Too Cool for School

Hey loves! The good news is that spring break is on the horizon (and hopefully spring weather is too), but school is still in full swing at IUP! My weeks have been filled with studying, taking tests, writing papers, and everything in between. I figured in the midst of the chaotic semester, I would reminisce of the days when school consisted of practicing flash cards and coloring pictures. I went back to my roots at my Catholic elementary school, but “upgraded” the uniform a little bit. I actually was inspired by one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies, Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Cher is a fan of plaid, as well as mini skirts, and I wanted to mix a little bit of Beverly Hills heiress with my schoolgirl past. I wore a black long sleeve tee, tucked into a plaid belted skirt, tights, over-the-knee boots, and a wool beret. I’m not sure whether or not this outfit would have gotten me sent to the principal’s office back in the day, but I am sure that it is fashionista approved, both in and out of the classroom! In class, at the mall, or on a date, this ensemble is A+ material! Of course, we all don’t have a closet like Cher in which our clothes are digitally organized and we can sit at a computer to put a look together, but that’s where I come in! Cher had all the riches, but you have The Closet Comber! So, grab your notebooks and your fuzzy pens, and I’ll teach you how to look too cool for school (but don’t worry, this is not a graded assignment)!

When someone mentions a plaid skirt, the first thing that comes to my mind is a schoolgirl. It does make total sense because my old uniform consisted of plaid jumpers/skorts. Looking back, it is actually kind of ironic because I absolutely hated wearing a uniform since I loved clothes and was forced to wear the same thing all the time. Needless to say, as I got older, I would accessorize with neon bracelets, funky belts, and flower headbands, to let my creativity shine through. As much as I hated being told what to wear in my elementary/middle school years, I am still rocking the plaid skirts in college in 2019. Plaid has always been a classic with flannels, coats, blazers, and blouses, but skirts are definitely where I get my fix. Plaid skirts never really went out of style, but they have been particularly trendy over the past few seasons. There is something innocent, yet edgy about them, and they also mimic some iconic looks from the celebs of the 90s (is “Hit Me Baby One More Time” playing in anyone’s head right now?). Girls of today are wearing them with chunky knit sweaters, cardigans, and crop tops, but I tucked in a simple tee to show of the belt. My skirt is a gorgeous royal blue color, and it incorporates contrasting black and white. The length is a flirtatious mini that hits above the knee, but you can always throw on some compression shorts underneath if you fear a wardrobe malfunction. Back to the belt: The belt is so cute because it adds that little extra “something” that takes this skirt up a notch. The best part about the belt is that it is functional! This skirt isn’t elastic…it has a side zipper instead. However, it is still a little roomy on me, but the belt cinches everything together, while defining the waist even more! Comb those closets because you never know, if you were a private school kid, maybe you could see if you can fit in your old uniform! You will be feeling mad about plaid in no time!

I don’t want to bore you with tons of details about my black, long sleeve top. After all, it is pretty self explanatory. I chose to wear it because it is a very thin cotton fabric that can be easily tucked. I hate bulk when I want to tuck in my tops, so the thinner, the better! I love long sleeves because I swear I am cold blooded and am always chilly. The v-neck feature is the perfect showcase for a pretty necklace (you can catch me wearing my “M” initial basically 24/7)! Of course, as I mentioned above, crop tops are a great option to pair with this skirt, especially as we move towards warmer weather, but for now, it looks like cozy clothes are still in the forecast for me! A sleek bodysuit would be a great option to wear, as well, or try a knit sweater and roll the hem to create a cropped effect! You won’t get dress-coded, so put your own spin on the look!

