Pink and Red Threads

Hey loves! Doesn’t it seem like it is just one holiday after another these days?! Phil just gave us the best forecast prediction—an early spring—and now Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! I don’t have much romance in my life, but luckily, I have lots of pink and red that keep me feeling the love! Aside from the colors, V-day is the best time to stock up on chocolates and watch rom coms (Breakfast at Tiffany’s is always a must) to get you through the last of the dreary months. Movies and munchies can be enjoyed solo, with your friends, or with your significant other, but one thing you can’t forget this year is your outfit! Valentine’s Day is so fun to dress for, especially for all my girly girls who love hearts and feminine color palettes (don’t worry, you can always add a little bit of edge, if that is your style). This year, I chose to wear an oversized striped sweater, cropped fray-hem jeans, heart booties, and a red bag to pull it all together! These pieces are a great investment because they are very versatile, meaning they are appropriate for many different date ideas, and they can also be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion! From dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend to dessert with your besties, this outfit works for all kinds of fun festivities. The selling point for this look is the fact that it is so extremely comfy, you don’t even have to feel like you need to unbutton your jeans after indulging in all those chocolate truffles! So, whether you have a partner in crime, or are riding solo like myself, keep on reading to see how I style pink and red threads that will make you fall in love with your outfit all over again!

If you can believe it, I have been wearing the same two “heart print” sweaters for years on February 14th. In fact, last year I posted one on my blog, and this year I was planning on featuring the other, but they are honestly getting a bit old. Therefore, I decided the next time I went shopping, I was going to upgrade my V-day look if I could find something for a good price (nothing beats the clearance section)! I must have went shopping on the perfect day because I ended up finding two pieces that were fitting for the holiday. I chose to share this sweater, though, because it is colorful, cute, and cozy! Despite me being more of a polka dot girl, I can’t get over how cute these classic stripes are! The graphic pink and red stripes are so bold and attention grabbing as well as very playful. When I think of Valentine’s day, I can’t help but think of the traditional colors of red and pink (how cute? that rhymes)! The grey base is a nice neutral that contrasts beautifully, allowing the stripes to really stand out. And don’t worry about the old fashion myth that stripes are unflattering; there is a stripe out there for every body type. If you are a little self conscious, the oversized fit ensures there is no clinging in areas you wish to conceal. Most importantly, oversized pieces are often trending and always snuggly. I love that this isn’t so big that it is sloppy, but it isn’t so tight that you find yourself tugging at it all day. Winter is not my favorite season, but sweaters are some of my favorite things to wear because of the material. Knits, wool, cotton blends, etc., feel great against the skin, and they feel even better when the temps are cold. As I type this post, there is snow falling outside my window, so I am already planning on wearing a sweater to class tomorrow! Comb those closets for pink and red sweaters to wear with your sweetheart!

For anyone who lives in a cold climate, then your winter uniform is probably jeans and a sweater 75% of the time. It is easy, chic, and the weather is usually too nasty for anything else. I am also a fan of the old faithful sweater/jeans combo, but at some point, it starts to become boring and repetitive. So, I like to spice things up with some fun denim because this isn’t your average pair of jeans. These jeans are a crop style that feature criss-cross fraying at the hem. I like how they are fitted through the waist and thighs, and flare out at the calves. The fraying is a quirky feature that makes any look a little more exciting! Because of the cropped cut, booties pair perfectly with these jeans. It is so nice to not have to take time to cuff the hem to show of your shoes! I mentioned earlier how you don’t have to stress about treating yourself to yummy treats when wearing these pants because of the stretch. These jeans feel like a second skin and mold nicely to hug you in all the right places. I don’t have them sitting in front of me to tell you the exact fiber content, but I know there is some sort of spandex that enables all of the give. Without a doubt, these are the comfiest jeans I own. Plus, they are high-waisted, so you can tuck or half-tuck your top and create the illusion of longer legs. If you are looking to dress up a bit more, then you can always ditch the jeans and throw on a red or pink fit-and-flare skirt for an equally flirty look.

I impulsively bought this Henri Bendel bag a few weeks ago, and I never knew how much I needed it in my life! I have a tiny red bag, but this bucket bag is great to take to class because it is so spacious. The reason I bought this bag wasn’t solely for the style, but for the fact that Henri Bendel was closing their doors for good. If you didn’t know, Henri Bendel was an iconic Fifth Avenue retailer that was in operation for roughly 124 years. I came to know them through watching my favorite shows, such as Gossip Girl and The Nanny, when the New York socialites got their luxury fix at the famous store. Henri Bendel has been a part of fashion and culture for decades, and I wanted to make it a mission of mine to own another piece from this retailer that will go down in history. About a year ago, I bought a stunning black and white leather laptop case, but this time around, I wanted a purse that I could carry anywhere and everywhere. The site closed down towards the end of January, and I spotted this bag just in time. A lot of the items were picked over, but ironically, this bag is the style and color I have been wanting. I love bucket bags because they hold so many of my belongings and they resemble a fashionable version of a bucket. The red color and handle, however, are what immediately caught my eye. Red is such a great pop of color that you can incorporate with your looks during any season of the year. It is a power color for all of you boss ladies, as well as a statement maker. The handle is my favorite touch because it takes this purse up a notch. The scallop edges are so feminine, and the gold button details are the perfect amount of hardware. Unfortunately, it is the end of an era for Bendel’s, but the legacy and craftsmanship will live on forever.

I feel like I have been typing forever, and truthfully, I have plenty of accounting and econ homework to be doing, but I can’t fail to showcase these blush heart booties! They scream Valentine’s Day with the rose gold heart embellishments, and they are just so darn adorable. I bought them back in November for my birthday, and there have been numerous occasions in which I reached for these shoes. The blush color is very neutral, so don’t think these booties are reserved for February 14th only. They are very unique but they aren’t so “out there” that you can’t wear them for everyday. I probably sound like a broken record, but you guys know just how easy it is to walk in block heels! The only thing that is slightly inconvenient is that these are made of suede, and the light color tends to get dirty if you are stepping in areas with lots of salt and slush. Don’t sweat it too much because I did wear these out in the ugly weather, and they weren’t that difficult to clean. Like my mom always tells me, you buy them to wear, not to look at! If you aren’t ready to wear your heart on your shoes, then you can always opt for a sneaker or a colored rain boot/snow boot to complete your look! 
Pucker up, babes, because it is almost Valentine’s Day! This year, I have 3 classes and a 2 hour session to tutor Economics, so needless to say, I’ll have my head in the books! Who knows …maybe I will make time to have a little “Galentine’s” day with some of my friends! Do you guys have any fun plans for the holiday? Leave me a comment below! For all of you who are my singles ladies (and gents), take some time to love yourself—there is no law that says you can’t spoil yourself with some candy and shopping! I enjoy being single because it gives you a sense of freedom and it personally gives me time to focus on building a career, forming new friendships, and learning new things about myself! I am not hating on any of you couples, though! The moral of my mini enlightenment is that it doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, or married because love comes in many different forms and can be celebrated in all kinds of ways. So, comb those closets for threads in the shade of reds and pinks, along with denim that has personality, and booties to match your inner cutie! If you are too busy spreading the love, then you can always shop my links. I encourage you all to spread love each and every day to your family, friends, neighbors, and peers because love is always stronger than hate. I love all of you and I want to wish you a warm and Happy Valentine’s Day! And Happy Closet Combing, of course! 
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