Christmastime in the City

Hey my loves! I am happy to report that I am done with finals and feeling a lot less stressed while writing this post. Now that the semester is over, I can fully get into the Christmas spirit! Around the holidays, I love doing activities that put me in a festive mood—watching movies, going to see lights, baking cookies, and listening to music, of course. Though I have had my Spotify Christmas playlist on repeat since October, I took it up a notch and attended the symphony this past weekend! I had such an amazing time in Pittsburgh and was thrilled to visit Heinz Hall again for a beautiful performance. Not only did the orchestra sound wonderful, but the architecture is breathtaking. Naturally, I had to have a little photoshoot because the venue was picture perfect. And, I love any excuse to get a little bit fancy! I wore a black bell sleeve top, a pleated midi skirt, leather booties, and carried my jewel encrusted box bag for some sparkle. This outfit was ideal for the symphony because it is classy, elegant, and appropriate for the season. It is festive in an understated way and so sophisticated. If you don’t have a date with the orchestra, you can still wear this ensemble to holiday parties, church services, or any occasion where you want to be merry and fashionable! Keep on reading to see how I styled these pretty pieces while enjoying Christmastime in the city! 

The trip to Pittsburgh was kind of spontaneous, but I have been planning this outfit for almost a year! Okay, let me explain because I am by no means a planner and I am usually always last minute when it comes to figuring out what to wear. But, I purchased this skirt in January of 2018, the very beginning of the new year, and I have been patiently waiting all this time to wear it during the holiday season. Luckily, 11 months later, it still zips! Before I get into the details, I want to assure you that this is an extremely popular style/color and I am linking a piece that is almost exact for you all to get your hands on! I love this skirt because it is timeless with the many stunning features. The satin fabric is so luxurious and when paired with pleats, creates depth and dimension. That is why is photographs incredibly well! In addition, the green color is very rich and reminiscent of Christmas. If this deep, emerald jewel tone doesn’t scream December to you, then I don’t know what will! Green is honestly such a great color that is universally flattering on all different skin tones. I definitely want to incorporate more in my wardrobe, and now is the time to shop! Lastly, I did want to talk about the midi length. I will admit, in my younger years, I believed anything that wasn’t above the knee was matronly; however, that is most certainly not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a huge fan of minis, but midis can’t be ignored (in fact, I probably own 6 midis)! This length is mom and dad approved, but it is fashionista approved as well. Midi skirts are found on all kinds of sites and all over the racks because they are super chic. The silhouette is so classy and I can’t help but feel like a princess in this skirt. Comb those closets because you too might have a skirt that you’ve been keeping the tags on ’til now! 

My Saturday night was so magical, and I really wanted my outfit to complement the atmosphere, meaning my look was going to combine my favorite kinds of feminine and whimsical fashion. The top I chose possesses these traits with its beautiful bell sleeves that set it apart from the rest. The neutral black ties in with the bag and allows the skirt to shine, though it doesn’t take a backseat. The bell sleeves steal the show and are so delicate because of the sheer, gossamer fabric. I love the contrast of the see-through material paired with the more opaque bodice. Not to mention, there are little keyholes where the two textiles meet, as well as pretty bows. Tops with bell sleeves are a great way to amp up any outfit, whether you are wearing them with jeans, skirts, or trousers. This top is such a great investment because it is everybody’s favorite winter neutral, and you will find yourself reaching for it all the time. Sometimes, you have outfits that just need that extra something, and this is it! I tend to feel stuck in a fashion rut during the winter months, always wanting to reach for jeans and a sweater, but even throwing on a shirt like this with denim, a red pump, and a faux fur coat will have me feeling less drab and more fab! It sounds like I am really selling this shirt (because I am kind of obsessed with it) but you can always pair this skirt with a sweater, cami/cardigan combo, or just a basic shirt, if that is more your style. 

It is always a joke that every time my family and I go somewhere, we are the last ones to leave. Well, it is funny because it is so true! We tried to wait until most of the people were gone, though there were still a few bystanders trying to make their debut on the blog! Nonetheless, despite the staff literally shutting the lights out (not completely, but I couldn’t mess around!), my outfit and accessories got their time in the spotlight. This box bag was part of one of my sewing segments from back in April, but I thought I ought to call attention to it this season. The jewels are so stunning and fitting for this time of year! Christmas and New Years are occasions where extra bling is not only acceptable, but expected. So, why not carry a bedazzled beauty for all of your necessities?! This purse is a great companion because you can fit the essentials, but your shoulder doesn’t get sore since it is a reasonable size! I like that it has a top handle and a strap, so you can carry it however you choose. Also, we all know how I love a structured bag, and this box shape sure has structure! This is a purse for all of my glam gals who live for a little sparkle! 
When it came to picking out my footwear, I agonized over what shoes to wear! It isn’t that I don’t have any shoes, but I knew it was going to be on my feet all day (we hit up Target, South Side Pgh, and went to see the tree at PPG Place) and I feared that I would regret wearing heels. In true Maggie style, I chose the heels but packed some leopard flats just in case. Well, I managed to last all day and didn’t have to resort to my backup shoes! These booties aren’t bad for walking because the heel isn’t too high or too thin! They aren’t block heels, but they are thicker and easier to get around in. I love these shoes because they are also very dressy with their black lacquer finish and pointed toes. I recommend some sleek booties like these, but you can also try a chic stiletto or even a leopard flat! There is no shame in reaching for those backup shoes….we have all been there! 
There is something about Christmastime and cities that is so awe inspiring to me. There is a different kind of energy and happiness that fills the streets and, in turn, fills my heart. Whether it is the tree at Rockefeller in NYC, or the tree at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh, I will always enjoy the decorations that transport me to a different world. I felt like I was living a fairytale, and this was my kingdom for the night! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting Heinz Hall; the “Holiday Pops in Pittsburgh” concert showcased the incredible talents of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and your jaw will drop as soon as you walk in venue. There are still shows this week for anyone looking for some last minute fun! Even if you aren’t headed to the symphony, I hope you all take time to relax and rejuvenate while spending times with your loved ones this holiday season. Stay chic this Christmas and comb those closets for merry midis, bell sleeves, jeweled bags, and some cute booties! If you are too busy last minute Christmas shopping, or if you want to treat yourself this year, then please shop my links below! I can assure you that you will “sleigh” all day! This will be my last Christmas look of 2018 (cue the tears), and I will be taking next week to do all my last minute present-making and cookie-baking, as well as spending time with my family! I will be back soon for a look to ring in 2019, so don’t get too sad! From me and my little Closet Comber team, have a blessed, joyful, and safe holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy Closet Combing! 
Links to same/similar pieces: (more affordable option)

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