Roses song permanently stuck in your head! Speaking of, I actually modeled this in a Rock n’ Roll segment of a fashion show at my college, so it is rockstar approved as well! My true vision for Welcome to the Jungle was to portray the concrete jungle, but I didn’t have much cityscape to work with in Punxsutawney. However, I have been missing NYC a lot and am craving a trip! Do you guys enjoy cities? If so, leave a comment below and let me know your favorite city to travel to! I have a fun city trip planned in April but I don’t want to give away the destination because I hope to do a shoot there! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain! Anyway, I am happy to be home in Punxsy and writing in the comforts of my bedroom. It is an improvement from the last time I blogged because I was sitting in my apartment when it lost power and I had to type in complete blackness. Luckily, I had a yummy scented candle to shed some light! I always seem to go off on tangents when I am wrapping up the blog, but I hope you enjoyed this getaway to the “Jungle!” It is all the fun without fearing the real pythons and anacondas (snakes are so pretty, but I don’t think I would want to encounter a big one)! So, be sure to comb those closets for pieces that will allow you to rep your favorite reptiles, as well as black basics and shiny shoes! If you are too busy living it up on spring break, or jamming to some classic rock, then shop my links below! Have a great week and Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

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Shirt: https://rstyle.me/+RS5QgTx0yj48CtZth0ubSA

Jeans: https://rstyle.me/+fKpJN68Pu5WODe9STNKCZg

Shoes: https://rstyle.me/+6ZLQbwZvQOmMMrC6TZr8Sg (SALE)

Bag: https://rstyle.me/+1rcLKWxeu3crCtroBU99pA

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