My friend and I just recently had a little “Galentine’s” girl’s night, and of course, the topic of fashion came up (she is also a fashion major). We were talking about how over-the-knee boots, OTK for short, look great on everyone! I got a new pair of OTK boots for Christmas, and I was so happy because they were a surprise from my mom! Let me tell ya, my mom knows how to pick them because I love this particular style. My old pair of black OTKs had a tie feature that caused them to always slide down, and they became really stretched out because I wore them all the time. These ones, however, are made from a stiffer material that holds shape better, and they have a zipper! I have already worn them a ton, and it is a great feeling to not have to yank them up constantly! Different boot features work differently for others, depending on various factors like calf/leg size, but no matter what, everyone should get a pair of these babies! Over-the-knee boots are so flattering because they elongate your legs and keep you warm, too! In my opinion, they make even a simple jeans and tee combo look 10x more fashionable!  They are perfectly paired with a short skirt because they balance out the look. The only kind of math I like to talk about is the equation, OTK boots+ Mini skirts = A Chic Outfit! No calculator needed—just cute clothes! They also remind me of knee socks, which are definitely part of the school girl aesthetic! Though I highly recommend OTKs, they are other options if you would prefer more variety. You can opt for a pair of ballet flats, oxfords, booties, or sneakers (a white tee and white sneakers would be such a cute look for spring—we all know that sneaks are not just for those dreaded P.E. classes anymore)!

Though I don’t always get to be extra artsy because of time, weather, location, etc., I try to create some sort of narrative with my blog posts. Just how magazines have fashion spreads that tell a story, I like to think of my blog the same way. These last two pics of me in the halls represent one of my favorite parts of school—the “leisure” time in between classes. Those couple minutes of “freedom” were always the best time to decide where you and your friends were going to meet up to walk to lunch, to reapply your lipstick, or to grab a snack to get you through algebra. When I was in high school, you couldn’t be on your phone in the halls (turns out, now you can???!?!?), but we all were a little rebellious, right? Plus, Cher Horowitz was known to take a few calls in the halls! Hats were also not allowed, but in The Closet Comber’s classroom, we embrace the beret! Berets are often thought of, at least to us Americans, to be part of the French fashionista’s wardrobe. This is true, but it is also a stereotypical view because berets are so much more than a fashion staple for our Parisian counterparts. I’ll save the history lesson for another day, but berets were worn for political statements, revolutionary symbols, and for fashion, of course. The history of this little wool hat dates back centuries, and I suggest you check it out if you ever have some free time on your hands! Today, people of many backgrounds from all over the world wear berets, and it is now mostly considered a chic accessory. Berets have been seen on tons of street style stars and bloggers because they are definitely a great headpiece. Their shape is unique, and certainly different than your average floppy hat or beanie. I love experimenting with my style, but I admit that I was a bit apprehensive to try a beret, in fear that it wouldn’t look good on me. Then, I kept seeing so many girls wearing them on Instagram and Pinterest, so I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone, and I am glad that I did! I actually received a compliment that I wore a beret really well! Try styling it like me by keeping it flopped over to one side. Don’t let your fears get in the way—take the plunge, and wear a beret!

School’s out (for today…not for summer just yet)! I hope you enjoyed this fashion lesson on how to be chic and trendy! I literally was kicking it old school at my old school! I had so much fun walking those halls and sitting in the classrooms again because there are so many great memories that came flooding back to me as soon as I walked through the doors. It was there that I met some of my best friends (who I am still very close with, all these years later), learned so many new things, and discovered my love of writing. I remember one teacher in particular who really encouraged me to do more with my writing, and I am so grateful for her support! What is one of your favorite memories from elementary/middle/high school? Leave me a comment down below! Also, let me know how many of you are also lovers of Clueless? If you are, you may have noticed that I tried to recapture a few scenes like when she is up at the podium giving her debate, and concludes that, “It doesn’t say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty.” Good point, Cher! I also had to make sure to use a pink fuzzy pen because it is honestly so fitting and so cute! Pro tip: Fab supplies make note-taking more fun! Your homework is to comb those closets for plaid skirts, berets, and OTK boots that will have you ranked top of the class! If you are thinking, “As if,” then shop my links below! Happy Closet Combing!

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