Groundhog Day Glam

Hi loves! I just finished my first week of the spring semester, so needless to say, I am back to my extra crazy schedule. But, I am never too busy for my friend, Phil! Groundhog Day is a holiday that every native of Punxsutawney celebrates with great pride. February 2nd is when our tiny town thrives with tourists bundled up in Phil gear—people walk around the streets, take pictures with the statues, do a little souvenir shopping, and of course, make their way to Gobbler’s Knob. The majority of people go to the Knob in hopes to catch a glimpse of Phil working his prognosticating magic, but I have another agenda; a photo shoot! The Knob is beautiful with the snow-covered trees, and I couldn’t help but think of how the quaint section of woods becomes flooded with excited fans. Even Punxsy Phil has an appreciation for fashion (obviously because his handlers in the Inner Circle are always dressed to impress in their suits), so I decided to style a cute and cozy look, worthy of a trip to the home of the “Most Famous Groundhog.” I wore my oversized graphic crewneck that features a Phil motif, some knee-slit jeans, lug sole booties, and a crocheted tam hat to keep me warm! I love this look because it is not only practical, but oh so chic. Punxsutawney is the perfect place to show off your fabulous Phil ensembles, though whether or not you can make it to the Knob, you can still be festive by reading how I style some Groundhog Day Glam!

I don’t think I have ever worn a crewneck on my blog, but for ol’ Phil, I will make an exception. Crewnecks are actually one of my favorite pieces, and I can guarantee you that when I am home, I am probably curled up in some sort of sweats and a crewneck (does that make me a “Closet Comfy” because I dress cute in public, but comfortable in my house?!). With the athleisure movement, crewnecks are becoming a fashionable piece in peoples’ wardrobes. They come cropped, distressed, fitted, and dyed, but they can also be printed with a graphic design, like a groundhog, for instance. I love my specific crewneck because it is minimalistic. Black is always on trend, meaning you could never go wrong, and the print is so feminine and pretty. There is a silver, glittery scene with Phil in the forest, and in the cutest fonts, it reads, “Groundhog Day Punxsutawney, PA.” Short. Simple. Stylish. This crewneck is far from boring because the shimmer really adds another layer of interest without it being tacky. Usually, I am someone who gravitates towards more over-the-top pieces, but I appreciate how versatile this crewneck is. Since black is a neutral, you can choose to either stick to a muted palette like me, or jazz it up with colorful scarves, gloves, jackets, etc. Every year, you can switch your look! As far as fit goes, sizing up is what I prefer and actually recommend. This crewneck is a few sizes too big for me, so it gives me room for extra clothing underneath. Even if you don’t plan on wearing it outside, it’s much comfier to lounge in something oversized, in my opinion. So, you better hit up one of the shops in Punxsy to grab your groundhog gear for the events!

The story behind my jeans is interesting (at least to me it is) because they have lived a long life. I have had these jeans for at least 4 years, most likely longer, and they have been so good to me. They are the style I love, skinny fit with a high waist, and a great basic to pair with all sorts of clothes. Obviously, I found myself wearing them often, and my mom finally convinced me to buy a new pair. Well, being the “sentimental” person that I am, even though I bought a new pair of black jeans that became my go-to, I still kept these in the back of my drawer. I hardly wore them anymore, and they really just took up space in my dresser. But, I always have intentions of repurposing my clothes, so I decided to make some knee-slit jeans. Instead of buying a pair of the trendy jeans, it was super easy to cut slits in the knees. There are many fun ways to upgrade your old denim—you can splatter paint on them, embroider them, distress them, put patches on them, or cut them up. All I wanted was one cut on each leg; to achieve the look, I put on the jeans, drew a chalk line to determine where to cut, and used fabric scissors to execute it. I also used a kitchen grater to make them look more worn in. It only took me five minutes, and now I have some refreshed pants. I love the little bit of edge that the slits add. Surprisingly, my knees weren’t even cold (but if you plan on coming here for Groundhog Day, you may want to keep the exposed skin at a minimum)! You too can comb those closets for denim that you can breath new life into, or you can leave the scissors in your junk drawer and shop my links!

I am so excited about these lug sole booties I received for Christmas (btw..they are on sale right now)! My friend had the exact pair that she bought a while back, and I couldn’t believe it when I found them in the store! They are so fun and a great shoe for the winter. Lug soles are thick and have lots of traction, allowing you to walk around in the inclement weather with ease. These shoes have a chunky heel that is also durable and comfortable; in other words, you get all of the versatility without sacrificing style. The booties caught my eye the minute I saw them because they are much more unique than the typical black or brown bootie. There is something about them that feels very futuristic, probably because they are white and sleek, yet utilitarian. Sometimes, I even refer to them as my “space boots!” I love that these shoes are suited for winter because there are many instances when I want to wear white booties, but I can’t help but tip toe in the slush because I have a fear of falling. I can report that these shoes pass the test because I trudged around in the snow at the Knob, and my clumsiness didn’t get the best of me! I do recommend wearing a thicker pair of socks because these shoes are not insulated or lined with warm material. You can never have too many layers from head to toe! Oh and I forgot to mention that the heel gives you that extra boost, so you are able to see Phil over the crowds. That is one forecast you don’t want to miss!

Lastly, I wanted to talk about my hat because it is very special to me! If you thought my black jeans were old, then wait until you hear about this crocheted tam! I have had this since I was a little girl (I honestly can’t remember when I got it…that is how young I was)! In fact, I don’t believe that it even fit my head when I first received it, but I clearly grew into it! The crochet detail looks beautifully crafted, and it is also very pliable to fit the shape of the head. Not to mention, there is a cute little tassel at the top that is the icing on the cake! Hats (and gloves) are necessary for February 2nd, so don’t even worry if you are having a bad hair day! Though my tam is adorable and functional, my favorite thing about it is that it was a gift from my late Grandma Irene. When I put it on, I just feel overwhelmed with all of the memories of her, and I just know she would love my blog!

I think it is safe to say that I am pretty good at being a tourist in my own town! To be honest, there are a lot of things involving Groundhog Day that I never really explored (considering this is my home), but I am glad that I took the time to fully immerse myself in all things Phil. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been Phil’s number one fan, but now I can say that Phil truly found himself a cheerleader, hence the last picture. Whether you are a fanatic or not, Punxsutawney Phil can be heard all around the world and his forecast is especially crucial to us fashionistas. If it wasn’t for Phil, we wouldn’t know whether or not to buy another faux fur jacket, or start looking for bikinis! Do you guys have any plans for Groundhog Day? Comment and let me know if you plan on going to Gobbler’s Knob! As for me, I am not quite sure what is on my agenda, but I do know that I will be coming home from college this weekend. I wouldn’t be a Punxsy native if I didn’t return for all the hustle and bustle on the most exciting day of the year. Don’t forget to comb those closets for groundhog clothes to face all of the weather woes! Also, you better bundle up, babes, because it is looking like it is going to be a cold one. Here is to hoping Phil predicts some nice weather in the coming months! Have a safe and happy Groundhog Day and Happy Closet Combing! 

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