A Very Cozy Christmas

Hey lovelies! Happy December! I cannot believe it is already time to hang the stockings, decorate the tree, and go Christmas shopping! I love all the holiday activities, but sometimes, it can get a little tiring.  So, I feel like my shoot for this week is fit for real life because I took these pics after decorating for 6 hours, and I was definitely ready for my PJs! Actually, if I am going to be honest, all I want to do is curl up in my cozy clothes all December, but I have two stressful weeks of projects and finals before that happens. In the meantime, you can find me glued to my computer, hot cocoa in hand, typing papers and working on organizing a fashion show! Yes, this is a little off topic, but I am a merchandise coordinator and am helping to produce a show, Recess, on Thursday, December 6th! If you are in the Indiana, PA area and want a ticket, just let me know! Though the work is piling up, I still had to squeeze in some time for blogging. I chose to get comfy in my snowman pajamas, a red bralette, and some festive slippers to keep my toes toasty! This outfit is most suited for watching Christmas movies by the fire, or for a lazy Sunday where there is nothing on the agenda, but you could also break out this look for a sleepover with your girls or wear it to a PJ theme holiday party! However you spend your time this holiday season, keep reading for details on how to have a very cozy Christmas!

Since we were on the topic of fashion shows, The Victoria’s Secret fashion show aired tonight, and I was repping VS in this pajama set. I get PJs for Christmas every year, and the matching flannel sets from Victoria’s Secret are some of my favorites. They have so many cute prints that are super feminine. And of course, they are great for sleeping. When I go to bed, I love to bundle up, so I don’t like PJs that are too thick. These, however, are warm but also thin enough that you can get snuggly with layers of blankets. I love that the top buttons up because no one wants to wear a sleep top with a tight neckline that pulls all night. Plus, you can show off a cute bralette! This style is so perfect for nightwear because it’s loose-fitting. I know some people prefer the tighter, thermal pajamas, but personally, my motto is the bigger, the better! When you wear fitted clothes all day, there is no greater feeling than taking your makeup off and slipping in to big ol’ PJs. Some other features include the patch pocket on the bust that has “VS” embroidered on it, as well as the contrasting trim around the wrists and ankles. My absolute favorite thing about these pajamas, however, is the fact that they are so pretty. My friends like to tease me because they usually sleep in t-shirts and sweats, but I am the girl who shows up in the coordinating sets! Call me crazy, but I like to feel put together even when I am counting sheep! Oh, and I almost forget to mention that there are adorable little snowmen printed on mine! Unfortunately, this is an older style, but VS still has tons of options that are just as fun!

For the most part, I keep my undergarments, well, under my clothes, but these new bralettes are just so darn cute and meant to be seen! I always go into stores buying more than I intend, so I ended purchasing two bralettes (among other things)—a red one, and a grey one. Every time I walk into VS, I am mesmerized by all the pretty details, and it was the same story with these bralettes. First of all, I am a sucker for anything lace! It is just so beautiful! Second, look at those embellished straps! You don’t have to worry about your straps sticking out with these stunners. The red in particular is so festive, and the bling adds that extra holiday sparkle! After all, anyone who likes lingerie needs to invest in a little red! In case you guys didn’t know what a bralette is, it is basically what I live in! They are simply a comfier version of a bra, so they don’t have any wires and usually no padding. For me, bralettes get the job done, but are more bearable than a typical bra. Honestly, I wear them just to lounge around in! You are probably thinking, though, that there is no point in wearing them if no one sees, but you can incorporate them in flirty ways in your outfits. For example, I wear oversized sweaters that hang off my shoulders, and the lace and straps peek out from under, or you can get a little more daring and wear them under a sheer top. Also, this style is cute very deep, so it is perfect to wear with tops that have a deep v-neck!  For all my ladies that are a bit bustier, they do make bralettes that are padded and can provide more support if needed! Ditch your bra for a minute and give one a try!

Lastly, I have very, very old slippers that I am low-key embarrassed to still have! They are just really beat up, but they are so Christmasy that I continue wearing them! They are red with white faux fur trim, like Santa’s suit, and one is embroidered with “naughty” and the other, “nice!” Too, they used to both have little bells attached, but only one has them now. The bells are super fun, but my family could probably live without the jingling! haha! Anyway, I will link a similar pair for you guys so you can keep those feet warm all winter!

Smiling really hard because I have been nice all year and I want to see what Santa has up his sleeve! You all will have to let me know what it is you want for Christmas this year! I always think it’s fun to see what everybody has on their list! Feel free to leave a comment for me! I haven’t quite decided what I want exactly, but I do know what I am giving my parents, and I can’t wait to see their faces. As much fun as receiving is, giving is truly a wonderful feeling. Sometimes my parents stumble on theclosetcomber.com, so I don’t want to give any spoilers. On another note, I can’t wait for winter break, so I can truly live in my PJs until I go back for the spring semester. Don’t worry, I will wear real clothes from time to time too! The next time I post on the blog, my finals will be over, and I will be able to breathe again. For now, I am going to have to wrap this up because I have a research project that needs finishing! So, don’t forget to comb those closets for loungewear that gives you that Christmas feeling, and try a bralette because they will change your life. Maybe you can break out your super old slippers as a holiday tradition too! To all my college babes, good luck with finals week! And to all, Happy Closet Combing!

Links to same/similar pieces:

Pajamas: https://rstyle.me/n/dcxbucch55f


Bralette: https://rstyle.me/n/dcxb4kch55f

Slippers: https://rstyle.me/n/dcxb6fch55f

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